Love is our new reality

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Archangels Uriel & Jophiel come together to speak of Discernment and Unity, May 23, 2024


Archangels Uriel & Jophiel come together to speak of Discernment and Unity

By Linda Dillon


Archangel Uriel

Greetings, I AM Uriel, Archangel of Inspiration, Bringer of the Future, and the future is now!

And that is why my beloved brother joins me for we are in the Unity of New Time, and we are in the Unity of Being, and we are in the Unity of Love – and beloved ones, so are you. So we invite you, we implore you: Come and join us!

I come to speak to you – yes, and as always, to bring, to illuminate yet again the Silver Flame of Illumination, of Enlightenment – of your ability to bring your light into the places of darkness, of shadows, yes, of untruth and intrigue, it matters not.

My Silver Flame is not to blind others with a light so bright that they feel accosted or invaded. That is not my way nor my purpose. I give you my Silver Flame. I ignite it yet again in the palm of your hand that you may bring it forth and look into the places where you seek, you choose, you are beckoned to go.

Now understand – and I emphasise this; and yes, I have been harping on to this channel [chuckling] – it is not that you necessarily have to go; you are not to mount your trusty steed or jump in your SUV and necessarily go. You bring the light to see what is going on. You bring the light that others may begin to see, through the gentle illumination and the discernment that this brings, what is going on.

Now, many of you immediately go to think of the rape, torture, violence, abuse, war that is transpiring – and yes, that is true, that includes that – but why I truly come to emphasize this this day is I want you to see, I want you to know, I want you to embrace what is going on, yes, within your sacred self, within your circle, within your family, within your community – what is going on upon this planet with the awakening of this human collective.

It is not to shock people/humans/hybrids into this stark reality of transition. It is the gentle invite, it is the discernment, one of the primary qualities of Nova Gaian to say, “Huh? Look at this. Have you had a chance to look at this? What do you think? What do you feel? What do you think we should do?” And it is not just, “What should we do other than declare abhorrence, shock, trauma?” It is not to declare “No”. “No” is a starting point, not the finishing point. And paired with “no” is “yes”: “Yes, we choose to proceed in our divine right!”

None of you – no being – incarnated as ‘less than’.

In fact, beloveds, you incarnated as more than you can possibly imagine. Every now and then, you get a glimpse and you think: “Oh my, now I see the wonder, the magnitude of who I am,” and you are just getting a portion of it! That is not a critique! It is the opening of the lens, and it is the lens of your being, your heart, your mind, your soul.

It is the opening of curiosity, with discernment, to say, “What else is out there and what else can we do? What do we choose to create?” because you are the incarnation, the reincarnation, the re-creation of the Creator Race plus plus plus plus! You are magnificent!

So this is not a time to be blinded. It is a time in this expansion within the Mother’s Divine Radiance, which is the safest, most precious gift throughout the Omniverse and beyond! Within that, anything… hear what I say… humans/Nova Gaians/angels in form/angels of change, anything is possible!

It is time to dream. I invite you to come and dream the silver dreams, to braid and weave the threads of silver with your halion and blue, your coral and gold, your magenta and red. Not a one of you is a replica and you are magnificent!

We stand here, we flank you, to assist throughout time, in-out of time – but that is but an equation, a reference point, that you have developed and that you are clinging to. It is not real!

So come and dream with me and I will dream with you!

And I step aside for my beloved brother as we are both in full attendance to thee.

I claim you as my Angels of Silver – from the stormiest titanium to the most glistening silver, I claim you!