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Ascended Dragon Collective and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, December 7, 2020

Ascended Dragon Collective and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | December 7, 2020



Ascended Dragon Collective & Alisheryia 12/7/2020

Greetings, humans on ascending Gaia. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We light the fire, we ignite the codes that have been long dormant within your realm. For the light has come. We are bringers of the light, as are you, embodied humans. You bring the codes from your star homes, from your healed inner work and with your grid work you plant them. We see that your DNA is being upgraded, both individual and planetary. You are fatigued not only from this but from your external environment of change. Change is needed for ascension. You know this. It is shaking many awake. Do not become disheartened on your journey for though the peak is high you are at the summit. Soon the breezes shall be less intense and more welcoming. (I am seeing a lone hiker on a snowy mountaintop surrounded by snow and wind but as they begin to walk down the other side of the mountain they are smiling and taking off their hat and gloves, they are more comfortable.)

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. You have been holding space, you space-holders, for some time. The importance of this self sacrifice cannot be understated. Human, service to self is fading away for in these higher realms this energy strain cannot survive. The service-to-selfers know this and are panicking. You should know this and thrive. Hold on. Remember dragons fly best in the wind because we fly above the turbulence. Fly higher from above the turbulence of this time. See from a higher perspective. Observe, do not engage in the lower frequencies. Fly high above the storm with us, observing but not being beaten by the wind. Meditation brings this higher perspective for it connects you with your higher dragon self, or higher self. Many of you have served similarly previously which is why you were selected to lend your dragon fire, your light.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. To ascend within dragon form is no easy feat for the raw power must be explored and surrendered to the higher ways. Some of you have ascended within dragon form, and you can hear us more clearly. Ascending within the human form is no different. It is equally challenging for your raw strength is the depth of emotion that you wield. As you create with your intentions and emotions it is a heavy burden to bear and at times you have lost sight of this. But sight you are regaining and you have not lost your way. Just as dragons in the process of ascension seek service to others, solitude for contemplation and rest so too should you do these things but you do not have the luxury of much quiet and rest and this is what is needed, we see. You must learn to pause and rest in quiet moments for there your connection to Source is felt for there you are. It is in the quiet, timeless moments that your raw connection is strongest. Breathe in Source, breathe out Source, in the in-between you are Source. No one can say differently. The divinity within the realized and awake human is becoming more strongly felt. It is a keen part of the ascension process to realize your connection with the All.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Soon you shall be the ascended human collective. Ascended above the dross that has ensnared and entrapped for some time. It is being dissolved by the light. The shackles are dissolving into light. The human spirit is free, has always been free but was unaware. That of which you were unaware is coming to the fore. It will upset many. Send light. Hold space. Embody your dragon higher self and fill your realm with light.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We send the fire of courage into the hearts of the light workers at this time, igniting your inner passion and power. Your power is the light. You are the light wielders. You fan the flame of hope for the many. You have done most of the heavy lifting for the collective. Some sleepers are coming into their awareness. It will not always be so lopsided in labor. When you are weary in your human frame, remember your dragon adventures. It will cheer you up and remind you how to fly above the storms, and above the battles, blasting light when needed. Your light is needed. We ignite your courage codes now. We melt the sadness away with our fire. Feel energized by the light. Feel renewed.

I Alisheryia am speaking. Human children, feel the embrace of my blue wings and feel this blue light all around you. We are igniting the divine feminine, the voice. I have not come forward for a time for this one has needed rest and renewal. She asks for energetic upgrades. They are all around you. She asks for courage. It is already within you. You are very bright aspects of Source, humans, friends. We dragons offer our light to assist, to serve, to wield as weapons of love with you. The darkness is absence of this love. You are love. Do not forget who you are. Meditation increases this true remembrance.

I am Alisheryia. I have been working closely with the Pleiadians. We offer our light and strength, just as you are doing. The underground areas have been our focus of late and they are being remedied. As the planets become aligned, ensure your own alignment of inner peace and balance is strong like steel, like dragon fire, so that nothing can move this. This is your superpower, children, on ascending Gaia. Mastery of the internal ego struggle, mastery of the vast range of human emotions, this is your power. Choose love. Always love, never hate. For hate degrades steel and rusts it.

I Alisheryia breathe comfort onto your forms now. Comfort. Breathe it in. Peace. Become this. Feel the inner balance of an aligned warrior of light. Feel the joy in this knowing of your calling before the others being revealed. You have fulfilled your inner challenge and so you continue. You continue on your journey dear human friends. The journey always continues, it is the form that changes. Your human form is changing rapidly and this is why you are so fatigued. Be at peace in your transformation into the higher lights and be in comfort. You are not alone. You are surrounded by your dragon friends and allies. The ships are jamming the airspace in the higher dimensional frequencies. You are well protected, well provided for. Your task is to continue the excellent work on your ascension journey that you are already doing. Balance and internal harmony. Humanity craves this and yet they seek it elsewhere in the realm of material goods that do not comfort in the same way that an aligned spirit, steel-strong with Source brings. As your human form ascends this disconnect with the material shall continue. Joy shall be further found in the inward silence in the bliss of balance. As it should be. For the material is being upgraded, elevated. All things are being elevated. Those who cannot follow will not follow. All upgrades are taking place at an unprecedented rate. The light streams are inundating your world, your forms, your social structures. All are feeling the light and responding to it. Be at peace. Find your dragon courage, and breathe in the balance of one who is solid in their own light. I am Alisheryia.

~ galaxygirl