Ascended dragons, Mother, Father & Grandmothers via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, August 19th, 2019

Ascended dragons, Mother, Father & Grandmothers ~galaxygirl 8/19/2019


Greetings, humans,
We are the ascended dragons. We speak now in one voice for great, tremendous changes are occurring now within your planetary sphere and you have the attention of the entire omniverse. It is true. All eyes are on the humans to see how they will evolve even faster than previously anticipated.For true, your race was deemed unviable, your mission impossible, to ascend so quickly from so low. And yet, here we are, watching you burst forth in your glory of ascending Christed beings of pure love-light. And it pleases us greatly for we love Gaia. Many of us started our lives as hatchlings upon her form, for we worked with you in the ancient days. We were friends and so shall we be again. We are working with many of you. Many of you have guardian ascended dragons, did you know? We are listening should you chose to speak. A gentle reminder – only call for the ascended dragons of the Christed flame, for Christ is our allegiance, to light, to love. The others have not yet chosen this, best to let them be.
We are the ascended dragons, angels in dragon form. We are of one purpose, to advance the light, to weave the light through timelines as time chasers, comet advancers. We advance the light codes, we weave them in tandem with many other light weavers. For the universe is vast, free choice ensures great diversity. There is tremendous diversity within all realms, Gaia the most. For she is the galactic library of life forms of this quadrant, and in the sweet spot of the galaxy with superhighways all around. And so her location is the prize and many have wanted her over her planetary existence. No more. The light has won.

Children this is your Mother God speaking. Feel this truth into your hearts and allow the light and the love to win within your hearts as well. Allow me to breathe into you, into the wounded places of you. Allow the dragons to burn away all that no longer serves and rest in me. Rest in this tender deep embrace of pure light that surrounds, that encoats, that nurtures you.

Rest in my embrace. Lean into me. For the road has been so long and it seems to you mostly uphill. But children, this has made you so tremendously strong, so tremendously firm in your commitment to the light, to the truth. To those on the edge of choice, on the sidelines, they have already chosen, for indecision is of course yet another choice.
You have chosen the light. Allow my light, my love light of Sophia, of the Christed feminine to encoat you, like a burning fire of pure white light. Become the light. Invite the light within you. For you are the light bearers, the light lifters within human form – a tremendous feat and honor. Few have done this and yet here you are doing this all together. Tears stream from my face, tears of joy. Children I love you so much. I am your Mother God.

And I am your Father God. This firmness of knowing children, pull it into you. Know, really know and claim, your divinity, your power. For all of this comes from me and I give it freely to you, for you are my children, my aspects, my joy, my love in form. Be this. Be me in form. Extend my love to the others.

Gaia is going through tremendous shifts, as are you. Shift with me. Shall we dance? Shall we make this effortless and lovely to experience? Your higher self is calling you home, children. Feel the music, move your feet. See, there is nothing to fear, it was all an illusion of separation. See? We are dancing! The great cosmos of love and light extends many arms of many colors, inviting you to partake in the fun, in the great dance of reunion. A celebration beyond your wildest imaginings is underway and we are all in tremendous expectation and excitement.

I see we have all used the word tremendous several times. Children, you are tremendous! We are all in awe of you and how you have chosen to stand for love, for light, for each other, for Gaia. It is time to forgive your oppressors. To do otherwise is to hold onto the old ways. No. It is time to extend the olive branch of peace, to anchor peace into this war-torn realm and offer healing to your planetary mother. I am your Father God. I see you with the eyes of tremendous love. You are all my most favorites! I am always here for you.We are the grandmothers. We surround you with a net of yet more light. Stand in your power! Stand in your truth! Be the light bearers! We love you and hug you tight. You were born for this moment. Every moment is your teacher. What are you learning? What are you seeing? How are you responding? Think deeply on these things. The universe watches, delivers, and it is time that you be aware of your true magnificence as lightbearers of the past and future returned. Gaia is a most beloved planet. Send her your love, your peace, your nurturing. Comfort your mother. At times all mothers need this. Be this. Be this for her and all will be well, restored, in this sector once more. We are the grandmothers. We throw love nets of yet more light around you on this beautiful sphere of love.

– galaxygirl