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Ascended Masters Mystery School via Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett, September 9th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the

Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living in Partnership with God

Part I ~ September 2016

When I was the Avatar on your planet over two thousand years ago, I quickly learned that the only way I could fulfill my mission was to be in constant contact and communion with God. I knew in the depths of my being that living and serving in an active partnership with God was a necessity, and for you to succeed in making your ascension, this is now true for you as well. ~ Jeshua (Jesus the Christ)


During the glorious time you are now all experiencing in preparation for ascending into a new Golden Age of Freedom, you are being invited to serve together as members of a Group Avatar. No one person in a physical body is going to be an Avatar as it has been in the past. Some of you have certainly made your mark and your names have entered the history books, but in time this will all be seen as simply part of what you needed to be or do for your own soul growth.

As ascended souls, you will all be seen as equals working in partnership with God. When your planet makes her full ascension with your galaxy, you will then be serving your world as Galactic Beings. This time is still to come, yet it may be helpful for you to know what the future holds. This is all part of your return journey to the levels of consciousness that you knew before the fall of Atlantis.

Many Lightworkers have offered their services to help humankind through the coming period of changes, and each one will serve according to their experience. As you can imagine, once the changes can safely be put into motion, there will be an enormous amount to do. For example, every soul will soon be provided with a decent standard of living and more choices as to how they can truly and joyfully support themselves and live in partnership with God.

There are two major ways that humankind is now functioning: one is centered around taking action based on their older belief systems of lack, limitation and separation, and the other one is founded in each one living according to their own spiritual understanding of unlimited abundance, unity and Oneness. These two ways are not compatible and they have led to much confusion and many misunderstandings. To serve in partnership with God, it is necessary to make choices that you know will manifest for the highest good of all.

Your degree of participation will be different and your part will become increasingly clear the closer you come to the time for your full ascension. All of this has truly been arranged with your agreement in concert with your Presence prior to your incarnation on Earth. Everyone’s life’s plan is always set up to serve their higher purpose for being on Earth, especially at this time. Many souls who are presently living on Earth are here because they were seen to have evolved sufficiently to be candidates for their ascension. It was also noted that they would spiritually gain from living during this great Shift in the Ages.

Some of you know that this is your last incarnation in the lower vibrations and some are sensing that it is also time to celebrate even though you may not recall all the lives and the lessons that have prepared you to be where you are now. There will be a review for every soul to ensure that the lessons that needed to be learned have taken place and to ensure that you will not have to go through them again. As an ever-ascending soul, there is always more to learn and you always have new and higher levels to experience.

Know, beloveds, that your future is bright and that you are so greatly appreciated for coming to Earth and for going through all that you have had to go through to reach this point of being invited to move into a much greater partnership with God. You have walked through the many trials and tribulations that the lower vibrations have offered you for your spiritual growth, yet now you can proceed with confidence.

You now have the invitation and the glorious opportunity to fully embody your God Presence. Your goals are now moving into a much stronger alignment with your ascension and these higher goals are being supported by many on the planet and in the heavenly realms. The more you live in conscious partnership with God, the stronger you are as members of a magnificent Group Avatar.

from Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett

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