Love is our new reality

Ascended Masters Mystery School (channeled information)

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, October 23d, 2018

What You Want to Feel ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have seen enough of the interactions between humans to know what the motivating factor is for most of your connections. You often want to feel appreciated, loved, and even adored by those that you come in contact with, and yet, you are coming in contact with someone else who wants to be appreciated, loved, and possibly even adored. There is a better way to go about interacting with each other.

You want to fill yourselves up with the love that you truly are before you get together with anyone, and even before you have an encounter with a stranger. You want to feel that love flowing through you as much as possible, and you want that love to be coming from within you.

Whether you realize it or not the love that you seek from others, and even the appreciation, and certainly the adoration, is conditional. You want to be able to walk up to the crankiest of people and have that cranky person validate you. You want to be the only one that he or she finds acceptable.

There is a problem, of course, with this approach. You don’t often get what you want from others. So what we recommend is that you write down all of the things that you want to receive from others, and be perfectly honest with yourselves when you make that list. And then ask yourselves how you can find everything that’s on your list within you.

Wherever you need to go with that consciousness of yours, whatever chakras you need to explore, make sure you are willing to give yourselves everything that you have ever asked someone else to give you, and come to your interactions with one another with the intention to give more. Give more praise. Give more appreciation. Be willing to give to the other person not because he or she has met certain conditions, do so because you want to feel it flowing through you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Ascended Masters via Victoria Cochrane, July 20th, 2018

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Great Unveiling

The mask of terror has never been more prominent on the world stage than it is now. The global population holds its breath while the world’s leaders battle for power and recognition as the greatest leaders and best peacekeepers. Do not be deceived, Dear Ones, for it is all an illusion, an act, with the intent to keep the truths behind the scenes hidden.

Be prepared, however, for the great unveiling! As the veil continues to lift on the secrets of the travesties of the past, those who wish harm on Humanity will find they have nowhere to hide. While there will be an escalation in the terror reigned on many innocent people, this will also be a time of a mass awakening of unprecedented proportions. As Mother Earth pushes onwards towards her ascension with unwavering determination, those who have agreed to assist her are awakening from their slumber and becoming active lightbearers for the world. The darkness is lightening, and it will bring the Earth into a new age.

The key for people to stay above the drama that is playing out on the world stage and not to be dragged into fear is Love. Love is the only vibration that can nullify the waves of fear, anger and hatred that are flooding the human collective consciousness and interfering with people’s minds. Meditation and connection to the Creator of All that Is, who is the essence of unconditional love, is the best way for all humans to raise their vibrations and consciousness, in order to resist the barrage of fear and terror being transmitted by the media. Send love to the world, dear ones, and do not be swayed by what you read, hear and see. Trust that the Earth must ascend and Humanity with it.

Try this simple but effective light meditation:

Close your eyes and willingly bring in the light of the Creator while feeling yourself grounding into Mother Earth. Feel the unconditional love coming through your crown and swelling in your heartspace. Take a few breaths to allow the love-energy to build, all the while visualising the Earth. When the energy has filled your body, breathe out and project the love out to the world with the intent that the unconditional love of the Creator be sent into any dark energy to be filled with light and love. Hold the energy for a few minutes, then ground yourself, zip up your aura and mentally break your energy from the Earth. If you also hold the intention that the angelic realm magnify your love energy the effect will be one thousand-fold more.

Send love, Dear Ones, and rise above the illusions being projected out from the leaders of the world and the media.

Love is all there is.

We Are the Cosmic Council


Mary Magdalene and Jeshua via the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School, March 4, 2018

Mary Magdalene & Jeshua ~ Love of Your True Self

Through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Part 1

Self love—love of your True Self, the Presence of God within you—is the fast track to enlightenment and the key to manifesting everything you desire. Rather than being part of the ages-old quest trying to find true lasting love outside of you, look within ~ it has been waiting to be discovered within you all the time.

All problems originate from a lack of love ~ Love of your True Self and being in that constant eternal union which empowers all your innate abilities to co-create with your God-Self the life you are wanting to live. Love of the Self with the capital S is where you will find Love without end.

Limited 3rd dimensional love is expecting someone else’s love to complete you and fill you with confidence and well-being, enabling your success and happiness. This is the usual co-dependent disempowering love we see practiced on the Earth plane at this time that leads to dissatisfaction, hurt, separation and dissolution in divorce. The other person is not here to fulfill your needs, they are here to actualize their own heartfelt desires, which may or may not include you.

Beloveds, when you connect with the greatest Love of your Life, which is the one that is always there for you supporting you 24/7, that is beating your heart and breathing your lungs when it is the last thing on your mind and is bringing the Life Force into every part of your body with every breath, thereby sustaining your very life on Earth, you have arrived at the Source of your own True lasting Love.

When you begin consciously breathing in the Divine Love that is inherently and eternally present in every breath that is coming from your own True Self that is a unique expression of Mother/Father God embodied on Earth, you discover your constant eternal source of True Love that is available to you always, any time of night or day.

When you come into conscious union with this eternal part of you, which is your True Self, you will fall in love with your Source of True Love that is always in Oneness with the Divine Creator, you will find a lasting eternal relationship that will feed and sustain you on every level, inspiring and encouraging you to your next level of enlightenment, peace, love and joy. This is the One that will never disappoint or leave you. Beloveds, this is your eternal One True Love.

No one knows you better and knows intimately how you think and feel and your needs and desires and all that is inherently waiting to be realized within you. This is your forever best friend, companion and lover that you have been looking for your entire life, that not only understands you, but knows how to satisfy your every need and desire and fill you with joy and delight beyond your wildest dreams.

For when you enter into full union with this eternal part of you, you will experience a full merging of Love and Light and Oneness as the most glorious full body orgasm in every cell and atom of your body, mind and spirit beyond the most wonderful physical love-making you have ever experienced or can even imagine. This is what you can joyfully anticipate, Beloveds, when you seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within you, all else shall be added unto you.

Then you have created the lasting foundation for this same love, peace, abundance and joy to be brought into your physical plane relationships that will provide physical companionship and sustainable love and joy because you are sourcing it through your own Inner Beloved that is always there fulfilling your every need. This True Self relationship is what creates ever-lasting love and joy, for your True Beloved’s deepest desire is to facilitate you remembering your true identity as a unique expression of the Presence of God in a physical body and for you to claim your spiritual inheritance of using your Divine gifts and talents to co-create your heart’s deepest desire in union and Oneness with your Inner Beloved and living in eternal, ever-lasting love, peace, joy and abundance having all your needs provided and your heartfelt desires realized.

When you have created and nurture this great Love of Your Life relationship, experiencing all your needs being taken care of from within and emanating this great love, peace, wisdom, abundance and joy from within you, you then through the law of attraction can draw to you another who also is sustaining themselves with the love, peace, abundance and joy of their own True Self. Then you create a marriage made in heaven.

We invite you during this Season of Love when you celebrate Valentine Day in the U.S. and at the time of the New Moon of Aquarius and this great Solar Eclipse ~ heralding wondrous changes and new beginnings ~ to create this most magnificent relationship with your own true Beloved, Your Greatest Self, which is your fully-realized unique expression of the Presence of Mother/Father God within you. It will be the beginning of the greatest Love affair of your life.

The Masters via Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett, November 5th, 2017

Many of you came to Earth to build a bridge into your new world and only your loving thoughts and actions have the power to actually build and support this bridge. It is up to each of you to monitor your thinking on a moment-to-moment basis to make sure that your thoughts are truly powerful and loving enough to create this bridge that is to transport you to a new dimension and your new home. You are all being called to find the strength of the Creator within ~ a strength you may not have even realized was there, until now! ~ The Councils of Shamballa

Transition is about stretching to the limits of everything you have ever thought you knew or believed yourself to be other than your Presence of True Self. These times are literally stretching the foundations on which your very beingness has been resting. It is stretching all of your so-called truths and the times you may have declared “I know” about anything. It is also stretching all that has appeared to be defining your very identity as well as everything you have thought to be right or wrong, good or bad. It is stretching everything you have felt the need to identify, categorize or compartmentalize, up to and including the belief that you are a body or that you are a spirit residing in a body.

Have you really come to know what spirit actually is or even if it could reside in a body? What is this spirit composed of, and to what or to whom does spirit answer? Perhaps the more important question to ask yourself is, are you really ready to walk away from all you have believed yourself to be, including all the titles or labels you have adopted because you wanted to have a meaningful identity that would be recognized and respected by others?

Do you see yourself as being “special” or extra-ordinary in some given field of endeavor? Have you felt the need for recognition of some kind from those in your area of work or service in the world? Do you have shelves in your home with plaques, trophies or certificates of merit, all proclaiming recognition from some group you participated in or with, of your earned place for all to see?

Perhaps ask yourself if there is an image of yourself or anything in your mind or emotions that you feel needs defending. Do you have what might be referred to as “hot buttons” that others can push to get some sort of response out of you? These buttons are actually gifts because they can show you what you may be needlessly valuing. Look to see if under certain kinds of circumstances your voice gets louder because you feel that your identity is being threatened.

The closer you get to your ascension, the more important it is look at your behaviors with no attachments to being either right or wrong, good or bad as all of these kind of assessments are solely founded in duality thinking. Ask yourself if you are really through with any attempts to be the director of such moments so they end up being suitable or “justifiable” in your 3rd dimensional mind?

Are you a patient person? Do you have patience with others who might not be as quick as you are in the tasks you may be sharing? Do you have expectations based on another’s performance, or is it really hidden expectations based on your own levels of performance, which are usually learned in your early life based on someone else’s ideas of efficiency, and are you now ready to be though with such limited thinking? Are you ready to give no further value to any of these old forms of thinking and performance and indeed to be released from all the value that was previously given to them?

Are you ready to have the many halls of your mind and emotions seen and inspected by the Creator to see if you are truly ready to be fully aligned with your own God Presence, which has no limitation, judgment, blame, stain or darkness within it? Have you showered and scrubbed yourself clean from the inside out so you can present yourself before the Creator of your true Being and say, “I AM ready for our true partnership to begin and to BE all that I was meant to BE, and all that I truly Am and have always been?


» Source

The Council of Shamballa via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, October 1, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters for October 1, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living in Transition

Part 1 ~~ October 2017

At this time in your magnificent transitional journey, you may be feeling less connected to your Earth and to all that is going on with humanity because you sense that something very unprecedented is going on within you, and around your world. Everything and everyone is moving into a completely new frequency wave band or dimension of consciousness and many of you are already sensing that after this shift, NOTHING will ever be the same!

~ The Buddha as the present Lord of the World

Your planet is continuing to rearrange its land masses based on earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and more. As a result, many of you may also be feeling changes taking place in your body or in the way you are thinking or sharing your ideas or observations. Perhaps you are losing your train of thought mid-way through a sentence or even losing your thoughts before they are spoken. This is very often a positive indication that what you were about to share was really not relevant to the conversation or to what is going on and you simply realized this before you spoke. Always remember that there are really never any mistakes or coincidences.

You and your planet have entered into a long-awaited time of big changes that are already affecting life upon, above and within your world. These changes will continue to take place on the physical, mental and emotional levels of humanity as they are a necessary part of humankind’s release from the limited 3rd dimension. They are also a part of your shift, and your Earth’s shift into the unlimited 5th dimension. It will make it much easier if you remain in an ongoing state of non-attachment related to any events needing to result in a particular outcome. We suggest you keep your thoughts and feelings aligned with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for all of life everywhere.

Those in your world who are holding so-called places of authority are fighting to keep their power bases from further eroding, yet they are finding that they cannot stop any events that are in the Divine plan for your world. You are not here to judge or to be attached to what is currently playing itself out like a top that is spinning, yet know that it will eventually stop! Express gratitude and deep trust in your Creator as you observe what is going on both inside your bodies and on your beloved Gaia as well as in the cities and nations around your world, knowing all is unfolding according to Divine perfect plan that will indeed create harmony.

Any lives that have been so-called “lost” due to earthquakes, volcanoes or floods have in truth only taken place with those who had completed their contracts. We would encourage you to simply refrain or limit viewing or listening to your news sources as they often add subliminal messages designed to keep you in a state of fear, turmoil or tension and these kinds of energy states are never supportive of your ascension process.

What is really key to moving through your present transition with flying colors is your ongoing willingness and your loving intent to remain fully aligned with your True or Divine Self, the consciousness of Christ within, as this opens the door for your great I AM Presence to expand your DNA to a number that will allow you to recall your true inheritance so you can live and create as Christed, 5th dimensional beings. This will also allow your old carbon-based thinking to shift into its crystalline inheritance and new ways of creating your new Golden Age of Freedom.

Your loving acceptance and embrace of the Christed levels of your consciousness is crucial to the success of your ascension and it is also totally enjoyable and deeply rewarding. If you take some quiet time each day, you will feel more of the positive results that come from meditation and it will also assist you in happily embracing all of the new energies while making it easier for you to make them a more conscious part of your life.

Keep asking how all these new energies can be assimilated and translated into 5th dimensional ways for creating your personal and planetary lives so they are supporting much higher and deeper levels of true and lasting satisfaction. This can only come from living with a higher purpose and in ways that will continue to expand joy, peace, happiness and harmony throughout the world.

The Council of Shamballa via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, August 7th, 2017

We send you greetings from the Most High during this powerful month that is supporting and strengthening your place in the great grid of Christ Consciousness. This grid was consciously strengthened 30 years ago by thousands of Lightworkers who came together to celebrate what came to be known as the Harmonic Convergence.

~ The Councils of Shamballa who oversaw the creation of the Harmonic Convergence

December 21, 2012 marked the end of the old world and the beginning of a new Golden Age of Freedom, which was seeded 30 years ago in 1987 with the convergence of thousands of Lightworkers known as the Harmonic Convergence. Beginning with December 2012, a portal for receiving the encoded ascension frequencies from your Central Sun was opened, making way for this new world. This gave Gaia and all life upon her the accelerated codes for supporting the Ascension of all life and set into motion the energies necessary for the Earth to realign with her true origin as an ascended planet.

Gaia’s ascension is also being supported by the opening of a new portal, which will usher in new codes from both the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun. This portal will be fully opened in mid-August when humanity will be graced with extraordinarily powerful ascension frequencies supported by the two eclipses in August and the grand anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17.

The first eclipse on August 7th, will be expanding the unconditionally loving frequencies of the Divine Feminine so it can be felt and assimilated within the heart during the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17. One of the functions of this anniversary is to encourage Lightworkers across the globe to join hearts in order to strengthen the original Convergence grid so it can expand its capacities to pour Love and Light into the hearts of every soul across your world as well as the galaxy.

Although the primary purpose of the original Convergence has been supported during the last 30 years, we ask that you expand your support during this anniversary so its original purpose can be again expanded within the hearts and minds of as many as possible around your world. This year’s Harmonic Convergence anniversary on August 16 and 17 will then be followed by a full solar eclipse on August 21 and the combination of these powerful energies will greatly stimulate and expand the ascension potentials by clearing away anything that is no longer in harmony with your ascension into your unlimited Self and the releasing of what no longer serves you and all life around your world.

The August 21st eclipse will also be ushering in a time that Light Workers can use to cleanse and clear any remaining limiting energies or unconscious 3rd dimensional attachments. Humanity has primarily been supporting their own limiting beliefs and opinions for thousands of years until they became the foundations for their false identity of limitation, while further clouding their connections with the guidance of God and their Divine Purpose to restore peace, harmony mutual empowerment and abundance for all.

By taking the charge off your old beliefs, you are then free to commune much more directly with the mind and heart of Mother/Father God until ONLY your God Self or inner Divine Presence is in charge of your life.

The highly supportive energies of the Harmonic Convergence are all pointing to your return to Oneness, as very soon it will become increasingly painful and uncomfortable to try to maintain any old attachments or memories that are not serving your living in Oneness with your Divine Presence.

All of these August energies are going to bring everything to the surface that has been hidden or held in denial. The purpose for this clearing is ultimately to assist you in strengthening your ongoing willingness to release any value you might still be giving to any old limiting energies since they will only continue attracting similar limiting circumstances to you. It is always your choice to let go of these attachments so you may live wholly as your Presence or God Self.

The stronger and more passionate your choice to use the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to support releasing any limiting attachments and live as your Divine Presence, the easier it will be to accomplish your ascension.

Always remember that you are never alone and the more you reconnect into the great grid that was established during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the more you will remember what it really feels like to live in Oneness with the Creator. Remember that you are never, ever alone and your part is simply to lovingly ask for and accept help whenever you feel it is needed and then to give thanks, love and gratitude when it is consciously recognized.

Remember the giver, the gift and the receiver are all the same ~ YOU as you open to receive the gift of rising into your already ascended True Self, living as your unlimited Divine Presence.

by Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Ascended Masters Kuthumi & Lady Claire via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, July 9, 2017

Living Beyond Beliefs

Part 1 ~~ July 2017

Part of your exit from the limited 3rd dimensional world involves leaving behind all of the memories that have played a far too significant role in defining both you and the world around you. These memories, and all of the belief systems that were created around them, eventually formed the basis of your human identity, which has been masking your true identity ~ as a unique expression of the Presence of God embodied ~ for thousands of years. Now is the time to shift out of giving your memories and your beliefs undue importance.

~ Ascended Masters Kuthumi & Lady Claire

You are being invited to live and to learn in completely new ways that will never depend on what your ego thinks it knows based on your memories, your beliefs or any of the old limiting ways you eventually learned to access and record information. You are now being invited to learn new ways of tapping into whatever is needed in each moment ~ ways that you have used in previous Golden Ages that do not involve your searching for information that you have stored in your memories or in the limited mind of your ego.

You are all in the process of being trained by your own God Presence and your spiritual overseers to explore the multi-dimensional information that has been stored within the luminous stands of your ancient, pre-separation DNA. These strands are now being opened to give you a much greater access to any information that can now assist you in transcending into the 5th dimension.

The more you access the multidimensional information within your DNA and from the infinite mind you share with the Creator, the sooner you will be released from having to source information from either your beliefs or your memories. Neither of these sources is actually capable of providing you with the expansive, unlimited domains of information you need for living in the 5th dimension.

Your memories, and the beliefs that have been accompanying them, eventually created the basis of your false identity; an identity that is really only able to be recognized by your 3rd dimensional senses since it is all based on the false belief that you are simply a body living in a physical world. Those who felt they must guide humanity eventually created paradigms that reflected dogmas that in truth were only the projections of their own ideals, opinions and limiting perceptions. These dogmas were based solely on their false beliefs, perceptions and their ego created ideals.

It is this kind of thinking we are now inviting you to de-value and release and this only comes when you are truly ready and willing to merge with your own God Presence and to accept your true identity as an unlimited being who has access to the Earth’s crystalline DNA, which is connected into the many universes.

You are so much more than a body clinging to an identity that you invented to feel safe and connected to a greater purpose other than just simply surviving in a harsh world. Yet now you understand that your REAL purpose is to embody the Presence of God and to encourage others to remember who they truly are so as many as possible can release their false identities and their unhealthy, unsupportive memories.

May each one in your world remember their true identity while deeply agreeing to keep releasing all they ever believed they were so they are now prepared to accept and merge with their crystalline DNA that is already an inseparable part of their God Presence. The more you agree to do this, the more you will find yourself being invited into new ways of living, loving, thinking and feeling. Your soul has long been urging you to release your old self so you can fully merge with your Presence and know it as your one and only TRUE SELF.

Most of you know, on a soul level of your being, that you have had all the experiences in the limited 3rd dimension that you have needed to fully transition into the unlimited 5th dimension. To make this your reality, you must desire this ascension with all of your heart, mind and soul and now allow your own God Presence to be your guide.

The coded information that is a part of your expanded crystalline DNA will come to you when you specifically ask for it, graciously receive it, and then give deep thanks for what you have received. This will then throw open the doors for your ability to live on Earth as a 5th dimensional emissary, bringing Heaven to Earth.

Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, May 11th, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Creating New Enlightened Ways

Part 2 ~ May 2017

A Golden Age does not just emerge out of the ethers. It is created out of the intentions of thousands of souls who desire to progress into a higher dimension of consciousness. Many of you are now in the process of finding kindred souls all around the world so you can join forces to create your next dimensional shift individually and collectively as an entire planet. All of the cosmic energies that are streaming into your planet are here to assist you in taking your next steps to co-create a new Golden Age on Earth.

~ The Cosmic World Mother

Thousands upon thousands of you are remembering that you are here to be a more conscious part of co-creating your next cycle of being. In the new dawn of your individual and collective possibilities for shifting the consciousness of humanity out of the confines of its limiting third dimensional matrix, all of your unnecessary Earth memories are starting to burn away to make room for the phoenix that is surely rising out of the ashes of your past.

As you continue to embody more and more of your mastery, you have the opportunity to inspire others to become more active participants in their own awakening. You are all part of opening each other’s hearts and minds to the possibilities that lie before you during your pivotal Shift in the Ages.

A new world does not just appear out of nowhere, you are actually creating it everyday with where you are focusing your attention, your thoughts, your feelings and what you are communicating to others and how you are responding to what they are communicating to you. This includes what you are watching on television or seeing at the movies or what you are reading even casually, as creation has no beginning and no end. For wherever you place your attention, that is where your consciousness is and that is what you are creating more of in your atmosphere and placing into the collective consciousness of humanity!

You are now beyond the cusp of your new times and well within the Light and the Love that is literally magnetizing you into your greater potential for making a real difference in the world. You are being invited to become a living example of how to create from the consciousness of your own God Presence—no matter what is going on in the world around you. As you align with your Presence, you also become our emissaries on Earth and we are always here to assist you in your creations for reinstating Paradise on Earth.

Your conscious participation in creating your next cycle is also part of your Earth’s progression through the cosmos. You are all going through energetic portals of initiation with her that are adding much more light, wisdom and authentic power to your words and actions. As this continues throughout this year and beyond, each of you is moving into a greater alignment with your expanded potential for co-creating your new world. The Great Central Sun is showering you with more particles of Light than you have had in your world for thousands of yea

You do not automatically just wake up one day to a new world—it is consciously created. Yet we can tell you that you have known previous Golden Ages and those memories are now being stimulated based on the increases of Light that are now assisting in opening the ancient crystalline strands of your DNA. As your consciousness continues to open, you will start remembering how you once participated in creating Golden Age civilizations and how you were once a part of every kingdom living in paradise.

As you continue to transit from the old paradigm to the new, remember that you, beloveds, are the ones who are creating what you want to bring into your new world. You are now moving through a divine passage that is literally filling you with the Light and Love that you can now use to consciously begin creating your new Golden Age on Earth.

From Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett

Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, April 5th, 2017

The part you play is to be ready for this, to welcome it and to be at peace at all times during this process so it is not being interfered with by your ego believing that this process should go in a certain way or be speeded up or slowed down. This will only be accomplished in accordance with your own powers of loving receptivity in relationship to your own God Presence.

The biggest part you play is in letting go of the idea that you think you think, or think you understand or know what the best plan or ideas for you or others to follow. Most everyone has all kinds of attachments and ideas for outcomes that they think are supposed to take place and this is the very basis of duality consciousness…thinking you knew better or different than God. By thinking you knew what was good or right for you, you also came into the understanding that you believed you “recognized” what was good or right for someone else. In one way or another, you may have sometimes let others know how they could “better” themselves by taking your advice.

This power of suggestion from one to another has been one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming the duality-based history of humankind. This kind of thinking has also left guilt, shame and unworthiness in its trail for both the perpetrator and the receiver.

Empty out your ego-mind of all of its suggestions, perceptions, opinions and so-called facts by taking the time daily to be still and at peace to hear the voice of God within you. It is in this way, and only in this way, that the mis-placed value given to one’s own egoic thinking can begin to relax and be seen for the folly it has created. The quieted mind is never inclined to give any attention to these old duality formats since it finally sees no value in supporting such outmoded ways of thinking.

By coming into a quiet state of being, you are literally starving out any residual 3rd dimensional ways of thinking and their relationship to old habits that involved giving power to the ego-based levels of your mind. And when in this quiet place, make a loving request to Mother/Father God to place before the higher levels of your mind all that you are ready and need to know for each moment that is in alignment with your Divine plan. When this request is given in joy and harmony, then and only then, does your mind begin to be filled with the Will or Ideas of God and this is the actual beginning of living in Oneness with the Presence of God that resides within you.

The conscious practice of living in gratitude and Divine Love will continue to yield benefits beyond measure as these are major keys for living a life centered in your God Self. Being fully alive is asking for, and listening to, the infinite Mind of God instead of the limited mind of the ego personality self, and this is the major key to your living in complete oneness with God through your own God Presence.

The Mind of God is truly Universal Mind, which is limitless and vast beyond any measure that can be made by the human mind. Only your heartfelt, loving and humble desire to come into the Peace of God will open the door to Source and its vast and endless treasure house. You will then have the understanding directly from the Mind of God of how to use it in a way that is for the highest good of all, instead of only for the good of self or a few others.

The Mind of God cannot be known with any human references, perceptions or opinions of how something could or should be. It operates only in the now and takes no account of the human past since God did not create your past, you did with your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. God’s infinite Mind can only be accessed when in balance with Divine Love and Wisdom and in the humility that comes with the active practice of living in Oneness with your own God Presence. Nothing of one’s human mind can produce the kind of God results that do not diminish over time.

Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, March 16th, 2017

This is the time you have long worked towards. The great energies that are now impacting your Earth coupled with the releasing at the inner levels of your being, as well as the releasing of the planet Herself, are all coming together to assist you in fully reconnecting with the higher consciousness of your God Presence.

Your ancient ancestors and angels have longed to connect with you during these vital transitional times. They represent your great extended family and they have never forgotten you during your long sojourn into the many centuries of your forgetfulness. They have met you countless times on the inner planes and to this day continue, and will not cease, until you are once again ascended and free and you are seeing them face to face. These are the ancient ancestors that you are now ready to know on a conscious level and not merely in the middle of the night in your sleep states. Their help and assistance to you in preparation for your current Ascension is important, for they are doing things you cannot, and they are the ones who will be the ones welcoming you when you fully awaken on the 5th dimension in your physical body. There they will be showing you more about 5th dimensional protocols regarding how to live and move about without the density you have known in the 3rd dimension.


All who have been looking after you, from the Ascended Masters, your own ancient ancestors, angels, your personal guides and teachers and even some of those advanced souls in your bloodline have been guiding you into what needs to be released so your Ascension in your physical body is assured. This means the release of any unhealthy levels of your ego personality self and the release of expectations, attachments and valuations you have given to past traumatic events. These include all you have believed could in some way hurt you or bring you into physical, mental or emotional pain because you thought what you had experienced was real, rather than the illusion of the 3rd dimension perception based on fear.

Now, you have come into the understanding you are the unique expression of the Presence of God inhabiting a body, and have been standing aside what seems to be “happening” to your body. You have come into the understanding that nothing happens to you that you have not attracted to yourself, and so, have begun to change your thinking so that unfortunate or negative events simply cease in your life. This is the practice of forgiving oneself, to take active and knowing steps in conscious change of thinking, consulting only with your God Presence about choices you must make every day, so that these new choices do not repeat earlier patterns of pain in some form.

Here you are literally changing the very basis of your identity, from perceived to real. By releasing old beliefs, which also formed the old false identity basis you have long thought you were, you are literally purging yourself of clouded thinking to the extent that real thinking, which is only of God, can now consciously be re-introduced. And this will allow you to see, for the first time in thousands of years, your true Divine nature, your real identity, as a unique expression of the Christ of God, in conscious, loving partnership with God. It is this you have been working towards for thousands of years, ever since you agreed to fall asleep to your true identity and assume a wholly imagined one to take its place that you made up as you went along, sleep-walking from one life to the next.

Realize there is great rejoicing all around you as you consciously move forward, day by day, to again practice choices that are wholly of your God Presence, and not of your ego. You are also realizing your ego will not die, but is being shown its true purpose, of supporting your Divine Presence with a now quiet mind, bringing to the brain, ideas of God to accomplish Divine purposes of every kind. You are also realizing more than ever, that to accomplish your Ascension, you must leave behind all ideas of title or authority accorded you, plus all feelings of ego-importance or any feelings of being indispensable while knowing that the mind of God already has accounted for every need.

Sharon Rose & Kamala Everett


Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, January 13th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Walking the Earth as a 5th dimensional Master involves taking quiet times during the day in which you are wholly receptive to the Will of Mother/Father God and being an instrument of the Divine Plan on Earth of peace, harmony and abundance fulfilled. The more you enter into these silent periods throughout your day, the greater potential there is for the GREAT SILENCE of the Creator to surround and penetrate your being until there is nothing in the world that can really disturb you at your core. Silence allows your whole being to become increasingly more receptive to the images, the wisdom and the Love and the Light of the Presence of God that resides within and around you at all times.

The Cosmic World Mother

As you go deeper into your new year, know that you always have the choice of consciously co-creating with your God Presence and that this is the greatest and most enduring relationship that is possible for one to have in the entire Universe. You will literally feel the great peace that comes when you have chosen to be wholly guided by your Presence until this becomes the greatest love affair of your life.

As you continue to move into your new year, many of you have been viewing what you consider valuable to maintain as well as what you sense needs to be released from your past. We suggest that you let go of all of it, save the lessons you have learned and the love you have incorporated into your being based on your life’s experiences and your ongoing dedication to merge ever more deeply with your beloved Presence.

You have been juggling between taking care of the demands of what you consider to be your 3rd dimensional responsibilities and what is now magnetizing you into a whole new way of living on your Earth as a higher dimensional being. You were invited to complete your old year by employing compassion and forgiveness for yourself and all others and by agreeing to be completely finished with any old patterns that they are no longer serving you.


The Presence is always there to keep you aligned with God’s Divine Will for your life. As you breathe every breath, move the slightest muscle, or think a thought, your Presence is always there to guide your very next step in full accord with your Divine Purpose. Are you willing to come into such a full communion with your Presence that you know you can always trust it to keep you fully aligned with the Divine Will and purpose for your life?

Since your ego is your creation and your assistant and it has no true power of its own, you can direct it to serve your Presence. It can then assist you in expanding the Love, the Wisdom and the Power of God within all of your daily activities. Your Beloved Presence is desirous of strengthening the channels of communication that you share with your ego so everything you think, feel and do is always in perfect alignment with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint. Your Presence is ready to have you experience God more directly than you have for thousands of years!

The more you experience the Presence of God as your own True Self, the more you will know the Christ Within. This relationship was encoded within your being when you were first conceived from out of the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God so very long ago. You were brought into being so you would always have the glorious opportunity to express the Love, the Wisdom and the Power of God within and around the whole of your being. Nothing you have ever experienced or could ever experience on the 3rd dimension or on ANY dimension can ever come close to what you are now being offered.

Your Beloved Presence wants you to experience your full restoration, resurrection, and ascension back into Oneness with the Creator of All ~ and with this, your awakened awareness that you are truly one with the Presence within all of life everywhere. Your Presence has waited thousands of years for you to reach this pivotal point in your spiritual journey ~ a lifetime where you are willing to declare in conjunction with the whole of your being that you are fully willing to live solely as your God Presence. Call it into action for the Will of God to be done in and through you for evermore.

From Kamala Everett & Sharon Rose


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Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, December 6th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living as an Awakened Christ

The more you choose to integrate with the higher dimensions of your own unlimited being, the more consciously aligned you become with the Christed expression of God that is already spiritually residing within your heart and around you at all times. You are currently receiving more support than ever to bring every aspect of your being into its higher dimensional harmonics so you can truly ascend and live in your Christed Mastery while you are still embodied on the Earth. Every Ascended Master accepted this invitation during their own lifetime, yet many did not have the support that you now have for making this a reality while they were still living in a physical body.

~ The Christed Councils of Shamballa

Part 1 ~ December 2016

You are indeed living in very special times, which may not be repeated for generations to come. You are now in the process of moving through many accelerated portals that are intended to expand the frequencies both within your body and within the great sphere of consciousness that is around your body. The Love and Light within that sphere is assisting you in assimilating all that is happening and all that will be happening in the days ahead.

You are spiritually and physically integrating more than you have for thousands of years and the energies within your sphere are literally assisting in opening up your connections to the higher dimensions so you can access parts of yourself that have been lying dormant for centuries. The more you expand your consciousness, the more you are helping to open up dormant portals for raising the Light Quotient within humanity.

You are moving through areas within the higher domains of your collective consciousness that are opening up areas of your awareness that have only been opened during previous Golden Ages. You are being assisted by all those who have already ascended as well as by all of the crystalline children who are also living in their ascended states of being.

All Lightworkers are now being encouraged to do whatever they can to assist in lifting humanity’s consciousness out of its limited 3rd dimensional matrix. We invite all of you to maintain Oneness with the consciousness of your Presence as well as with the higher dimensional frequencies both within and around your Earth. This is what a Christ does and the more you do this, the more effective you are in anchoring the Earth and all life upon Her with their Christed Frequencies.

A part of you is now being encouraged to remain in conscious contact with your Earth’s ascension process while the rest of you continues to maintain your connection with the consciousness you share with your Presence. Humanity has been hypnotized into believing that they are limited to one dimension or timeline, when in reality you are an unlimited, multidimensional being.

Whenever there is an increase in the kind of chaotic events that are now taking place around your Earth, it actually creates an increase in awareness and an even stronger need to merge more consciously with your Presence. As interdimensional timelines continue to converge, it is common for very unusual events to take place and this is also common during an ascension cycle as things are then moving outside of their normal parameters.

Your planet is in the midst of such a powerful transformation that is now surging through the collective consciousness of your world.

Ultimately it is each of you that will be creating the outcome and some of these potentials may be fulfilling some ancient prophecies, and some may be seeding completely new outcomes. As the Presence of God within you through the consciousness of your own Christed Self, we invite you to be part of this new seeding. An unexpected shift in the overall thinking of your world could literally rearrange everything for the better. Hundreds of people in your world are so used to being hypnotized that they do not know how to get out it, yet you who have awakened can change this. Let others know that they are not committed to living their lives in the 3rd dimension and they are certainly not bound to any particular timeline.

You will collectively pass through your ascension into a new dimension. And you can always choose to live in concert with your highest potential, regardless of what may or may not be happening around you. Your destiny is the summation of all the choices you have made along the way, yet now as never before, you are being encouraged to make the highest choices possible.

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Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, November 25th


Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

The Time of the Great Remembrance

Part 2

You are all living in a tremendous time that is amplifying both the Light and the dark. This is common when a world such as yours is being restructured around the higher purpose that is recorded within its original Divine Crystalline Blueprint. To transition into this original place of love and unity where all souls are seen as equal and there is respect for all of life, everything and everyone becomes a natural part of a massive planetary metamorphosis ~ one that has not been known in your world for thousands upon thousands of years.

~ Ancient Elders who are overseeing the Ascension of All Life


From the magnificent place of remembrance that is recorded within the crystalline matrices of your being, you will discover that it is now time to dedicate your life to whatever will support the greater good that is still recorded within the core of your soul. It is time to live in such a state of sacred respect and honor for this Presence of God within you that you are no longer influenced by outside appearances. This is what Jeshua the Christ did and this is the invitation that is now being extended to each of you so you can become a divine agent for supporting the Presence of God within every soul.

This is not an invitation to be only a part-time agent who still wants to keep one foot in the old 3D ways of thinking, feeling and acting. The success of your ascension, both as individuals and as a collective, asks that you totally exit the old matrix and all of the lower dimensional realities that have been supporting the prisons of fear and duality in which humanity has been living. At one time, you all agreed to experience the confines of your 3rd dimension, yet now you are awakened enough to move on and to make entirely new choices.

You are being invited to be part of creating your new existence, your new Earth and your new reality. Each of you has now had at least a glimpse of who you truly are and deep down you know that as your God Presence, which is the part of your soul that is already ascended, you are here to make a difference by assisting in the ascension of humanity! To do this, you must wholly agree to fully embody your Presence and to live on your Earth as a Living Master or a Christ.

The ego may fight to regain its hold on your thoughts, yet when you take the time to treat it with respect based on how it has actually assisted you in surviving as a third dimensional human, the ego will actually choose to lend its support in shifting the lower domains of your consciousness out of your world. Even though the ego part of your mind may still fight to maintain its supremacy, this is the challenge that your Higher Self is now being invited to address.

Your soul was originally designed to help you maintain your purity and your higher desire to live as your God Presence, for whom you share a deeply sacred and most profound love. Each time your Presence is honored and listened to with your deeply profound and sacred love, it is always right there to guide you and even bring your ego all that it needs to remain in harmony with your higher calling.

Each of you has to learn to listen with your heart in order to be able to fully return to living in genuine Divine Love and Respect for all of life. This means leaving the old fear-based matrix by remembering who you truly have chosen to be in this very important lifetime. You are here to open your heart and your minds so fully that there is no turning back.

The outside world can now be used simply as a tool to reflect back areas within you, or within your interactions with others, that are not yet harmonically aligned with your unconditionally-loving Presence. The outside world can then be embraced as a mirror that is always giving you the invitation to bring everyone and everything back into respectful and appreciative love.

All the programming and misinformation that has been held within your mind and the cells of your body is simply there to be cleansed and cleared so now many ancient, pre-separation encoding can be reactivated within your DNA and you are free to live in your 5th dimensional mastery. Your Divine Presence and your Spiritual Heart are forever linked. The moment your Heart opens fully, your energy shifts and therefore the dimension you are in also shifts!

from Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Ascended Masters Mystery School via Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett, September 9th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the

Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living in Partnership with God

Part I ~ September 2016

When I was the Avatar on your planet over two thousand years ago, I quickly learned that the only way I could fulfill my mission was to be in constant contact and communion with God. I knew in the depths of my being that living and serving in an active partnership with God was a necessity, and for you to succeed in making your ascension, this is now true for you as well. ~ Jeshua (Jesus the Christ)


During the glorious time you are now all experiencing in preparation for ascending into a new Golden Age of Freedom, you are being invited to serve together as members of a Group Avatar. No one person in a physical body is going to be an Avatar as it has been in the past. Some of you have certainly made your mark and your names have entered the history books, but in time this will all be seen as simply part of what you needed to be or do for your own soul growth.

As ascended souls, you will all be seen as equals working in partnership with God. When your planet makes her full ascension with your galaxy, you will then be serving your world as Galactic Beings. This time is still to come, yet it may be helpful for you to know what the future holds. This is all part of your return journey to the levels of consciousness that you knew before the fall of Atlantis.

Many Lightworkers have offered their services to help humankind through the coming period of changes, and each one will serve according to their experience. As you can imagine, once the changes can safely be put into motion, there will be an enormous amount to do. For example, every soul will soon be provided with a decent standard of living and more choices as to how they can truly and joyfully support themselves and live in partnership with God.

There are two major ways that humankind is now functioning: one is centered around taking action based on their older belief systems of lack, limitation and separation, and the other one is founded in each one living according to their own spiritual understanding of unlimited abundance, unity and Oneness. These two ways are not compatible and they have led to much confusion and many misunderstandings. To serve in partnership with God, it is necessary to make choices that you know will manifest for the highest good of all.

Your degree of participation will be different and your part will become increasingly clear the closer you come to the time for your full ascension. All of this has truly been arranged with your agreement in concert with your Presence prior to your incarnation on Earth. Everyone’s life’s plan is always set up to serve their higher purpose for being on Earth, especially at this time. Many souls who are presently living on Earth are here because they were seen to have evolved sufficiently to be candidates for their ascension. It was also noted that they would spiritually gain from living during this great Shift in the Ages.

Some of you know that this is your last incarnation in the lower vibrations and some are sensing that it is also time to celebrate even though you may not recall all the lives and the lessons that have prepared you to be where you are now. There will be a review for every soul to ensure that the lessons that needed to be learned have taken place and to ensure that you will not have to go through them again. As an ever-ascending soul, there is always more to learn and you always have new and higher levels to experience.

Know, beloveds, that your future is bright and that you are so greatly appreciated for coming to Earth and for going through all that you have had to go through to reach this point of being invited to move into a much greater partnership with God. You have walked through the many trials and tribulations that the lower vibrations have offered you for your spiritual growth, yet now you can proceed with confidence.

You now have the invitation and the glorious opportunity to fully embody your God Presence. Your goals are now moving into a much stronger alignment with your ascension and these higher goals are being supported by many on the planet and in the heavenly realms. The more you live in conscious partnership with God, the stronger you are as members of a magnificent Group Avatar.

from Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett

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Ascended Masters Mystery School by Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, August 19th

There is a great deal that is shifting and lifting your world and all life upon her into a completely new spectrum of universal awareness that is now calling all of you into the higher domains of your consciousness and into a new Golden Age of Freedom.

Jeshua & Mary Magdeline and Saint Germain & Lady Portia


Some of you may be inwardly sensing rather than outwardly seeing the many changes that are taking place within and around your world. Your ability to intuitively feel and hear that your world is shifting in beautifully profound and undeniable ways reveals your ever-keener abilities to listen to your Presence.

As you continue to move into a totally new spectrum of consciousness that you share with all of life, you will discover that old values and ways of listening are simply falling away. The more you move into these higher frequencies, your Divine listening abilities will continue to expand along with your intuitive inner knowing. This will be experienced as an increasingly cherished gift you have always had even when at times the world around you has appeared to be in chaos.

You knew that you had elected to experience the Earth’s outer structures breaking down and that you would be witnessing the last-gasp release of humanities fear-based ideas and actions. You knew that even as this was taking place, you would simultaneously be feeling a growing surge of Divine Love, Divine Peace and even Divine Joy breaking through and spreading throughout the consciousness of all life on Earth. You saw through the inner Eye and deep Heart of your Presence that there would be outer signs of collapse, whether of governments or economies or even parts of the Earth herself, yet as you prepared for this great adventure, your excitement became so powerful that you felt no trepidation at the thought of living on Earth during her last days in the third dimension. You could see and hear how the smoke would clear, and that all of the fraudulent, unjust systems would be dissolving.

There is no need to question whether you are strong enough to carry on or to continue breaking through the barriers of any inner or outer obstacles, because you have already proven that you are listening to your Presence and that you are coming to the moment of FULLY remembering who you are and more of why you are here. You came in knowing that your progress would be a powerful part of the energies you came to contribute toward the Ascension of Earth and humanity.

Each time you step forward on your own path, you contribute to a higher frequency throughout the planet as a whole. You came here to not only grow in the Light yourself, but in so doing, help to lift the frequencies of Earth and all her living creatures to a much higher level of consciousness. You listened to know that this was to be part of your soul’s journey, and you welcomed it with joy and anticipation, even knowing the constraints and confined outlooks that existed in the third dimension.

Yet notice, now things are changing. Instead of going to the weather report to tell you “what kind of day it will be,” you are waking instead and listening with your internal senses to determine what kind of day it will be. More and more when you want to know what is happening in the world, you are listening not to news reports but to the data that is coming through your own intuitive knowing.

The more deeply you listen to the Presence of all life, the greater part you will be playing in birthing the Earth into her rightful place within the Intergalactic Confederation of the peoples and cultures of your Universe. Her time of isolation and exile has come to a close and this is truly the most joyous time that you could have ever chosen to be living on Earth.

The more deeply you listen to the Presence of all life, the greater part you will be playing in birthing the Earth into her rightful place within the Intergalactic Confederation of the peoples and cultures of your Universe. Her time of isolation and exile has come to a close and this is truly the most joyous time that you could have ever chosen to be living on Earth.

Your capacity to listen to Spirit and to your Presence as your own personal emissary of Mother/Father God has brought you into this magnificent time of the world’s ascension. So rejoice, beloveds, and fear no more! Be the active participant you came to be in reclaiming your true inheritance as stewards during the time of your planet’s ascension. Realize that above all outer appearances, God is ~ and always has been ~ in command.

from Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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Golden Age Messages from the Masters by the Ascended Masters Mystery School, March 2016

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

From Illusion to Illumination

Part I ~ March, 2016

The more you merge with the consciousness of your already-ascended Presence, the greater your capacity to penetrate through the veils and illusions that might be distracting you from ascending into the 5th dimension. To live within an illumined state of Being, you must consciously choose to live as your unique expression of the Presence of God. Then you will know why you are here and you will know it is also your time to shine the Love and Light of God into all that you see, all that you do and all that you create. The passage from illusion to illumination requires that you embrace and love free all parts of yourself while knowing that there is truly no part of you that is not worth loving and every role or experience you ever have had served you in moving into your mastery. You have been through a lot to be where you are now and only deep unconditional love for the self you have been and the TRUE SELF you really are has the power to fully support your ascension.

~ The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

This is the time in your individual and collective journey to accept yourself and all life just as it is while knowing that everything and everyone is always changing and evolution is inevitable and ongoing. A state of peaceful openness is essential for you to succeed in being part of co-creating your 5th dimensional Golden Age. If you choose to assist yourself, humanity and your planet in ascending into the 5th dimension, it can be helpful to go within the higher mind that is connected into your heart to ask what it would look and feel like to BE a 5th dimensional citizen in your world.

In the past the lingering energies of control, fear, doubt and oppression have kept many Lightworkers from building anew, yet now the path is clearing based on the focused intentions of those who have fully committed themselves to co-creating new ways of living in your world. There are teams of Lightworkers who have agreed to come together to anchor Love and Light throughout your world until it is accepted as the norm. This Love and Light is necessary for transmuting all limiting, fear-based thoughtforms, beliefs and even the toxic waste that surrounds and penetrates the land and the waters of your Earth. This purification process of the consciousness of humanity, which has been going on for quite some time, must be completed so the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can be lifted into their illumined states of being. This must take place for your Earth to become home base for your new Golden Age.

Transmutation will take place when there is an overall agreement by a certain percentage of you on Earth to release and heal whatever is out of alignment with the consciousness of your God Presence. Be assured that there are presently thousands of Masters and millions within the Angelic Kingdom who are assisting you in transmuting and releasing everything that is not in harmony with your Presence or your new Golden Age. Each of you is taking part in this clearing to varying degrees and you may be feeling the effects of this, so we advise that you call on us to hold you steady as you continue to walk through your ascension.

You would not have been asked to be part of this transmutation process unless you had volunteered long ago and trained for this passage. Please know that every minute and every hour of your heroic efforts are bringing you that much closer to living and loving as 5th dimensional citizens of your new world. This is the dream that your Ascended Master sponsors are sharing with you and they are matching your visions breath for breath. The distance you have to travel is now minuscule and there will soon come a moment when the veils have parted and you will know that you have moved your consciousness into the 5th dimension.

Each of you knows the great benefits that come from living as your Presence and you also have an intuitive knowing that is adding to the wisdom of your God Self. This combined knowing is supporting you in successfully completing the final lap of your journey. You cannot fail since your Divine Crystalline blueprint is woven into the Divine Plan to create a new Golden Age of Freedom for all life on your Earth and this has been set for thousands upon thousands of years.

from Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Ascended Masters Mystery School Teachings via Kamala and Sharon, September 4

When you see others with the eyes of your Presence, the more obvious it becomes that all souls are equally Divine and that there are now many in your world who are awakening to the fact that they are here to live as Golden Age citizens to assist in manifesting a new Golden Age. We have observed that it often brings excitement and peace to these awakening souls to be in the company of others who are also experiencing similar awakening experiences. We therefore encourage you to gather with those who are equally focused on what they can do to be living, loving and creating as 5th dimensional citizens who know they are here to assist in manifesting your next Golden Age.

When all of the energy that has previously been focused on supporting the play between the light and dark forces on your planet is released, that energy can then be used to expand and nourish the heart’s greater desire to live in a new age that is centered in Unity Consciousness. The driving force within many souls around your world is presently being focused on how to exit the duality, fear-based play that has been driving the consciousness of your world since the fall of Atlantis. Humankind has now entered a cycle where many are discovering that they must free themselves from the past to make room for the new.

The energy it has taken to support your living in a duality, fear-based world can then be used to create a new Golden Age where humanity can live in peace with one another and be free to focus on what would be best for everyone and for the Earth. As Ascended Masters, we are here to expand the love in your heart and throughout the whole of your being so you can easily return to living in the Oneness you have known in previous Golden Ages.

When a certain percentage of you have lifted your consciousness out of any residual needs to stay attached to your limited 3rd dimensional ways of thinking, feeling and acting, then the collective consciousness of your world can also become more available to align with its potential to move into the 5th dimension. Your dedication to becoming clear of your past is one of the major ways that you can add to the Love and Light of your world while creating more space for everyone to move into the 5th dimension.

Please know that all of the shifts, clearings and inner work you have done over many months and years have all been instrumental in making you more available to act as 5th dimensional Golden Age wayshowers.

You are now entering a new cycle where your new Age will start to be experienced as surely as your sun rises over the horizon every morning. The more you allow yourselves to accept this new heart-centered reality, the sooner you will be able to fully accept who you truly are and why you have chosen to be on the Earth during your Great Shift in the Ages.

When you fully merge with the 5th Dimensional levels of your being, you will transition out of any tendency to be exhausted by the 3rd dimensional demands on your life. Those old ways of being will then be replaced by your deep, heart-felt desire to simply integrate into your next Golden Age with ease, grace and joy.

through Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Council of the Elohim via Ascended Masters Mystery School, September 3

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living as a Golden Age Citizen ~~ Part 2

Thank you for choosing to be on Earth during humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension. The increase in Gamma Rays that are presently entering your planet’s environment are greatly assisting you individually and collectively in opening up some of the dormant packets of information that have been stored in your crystalline DNA since before the fall of Atlantis. The release of these Rays is also accelerating the spin within your electrons, which is assisting you in embodying more of the consciousness of your Presence and more of the 5th dimensional qualities that are preparing you for your ascension. You are more available to reap the rewards of these accelerations the more willing you are to release any 3rd dimensional references you may still be using to define yourself. As these old facets are transformed and lifted out of your limited belief systems, the more available you are to ascend with the Earth, and the easier it will be for you to access the gifts you are here to share in co-creating your next Golden Age.

~ The Council of the Elohim