Love is our new reality

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Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, November 25th


Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

The Time of the Great Remembrance

Part 2

You are all living in a tremendous time that is amplifying both the Light and the dark. This is common when a world such as yours is being restructured around the higher purpose that is recorded within its original Divine Crystalline Blueprint. To transition into this original place of love and unity where all souls are seen as equal and there is respect for all of life, everything and everyone becomes a natural part of a massive planetary metamorphosis ~ one that has not been known in your world for thousands upon thousands of years.

~ Ancient Elders who are overseeing the Ascension of All Life


From the magnificent place of remembrance that is recorded within the crystalline matrices of your being, you will discover that it is now time to dedicate your life to whatever will support the greater good that is still recorded within the core of your soul. It is time to live in such a state of sacred respect and honor for this Presence of God within you that you are no longer influenced by outside appearances. This is what Jeshua the Christ did and this is the invitation that is now being extended to each of you so you can become a divine agent for supporting the Presence of God within every soul.

This is not an invitation to be only a part-time agent who still wants to keep one foot in the old 3D ways of thinking, feeling and acting. The success of your ascension, both as individuals and as a collective, asks that you totally exit the old matrix and all of the lower dimensional realities that have been supporting the prisons of fear and duality in which humanity has been living. At one time, you all agreed to experience the confines of your 3rd dimension, yet now you are awakened enough to move on and to make entirely new choices.

You are being invited to be part of creating your new existence, your new Earth and your new reality. Each of you has now had at least a glimpse of who you truly are and deep down you know that as your God Presence, which is the part of your soul that is already ascended, you are here to make a difference by assisting in the ascension of humanity! To do this, you must wholly agree to fully embody your Presence and to live on your Earth as a Living Master or a Christ.

The ego may fight to regain its hold on your thoughts, yet when you take the time to treat it with respect based on how it has actually assisted you in surviving as a third dimensional human, the ego will actually choose to lend its support in shifting the lower domains of your consciousness out of your world. Even though the ego part of your mind may still fight to maintain its supremacy, this is the challenge that your Higher Self is now being invited to address.

Your soul was originally designed to help you maintain your purity and your higher desire to live as your God Presence, for whom you share a deeply sacred and most profound love. Each time your Presence is honored and listened to with your deeply profound and sacred love, it is always right there to guide you and even bring your ego all that it needs to remain in harmony with your higher calling.

Each of you has to learn to listen with your heart in order to be able to fully return to living in genuine Divine Love and Respect for all of life. This means leaving the old fear-based matrix by remembering who you truly have chosen to be in this very important lifetime. You are here to open your heart and your minds so fully that there is no turning back.

The outside world can now be used simply as a tool to reflect back areas within you, or within your interactions with others, that are not yet harmonically aligned with your unconditionally-loving Presence. The outside world can then be embraced as a mirror that is always giving you the invitation to bring everyone and everything back into respectful and appreciative love.

All the programming and misinformation that has been held within your mind and the cells of your body is simply there to be cleansed and cleared so now many ancient, pre-separation encoding can be reactivated within your DNA and you are free to live in your 5th dimensional mastery. Your Divine Presence and your Spiritual Heart are forever linked. The moment your Heart opens fully, your energy shifts and therefore the dimension you are in also shifts!

from Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose