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Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, January 13th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Walking the Earth as a 5th dimensional Master involves taking quiet times during the day in which you are wholly receptive to the Will of Mother/Father God and being an instrument of the Divine Plan on Earth of peace, harmony and abundance fulfilled. The more you enter into these silent periods throughout your day, the greater potential there is for the GREAT SILENCE of the Creator to surround and penetrate your being until there is nothing in the world that can really disturb you at your core. Silence allows your whole being to become increasingly more receptive to the images, the wisdom and the Love and the Light of the Presence of God that resides within and around you at all times.

The Cosmic World Mother

As you go deeper into your new year, know that you always have the choice of consciously co-creating with your God Presence and that this is the greatest and most enduring relationship that is possible for one to have in the entire Universe. You will literally feel the great peace that comes when you have chosen to be wholly guided by your Presence until this becomes the greatest love affair of your life.

As you continue to move into your new year, many of you have been viewing what you consider valuable to maintain as well as what you sense needs to be released from your past. We suggest that you let go of all of it, save the lessons you have learned and the love you have incorporated into your being based on your life’s experiences and your ongoing dedication to merge ever more deeply with your beloved Presence.

You have been juggling between taking care of the demands of what you consider to be your 3rd dimensional responsibilities and what is now magnetizing you into a whole new way of living on your Earth as a higher dimensional being. You were invited to complete your old year by employing compassion and forgiveness for yourself and all others and by agreeing to be completely finished with any old patterns that they are no longer serving you.


The Presence is always there to keep you aligned with God’s Divine Will for your life. As you breathe every breath, move the slightest muscle, or think a thought, your Presence is always there to guide your very next step in full accord with your Divine Purpose. Are you willing to come into such a full communion with your Presence that you know you can always trust it to keep you fully aligned with the Divine Will and purpose for your life?

Since your ego is your creation and your assistant and it has no true power of its own, you can direct it to serve your Presence. It can then assist you in expanding the Love, the Wisdom and the Power of God within all of your daily activities. Your Beloved Presence is desirous of strengthening the channels of communication that you share with your ego so everything you think, feel and do is always in perfect alignment with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint. Your Presence is ready to have you experience God more directly than you have for thousands of years!

The more you experience the Presence of God as your own True Self, the more you will know the Christ Within. This relationship was encoded within your being when you were first conceived from out of the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God so very long ago. You were brought into being so you would always have the glorious opportunity to express the Love, the Wisdom and the Power of God within and around the whole of your being. Nothing you have ever experienced or could ever experience on the 3rd dimension or on ANY dimension can ever come close to what you are now being offered.

Your Beloved Presence wants you to experience your full restoration, resurrection, and ascension back into Oneness with the Creator of All ~ and with this, your awakened awareness that you are truly one with the Presence within all of life everywhere. Your Presence has waited thousands of years for you to reach this pivotal point in your spiritual journey ~ a lifetime where you are willing to declare in conjunction with the whole of your being that you are fully willing to live solely as your God Presence. Call it into action for the Will of God to be done in and through you for evermore.

From Kamala Everett & Sharon Rose


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