Golden Age Messages from the Masters by the Ascended Masters Mystery School, March 2016

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

From Illusion to Illumination

Part I ~ March, 2016

The more you merge with the consciousness of your already-ascended Presence, the greater your capacity to penetrate through the veils and illusions that might be distracting you from ascending into the 5th dimension. To live within an illumined state of Being, you must consciously choose to live as your unique expression of the Presence of God. Then you will know why you are here and you will know it is also your time to shine the Love and Light of God into all that you see, all that you do and all that you create. The passage from illusion to illumination requires that you embrace and love free all parts of yourself while knowing that there is truly no part of you that is not worth loving and every role or experience you ever have had served you in moving into your mastery. You have been through a lot to be where you are now and only deep unconditional love for the self you have been and the TRUE SELF you really are has the power to fully support your ascension.

~ The Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

This is the time in your individual and collective journey to accept yourself and all life just as it is while knowing that everything and everyone is always changing and evolution is inevitable and ongoing. A state of peaceful openness is essential for you to succeed in being part of co-creating your 5th dimensional Golden Age. If you choose to assist yourself, humanity and your planet in ascending into the 5th dimension, it can be helpful to go within the higher mind that is connected into your heart to ask what it would look and feel like to BE a 5th dimensional citizen in your world.

In the past the lingering energies of control, fear, doubt and oppression have kept many Lightworkers from building anew, yet now the path is clearing based on the focused intentions of those who have fully committed themselves to co-creating new ways of living in your world. There are teams of Lightworkers who have agreed to come together to anchor Love and Light throughout your world until it is accepted as the norm. This Love and Light is necessary for transmuting all limiting, fear-based thoughtforms, beliefs and even the toxic waste that surrounds and penetrates the land and the waters of your Earth. This purification process of the consciousness of humanity, which has been going on for quite some time, must be completed so the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can be lifted into their illumined states of being. This must take place for your Earth to become home base for your new Golden Age.

Transmutation will take place when there is an overall agreement by a certain percentage of you on Earth to release and heal whatever is out of alignment with the consciousness of your God Presence. Be assured that there are presently thousands of Masters and millions within the Angelic Kingdom who are assisting you in transmuting and releasing everything that is not in harmony with your Presence or your new Golden Age. Each of you is taking part in this clearing to varying degrees and you may be feeling the effects of this, so we advise that you call on us to hold you steady as you continue to walk through your ascension.

You would not have been asked to be part of this transmutation process unless you had volunteered long ago and trained for this passage. Please know that every minute and every hour of your heroic efforts are bringing you that much closer to living and loving as 5th dimensional citizens of your new world. This is the dream that your Ascended Master sponsors are sharing with you and they are matching your visions breath for breath. The distance you have to travel is now minuscule and there will soon come a moment when the veils have parted and you will know that you have moved your consciousness into the 5th dimension.

Each of you knows the great benefits that come from living as your Presence and you also have an intuitive knowing that is adding to the wisdom of your God Self. This combined knowing is supporting you in successfully completing the final lap of your journey. You cannot fail since your Divine Crystalline blueprint is woven into the Divine Plan to create a new Golden Age of Freedom for all life on your Earth and this has been set for thousands upon thousands of years.

from Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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