Love is our new reality

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The Council of Shamballa via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, October 1, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters for October 1, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living in Transition

Part 1 ~~ October 2017

At this time in your magnificent transitional journey, you may be feeling less connected to your Earth and to all that is going on with humanity because you sense that something very unprecedented is going on within you, and around your world. Everything and everyone is moving into a completely new frequency wave band or dimension of consciousness and many of you are already sensing that after this shift, NOTHING will ever be the same!

~ The Buddha as the present Lord of the World

Your planet is continuing to rearrange its land masses based on earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and more. As a result, many of you may also be feeling changes taking place in your body or in the way you are thinking or sharing your ideas or observations. Perhaps you are losing your train of thought mid-way through a sentence or even losing your thoughts before they are spoken. This is very often a positive indication that what you were about to share was really not relevant to the conversation or to what is going on and you simply realized this before you spoke. Always remember that there are really never any mistakes or coincidences.

You and your planet have entered into a long-awaited time of big changes that are already affecting life upon, above and within your world. These changes will continue to take place on the physical, mental and emotional levels of humanity as they are a necessary part of humankind’s release from the limited 3rd dimension. They are also a part of your shift, and your Earth’s shift into the unlimited 5th dimension. It will make it much easier if you remain in an ongoing state of non-attachment related to any events needing to result in a particular outcome. We suggest you keep your thoughts and feelings aligned with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for all of life everywhere.

Those in your world who are holding so-called places of authority are fighting to keep their power bases from further eroding, yet they are finding that they cannot stop any events that are in the Divine plan for your world. You are not here to judge or to be attached to what is currently playing itself out like a top that is spinning, yet know that it will eventually stop! Express gratitude and deep trust in your Creator as you observe what is going on both inside your bodies and on your beloved Gaia as well as in the cities and nations around your world, knowing all is unfolding according to Divine perfect plan that will indeed create harmony.

Any lives that have been so-called “lost” due to earthquakes, volcanoes or floods have in truth only taken place with those who had completed their contracts. We would encourage you to simply refrain or limit viewing or listening to your news sources as they often add subliminal messages designed to keep you in a state of fear, turmoil or tension and these kinds of energy states are never supportive of your ascension process.

What is really key to moving through your present transition with flying colors is your ongoing willingness and your loving intent to remain fully aligned with your True or Divine Self, the consciousness of Christ within, as this opens the door for your great I AM Presence to expand your DNA to a number that will allow you to recall your true inheritance so you can live and create as Christed, 5th dimensional beings. This will also allow your old carbon-based thinking to shift into its crystalline inheritance and new ways of creating your new Golden Age of Freedom.

Your loving acceptance and embrace of the Christed levels of your consciousness is crucial to the success of your ascension and it is also totally enjoyable and deeply rewarding. If you take some quiet time each day, you will feel more of the positive results that come from meditation and it will also assist you in happily embracing all of the new energies while making it easier for you to make them a more conscious part of your life.

Keep asking how all these new energies can be assimilated and translated into 5th dimensional ways for creating your personal and planetary lives so they are supporting much higher and deeper levels of true and lasting satisfaction. This can only come from living with a higher purpose and in ways that will continue to expand joy, peace, happiness and harmony throughout the world.