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Ascended Masters Kuthumi & Lady Claire via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, July 9, 2017

Living Beyond Beliefs

Part 1 ~~ July 2017

Part of your exit from the limited 3rd dimensional world involves leaving behind all of the memories that have played a far too significant role in defining both you and the world around you. These memories, and all of the belief systems that were created around them, eventually formed the basis of your human identity, which has been masking your true identity ~ as a unique expression of the Presence of God embodied ~ for thousands of years. Now is the time to shift out of giving your memories and your beliefs undue importance.

~ Ascended Masters Kuthumi & Lady Claire

You are being invited to live and to learn in completely new ways that will never depend on what your ego thinks it knows based on your memories, your beliefs or any of the old limiting ways you eventually learned to access and record information. You are now being invited to learn new ways of tapping into whatever is needed in each moment ~ ways that you have used in previous Golden Ages that do not involve your searching for information that you have stored in your memories or in the limited mind of your ego.

You are all in the process of being trained by your own God Presence and your spiritual overseers to explore the multi-dimensional information that has been stored within the luminous stands of your ancient, pre-separation DNA. These strands are now being opened to give you a much greater access to any information that can now assist you in transcending into the 5th dimension.

The more you access the multidimensional information within your DNA and from the infinite mind you share with the Creator, the sooner you will be released from having to source information from either your beliefs or your memories. Neither of these sources is actually capable of providing you with the expansive, unlimited domains of information you need for living in the 5th dimension.

Your memories, and the beliefs that have been accompanying them, eventually created the basis of your false identity; an identity that is really only able to be recognized by your 3rd dimensional senses since it is all based on the false belief that you are simply a body living in a physical world. Those who felt they must guide humanity eventually created paradigms that reflected dogmas that in truth were only the projections of their own ideals, opinions and limiting perceptions. These dogmas were based solely on their false beliefs, perceptions and their ego created ideals.

It is this kind of thinking we are now inviting you to de-value and release and this only comes when you are truly ready and willing to merge with your own God Presence and to accept your true identity as an unlimited being who has access to the Earth’s crystalline DNA, which is connected into the many universes.

You are so much more than a body clinging to an identity that you invented to feel safe and connected to a greater purpose other than just simply surviving in a harsh world. Yet now you understand that your REAL purpose is to embody the Presence of God and to encourage others to remember who they truly are so as many as possible can release their false identities and their unhealthy, unsupportive memories.

May each one in your world remember their true identity while deeply agreeing to keep releasing all they ever believed they were so they are now prepared to accept and merge with their crystalline DNA that is already an inseparable part of their God Presence. The more you agree to do this, the more you will find yourself being invited into new ways of living, loving, thinking and feeling. Your soul has long been urging you to release your old self so you can fully merge with your Presence and know it as your one and only TRUE SELF.

Most of you know, on a soul level of your being, that you have had all the experiences in the limited 3rd dimension that you have needed to fully transition into the unlimited 5th dimension. To make this your reality, you must desire this ascension with all of your heart, mind and soul and now allow your own God Presence to be your guide.

The coded information that is a part of your expanded crystalline DNA will come to you when you specifically ask for it, graciously receive it, and then give deep thanks for what you have received. This will then throw open the doors for your ability to live on Earth as a 5th dimensional emissary, bringing Heaven to Earth.