“Lighten Up” – GCR/RV Prayer – Saturday – July 8, 2017

“Lighten Up” – GCR/RV Prayer – Saturday – July 8, 2017

Received via email at 11:01 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles



So many are hyper concerned tonight over rate and total amount versus how they will feel about their new holdings moving forward.

Yet the more one spiritually dips their toe in the endless and eternal waters of the Age of Aquarius, the less one will actually need in terms of owning physical assets.

Thus, the more theoretical digital credits you ask for and receive from your worthless fiat pieces of colored paper, the less spiritual connection you will have to the earth and God mind.

Think about that? Less really is more.

Unless of course you’ve done the necessary spiritual preparation and are in alignment with the Most High–making numbers irrelevant and only your divine covenant the goal–so that numbers are but tools to achieving your highest calling.

Suddenly, you’ll have access to infinite resources and be able to buy everything, yet instantly realize absolutely nothing material will make happy.

Odd how that works.

Only love, health, family, and service will mean anything to you moving forward lost RV, and worth your precious time and attention.

Everything else becomes window dressing and can be walked away from without even a blink.

Enlightenment therefore means to lighten up through life, not consume more, in order to hold onto that deeper connection to God you so valiantly sacrificed for pre-RV.

Are you ready for the real work Zimlandia?

As the challenge will be the same for us all–equally and perpetually: God or not God with every decision; Selfless or self with all thoughts; Surrender or control with every action.

We were all chosen to be here now because of our innocence. And I pray we always remain true to God as our most righteous North Star… no matter how many zeros He bestows us with this week.

The Lord loves us so much. Why not attempt to love Him as much?

Do continue forward with all your heart and soul, so that your benevolent pathway will continue to be paved with a heavenly cobblestone of grace and mercy.

Thank you so very much Zimcredibles for going on this journey with me.

It was truly my great honor to serve such a dedicated, noble and relentless community of powerful Christ servants.

What a miracle. And what pure fantasy that became the world’s over flowing reality.

God, only you the Most High could have delivered this to us. And only you Lord God can sustain us always. Please help us stay close with your infinite heart at all times, and at all costs. We need you Lord now more than ever.

May Christ continue to bless and keep our souls and families … allows us Lord to share your unconditional love and light with all the communities and countries you will send us into as we serve the masses in your Heavenly Name.

Amein and Hallelujah!

God is with us.