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Golden Age Message from the Masters via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, December 6th

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Living as an Awakened Christ

The more you choose to integrate with the higher dimensions of your own unlimited being, the more consciously aligned you become with the Christed expression of God that is already spiritually residing within your heart and around you at all times. You are currently receiving more support than ever to bring every aspect of your being into its higher dimensional harmonics so you can truly ascend and live in your Christed Mastery while you are still embodied on the Earth. Every Ascended Master accepted this invitation during their own lifetime, yet many did not have the support that you now have for making this a reality while they were still living in a physical body.

~ The Christed Councils of Shamballa

Part 1 ~ December 2016

You are indeed living in very special times, which may not be repeated for generations to come. You are now in the process of moving through many accelerated portals that are intended to expand the frequencies both within your body and within the great sphere of consciousness that is around your body. The Love and Light within that sphere is assisting you in assimilating all that is happening and all that will be happening in the days ahead.

You are spiritually and physically integrating more than you have for thousands of years and the energies within your sphere are literally assisting in opening up your connections to the higher dimensions so you can access parts of yourself that have been lying dormant for centuries. The more you expand your consciousness, the more you are helping to open up dormant portals for raising the Light Quotient within humanity.

You are moving through areas within the higher domains of your collective consciousness that are opening up areas of your awareness that have only been opened during previous Golden Ages. You are being assisted by all those who have already ascended as well as by all of the crystalline children who are also living in their ascended states of being.

All Lightworkers are now being encouraged to do whatever they can to assist in lifting humanity’s consciousness out of its limited 3rd dimensional matrix. We invite all of you to maintain Oneness with the consciousness of your Presence as well as with the higher dimensional frequencies both within and around your Earth. This is what a Christ does and the more you do this, the more effective you are in anchoring the Earth and all life upon Her with their Christed Frequencies.

A part of you is now being encouraged to remain in conscious contact with your Earth’s ascension process while the rest of you continues to maintain your connection with the consciousness you share with your Presence. Humanity has been hypnotized into believing that they are limited to one dimension or timeline, when in reality you are an unlimited, multidimensional being.

Whenever there is an increase in the kind of chaotic events that are now taking place around your Earth, it actually creates an increase in awareness and an even stronger need to merge more consciously with your Presence. As interdimensional timelines continue to converge, it is common for very unusual events to take place and this is also common during an ascension cycle as things are then moving outside of their normal parameters.

Your planet is in the midst of such a powerful transformation that is now surging through the collective consciousness of your world.

Ultimately it is each of you that will be creating the outcome and some of these potentials may be fulfilling some ancient prophecies, and some may be seeding completely new outcomes. As the Presence of God within you through the consciousness of your own Christed Self, we invite you to be part of this new seeding. An unexpected shift in the overall thinking of your world could literally rearrange everything for the better. Hundreds of people in your world are so used to being hypnotized that they do not know how to get out it, yet you who have awakened can change this. Let others know that they are not committed to living their lives in the 3rd dimension and they are certainly not bound to any particular timeline.

You will collectively pass through your ascension into a new dimension. And you can always choose to live in concert with your highest potential, regardless of what may or may not be happening around you. Your destiny is the summation of all the choices you have made along the way, yet now as never before, you are being encouraged to make the highest choices possible.

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