Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene and Jeshua via the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School, March 4, 2018

Mary Magdalene & Jeshua ~ Love of Your True Self

Through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Part 1

Self love—love of your True Self, the Presence of God within you—is the fast track to enlightenment and the key to manifesting everything you desire. Rather than being part of the ages-old quest trying to find true lasting love outside of you, look within ~ it has been waiting to be discovered within you all the time.

All problems originate from a lack of love ~ Love of your True Self and being in that constant eternal union which empowers all your innate abilities to co-create with your God-Self the life you are wanting to live. Love of the Self with the capital S is where you will find Love without end.

Limited 3rd dimensional love is expecting someone else’s love to complete you and fill you with confidence and well-being, enabling your success and happiness. This is the usual co-dependent disempowering love we see practiced on the Earth plane at this time that leads to dissatisfaction, hurt, separation and dissolution in divorce. The other person is not here to fulfill your needs, they are here to actualize their own heartfelt desires, which may or may not include you.

Beloveds, when you connect with the greatest Love of your Life, which is the one that is always there for you supporting you 24/7, that is beating your heart and breathing your lungs when it is the last thing on your mind and is bringing the Life Force into every part of your body with every breath, thereby sustaining your very life on Earth, you have arrived at the Source of your own True lasting Love.

When you begin consciously breathing in the Divine Love that is inherently and eternally present in every breath that is coming from your own True Self that is a unique expression of Mother/Father God embodied on Earth, you discover your constant eternal source of True Love that is available to you always, any time of night or day.

When you come into conscious union with this eternal part of you, which is your True Self, you will fall in love with your Source of True Love that is always in Oneness with the Divine Creator, you will find a lasting eternal relationship that will feed and sustain you on every level, inspiring and encouraging you to your next level of enlightenment, peace, love and joy. This is the One that will never disappoint or leave you. Beloveds, this is your eternal One True Love.

No one knows you better and knows intimately how you think and feel and your needs and desires and all that is inherently waiting to be realized within you. This is your forever best friend, companion and lover that you have been looking for your entire life, that not only understands you, but knows how to satisfy your every need and desire and fill you with joy and delight beyond your wildest dreams.

For when you enter into full union with this eternal part of you, you will experience a full merging of Love and Light and Oneness as the most glorious full body orgasm in every cell and atom of your body, mind and spirit beyond the most wonderful physical love-making you have ever experienced or can even imagine. This is what you can joyfully anticipate, Beloveds, when you seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within you, all else shall be added unto you.

Then you have created the lasting foundation for this same love, peace, abundance and joy to be brought into your physical plane relationships that will provide physical companionship and sustainable love and joy because you are sourcing it through your own Inner Beloved that is always there fulfilling your every need. This True Self relationship is what creates ever-lasting love and joy, for your True Beloved’s deepest desire is to facilitate you remembering your true identity as a unique expression of the Presence of God in a physical body and for you to claim your spiritual inheritance of using your Divine gifts and talents to co-create your heart’s deepest desire in union and Oneness with your Inner Beloved and living in eternal, ever-lasting love, peace, joy and abundance having all your needs provided and your heartfelt desires realized.

When you have created and nurture this great Love of Your Life relationship, experiencing all your needs being taken care of from within and emanating this great love, peace, wisdom, abundance and joy from within you, you then through the law of attraction can draw to you another who also is sustaining themselves with the love, peace, abundance and joy of their own True Self. Then you create a marriage made in heaven.

We invite you during this Season of Love when you celebrate Valentine Day in the U.S. and at the time of the New Moon of Aquarius and this great Solar Eclipse ~ heralding wondrous changes and new beginnings ~ to create this most magnificent relationship with your own true Beloved, Your Greatest Self, which is your fully-realized unique expression of the Presence of Mother/Father God within you. It will be the beginning of the greatest Love affair of your life.