Ashtar and other Masters via Angel Skog November 18th, 2018


Ashtar and other masters via Angel Skog

November 18th, 2018


Hello. This is Ashtar command with the crew of the ship that is talking to you. At my side I have Sananda with the galactic federation of light, but also many other ascended masters and beings of the light that have joined in with us. The light comes from the north, as Earth in these parts of the world is not as heavy in energies. It is from here that we will be able to land eventually and it is from here that we together with you will spread the light further to the world. We are now in three ships over Scandinavia – My ship Ashtar Silver Fleet, Arcturius Starship and one more ship, which is as yet unknown to you today, as there are not so many that have been in touch with it.

Hello. This is …. We have no names, but communicate completely with our energies of vibration. One can say that we are called what we feel energetically. We communicate fully with sensitive energy signatures that work as symbols. However, we have observed you and will adopt new tools in order to communicate with you at the level that you are active at. It is not easy for us to communicate with you today, but we are here with joy to assist in the ascension of Gaia. We are from the 15th dimension and higher and we have much to share with you and help you.

This is now Ashtar who speaks again. You are many incarnated masters in the Nordic countries that have planned to help with the light that will be anchored from the north and beyond. Remember you are the light that is to be spread. Wake up masters – wake up and look around. Come together. When you have woken up and united you will be helped by the economic path – the fond that Saint Germain has put aside for you. You will then as in other countries be able to work more with your most important assignments. Wake up masters, it is time now. The time is here.

With love, joy and light this is Saint Germain, who speaks to you through beautiful Angel. My heart is overflowing with joy because I am now able to come through. You all carry the transformative power, wisdom and strength of the violet flame. It is woven into your energy structure just as we have decided before you undertook the task to help Gaia and come down on Earth in this last incarnation for you. You are me, the violet flame’s burning light incarnated on Earth in a physical energetic form. It is such a fantastic day when I can reach you in this manner. I shout for joy and Angel shouts for joy as our connection has been doubtful before. However, I am here, I am Saint Germain, I am Merlin, I am Shakespeare, I am your friend, your beloved, your light warrior.

I Sananda am passed the word from Saint Germain with just as much joy and inner celebration of this contact that we today have with you, together all, just as you will soon be in different places on Earth. It will happen all over the world and groups of masters have now started to form that now naturally have reached frequencies high enough to be able to work together for the purpose they have in this ascension process.

You have often heard the number 144 000. As it looks today there are 120 000 ascended masters on Earth, incarnated angels and light beings. They come from dimensions higher than the fifth dimension and thus have a much easier time than others to transform the illusions of the ego and reach the fifth dimension and higher. They will work from a higher level of consciousness than the fifth dimension on Earth. This is because powerful masters as well as mothers and fathers as sources of inspiration will be needed when it is time for humanity to ascend out of a more tangible level.

This is San who is speaking. I am with Ashtar command and the three ships and I want to share a few words with you. Dear beautiful masters on Earth it is of utmost importance that you start to open your upper heart chakra, as this is the path to your full power and remembrance of who you really are.

Put your hand over your heart chakra and take in the feeling deeply and truthfully. When you feel completely in tune with it, then pull your hand slowly upwards and feel as to where it feels that you have your upper heart chakra. It is just above and you might feel it at first as an unpleasant place – many of you might get angry when you try to feel it in, as your light from there has been related during such a long time.

It is an incredibly vulnerable and subtle, but nevertheless powerful energy center in your energy body. Many of you might start to cry or maybe right away have a subtle feeling of remembering this – this that IS ALL. I ask you to daily make small circular movements over the heart chakra with the intention to open and heal it.

Joy comes from the higher heart chakra so when you feel the overwhelming joy that fills your whole being with the truth of unity you have started to open it up. However, naturally there will first come up stagnated energies and imbalances, but masters this is the path now for you reunion. I am with you, with the highest of ambitions to see you all become those you are meant to be this exciting time on Earth.

We are glad having made contact with you// San, Ashtar, Silverfleet, Arcturious Starship and….



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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