Love is our new reality

Ashtar and Sananda via Angel Skog, November 29th, 2020

Ashtar and Sananda via Angel Skog, November 29th, 2020


Be greeted dear friends.

This is Ashtar command.

And oh how happy I was to finally get through I stand here with Sananda by my side and overlook the fantastic process you are now in.

And we are pleased to announce that in the near future a new frequency will come down towards your mother earth.

It is a frequency that you have not been ready for before. But with the great events on your earth, and what you have dubbed Covid-19, many people have been shaken up and started their awakening.

The veils between the dimensions are no longer as heavy and specific between the third dimension, and the fifth dimension. This means that you are now more receptive to a higher frequency of light, which has now begun to be woven into the energy networks that pulsate around and throughout your mother earth and on to you, light workers and people on earth.

With this, you may experience an intensified time where unhealed emotional wounds are once again pressed against the surface. And you may feel despair, but dear earthlings, do not do this but realize that it is another layer that is now ready to see the light and heal in the love within you.

And this is how we guide you towards your ascension, one layer at a time, slowly and carefully, even if it is perceived as very intense for you, we do our best to make your ascension as comfortable a journey as possible.

Dear beautiful friends, our hearts sing for you.

Our love sings for you.

We overlook every step you take.

Every event on earth is overlooked by us.

Remember that no one can ever take your true nature away from you.

You are and remain love. Just like us, and everything else that exists.

Be greeted good friends // Ashtar and Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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