Love is our new reality

Quan Yin via Kjerstin Sisilla 30 November 2020


Quan Yin via Kjerstin Sisilla 30 November 2020


I, Quan Yin have more to say to you.

Do your best to live in the moment, in Joy. See the beautiful and feel in your heart what is happening behind the scenes.

Play with your children, spend time with your young people. Put your electronic equipment aside and let your inner life flourish. Avoid radiation from 5G and also 4G and 3G as much as possible. Be in nature as much as possible. Hug the trees, talk to the animals and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth.

When you go inward, into your beautiful heart instead of into your news flow, then you can take the opportunity to practice new skills. You can reach beloved Friends on or off the earth through telepathy. You can also work easier with both healing and a certain amount of magic.

Remember your strength, remember that you have done this during other lifetimes on Earth. Remember the love between you all Lightworkers and feel how new threads, new silver threads, are formed between you in every moment.

See you later.

With love.

Your Quan Yin




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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