Love is our new reality

Quan Yin (channeled messages)

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, March 3, 2021

Hello Dear Ones,

I am Quan Yin and I am so happy to be here today to send my message of LOVE TO YOU. Your world has been going through it’s ups and downs for over year now. As you learned by now that everything you got used to doesn’t exist or is not real anymore. The 3D Matrix is a hologram that reflects only the reality the Negative Ones set up for you to see.

What you are experiencing and perceiving it’s false and not the truth you deserve to know. What is the real truth? If you want to know what it is, then you need to connect to the essence of your being, and you will receive all the answers to your questions as you will get reconnected to the Universal Truth.

One the main truths that has been hidden from you for a long time is your origins and why you are here on this planet. The first reason all of you are here is to spread Love and Light and raise your consciousness to higher dimensions. The second one is you came here to help bring peace and happiness to Mother Gaia.

You can start now by sharing your Love with everyone. All of you are aware about so many people who are less fortunate than you, who do not always have food on their table, so help them as much as you can. The Dark Side wants you to hate each other and not care about this world at all. Especially, by not preserving your surroundings like Nature and Animal Kingdom. A lot of trees are constantly getting cut down and being destroyed, they give you the oxygen that you are breathing.

Please, practice gratitude by being grateful for all what you have and for all of the blessings you receive from Mother Earth. The list can be long as you learned through your life experiences on this planet, that you are very fortune and blessed no matter what has been happening around you

At this moment humanity is on the way to huge changes in their existence, you are going to ascend with your physical bodies, what you already knew about for awhile now. Please, focus on speeding up this process. Meditation is an essential part in your daily routine, it’s like water and bread.

Remember, I am here to give you my Blessings and Love. Humankind is not alone, millions of beings are sending their Light and Love to Terra Christa. Love is the highest energy and the most positive one you can experience. Let’s practice when you have spare time to express Love to each other, it’s going to help all of you move closer to your Ascension. So much is occurring around your world, now is the best time to be here on Earth as you are going to see a complete change of your reality.

Such wonderful and blissful days are coming to the human consciousness, the complete transformation from oppressive and chaotic 3D reality to the freedom and harmony of 5th dimension. The Light is winning a long and dreadful battle with the Darkness. We are going to celebrate together The Golden Age on Gaia.

I am Quan Yin and I am so joyful to be here and delivery my Love and Light to all of you. Never forget that you are Divine Beings of Light, let your hearts heal humanity and Mother Christa with the Power of Love.

Stay in Gratitude and Light
Quan Yin

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, October 4th, 2020


I am Quan Yin and I am always happy to share my wisdom with humanity. As all of you know, your on the way to your Ascension. To help you with the process, I am going to talk to you today about how we handle the truth. I am aware that humankind has difficulty to accept or hear the truth, especially negative truth.
I noticed that as soon as anyone is completely honest with someone, what kind of reaction do they usually get, a negative one, they are not going to see that person again, he or she runs away from them. Why is so? Humanity as a collective or as an individual has a hard time listening to the truth. How can you progress as a civilization, if you can’t handle hearing the truth.
Usually, a person who expresses sincerity here, it’s always for a reason, to help you to move ahead in your spiritual growth. Human beings react to it, too severely by running away from it, instead of listening and trying to understand, why it was said to them in the first place, they try to get away from it as far as possible.
Most of the time, instead of learning from the experience, you get very upset about it and walk away from the person, who voiced it to you. How are you going to ascend, if you can’t process a little truth, imagine how much information is going to come out before the end of Ascension Process. A lot of it is going to be not pretty and it will be overwhelming to handle, if you are not prepared for it.
Please, remember the truth is not criticism, in most cases it’s said to help you see what you don’t notice yourself and to expand your consciousness.
I am Quan Yin, during my time on Mother Earth, I heard a lot of truthfulness from my Masters, during those old times, when I was here, nobody was gentle and polite with you, when they were telling what you were doing wrong. I gained a lot of wisdom from my Masters, and I am very grateful for what I learned.
You need to remember, it’s always said to you by someone who loves you or cares about you. A stranger would never bother themself to express to you the truth. I would recommend for you to be humble, appreciative and be respectful during those moments, even if it’s hard to hear it, instead of being defensive and angry.
This is the right time to learn on how to listen and process the truth, trust me in the future a lot of information is going to come out, most of it will be negative and shocking. I would suggest for you to start learning now on how to be around honesty, instead of reacting to it in a very negative way, just please, listen with your heart and not with your ego. The heart accepts genuineness unconditionally with love and not with anger or resistance.
Our heart and our soul always want to learn something new, our ego only wants to be in control and it doesn’t like to hear or accept the truth. It’s very arrogant and selfish, it only wants to be in charge of you and it doesn’t have any interest in your spiritual development. Everyone needs to use their own discernment from their soul on how to face and absorb the real truth in a calm and a peaceful manner.
I am Quan Yin and I am giving to you this information, so you need to be happy that someone really cares about you by trying to help you to move forward, instead of being stock and reacting negatively to the truth that comes from the heart. Humility needs to be on the surface of your being in order to accept truthfulness and to be grateful for someone in your life who has concern about your wellbeing.
It takes a lot of practice to master it. Trust me, it’s well worth it to know, on how to deal with hearing the truth without strongly reacting to it. All of you are moving to 5D, so you want to leave behind this Matrix and all the problems of 3D life. Start practicing humility and be open to receive spiritual truth or any truth that is here to teach you a lesson and help you in your spiritual advancement by not overactive to it.

I am Quan Yin and I am happy to share with you this message. I am sending my love, serenity and prosperity to all of you. Thank you

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, May 29th, 2020

I am Quan Yin and I am happy to be back. It has been a while since my message has been channeled by my favorite channel.
A lot of things changed in the world, you have been closed up in your homes for two in a half months now, and everyone experienced this on the whole planet, in every country. Now, your slowly are coming back to your life, but it doesn’t seem the same. The world looks the same, but it doesn’t feel the same, life has changed since you were staying at home. The energies are different and your feeling different, and the reason is your were still moving towards Ascension as you were doing before even during these chaos times. The process continued to move forward, and you are now more awake than ever, and a lot of you are becoming awake and conscious of surroundings.
I want to talk to you about, what are the basics you need to do for yourself. You should start to feel and explore, who you really are as a person inside, on the soul level. Start questioning why you are here and the answers will come to you. All of the Ascended Masters, including myself, we are all helping you here to get ready for your Ascension from 3D to 5D. I already spoke about Ascension in my previous channeling. Today, I would like to mostly focus on your progression since the day, I spoke to you last time.
As I mentioned before, many of you are becoming more conscious and are questioning your government about, why are they taking your rights away. They always did, but you never paid attention, your were too busy running around and taking care of your families, going to work and you never had a minute to sit down and breath. Now, you had two in a half months to sit, breath and reflect on your life and question why your life is the way it is. The reason is, some of you know now, you never really had a life, because you were always in a survival mode, you never really lived your life to the fullest, somebody was always telling you or directing you were to go or what to do.
As you know, I am here to support you and help you to see who you are and guide you through this process. The first question you should ask yourself is why are you here, all of you came here to help Earth and Humanity to move to the next stage in their evolution, but this happened many years ago and you end up being stuck here, because your souls would not leave this planet. They were forced to reincarnate, life after life. This is going to stop and your not going to be reincarnating life after life here on Earth because a lot of you are Starseeds, Light Warriors, Light Workers and etc. Your going to go and do other projects like helping with other planets in the galaxy or your going to just stay on your own planet and continue to live your life the way you want to, not being forced and told how to live your life.
I would like to suggest for you to start feeling and expressing gratitude for simple things in your life, especially during these uncertain times. Like being grateful for nature, for having food on your table, and for having a job, even if you don’t like your job at this moment, but a moment will come when you will be enjoying what your doing, because you will be able to choose what you want to do in your new reality, with each day that passes your new reality is appearing more and more on the horizon, where all your dreams will come true.
For now, I would recommend for you to start meditating, what has been mentioned by every Ascended Master, because that would give you some insight on who you are and what is your mission here. Most of you came here to help and take this planet to a higher dimension and help the humans on Mother Earth to evolve and become Galactic Humans, so they would be accepted to The Galactic Federation, not yet, but the time is coming.
I ask for all of you to please, start being gentle to each other, forgiving each other and don’t fight with each other about little things, be kind and help others who have less than you. How can you help them you ask, if they don’t have food just share with them your food, if they don’t have clothes, give them your clothes. I know that you have too many clothes, all of you don’t need all these things, but some people will be grateful, when you hand them some of your clothes.
I am Quan Yin, I would like for you to start living as one consciousness, to get united with each other, and stop looking and finding excuses to fight with each other about small things, they really don’t matter. The Negative Side is always trying to divide you and have you fighting with each other about everything, because they know once you stop fighting with each other and come together as one big family, one consciousness you will change this world to a new reality to 5D reality, where they will not be able to live and survive in the high vibration of unconditional love on Mother Gaia. The only thing that matters is the future, the good future, in the moment you fight now or you disagree or feel abandoned by somebody, everything is just temporary and meaningless, because when you get to the new stage of your life, it will be in The New Golden Age. Then you will have everything what you need and there will be nothing missing in your life, so please focus on your spiritual growth, by studying spiritual books and finding out what spirituality means, basically start finding balance in your life.
After having your life stopped abruptly by your government for two in a half months, you had plenty of time to think about things, and you have now some idea what you like to do, like being able to go outside, when you want to and not to be told by your government when you can go outside. A lot of people started spending time outdoors, they want to get away and get a break from the gloom and doom atmosphere of the news media on television, and from all the problems the government leaders created with this showdown. Go outside now, it’s spring now, a beautiful time of the year, enjoy the outdoors, breath nice fresh air and connect with nature, go and hug the trees, they are very bright and have a lot of history and seen a lot, they can share with you some wisdom or listen to the birds, look at the sun or just sit on the grass and enjoy the fresh smell of grass. Let nature surround you with the atmosphere of peace and harmony and feed your soul, feel the love of Mother Gaia in your heart.
It’s about simplicity in life, it’s not about materialistic or other things in your life, they don’t have any meaning, the only meaning you have is who you are as a spiritual being and what you can share with the world and how you can help the world heal, you know yourselves that world is in a lot of pain right now. A lot of people lost their jobs, some of them don’t have anything, because they didn’t have much even before the government close them down and kept them at home. They lost everything they had, they spent all their money and all their little savings they had, so please start looking around and see if any of your neighbors or anyone you know need your help, if they need your help, help them anyway you can. A little gesture of kindness will make a big difference in someones life, they will feel hopeful and loved that someone actually cares about them during these tough times. Let communities help and take care of each other. You know by now that your government doesn’t care about the people at all, you have to wait many weeks or even months to receive the little help they send, which usually doesn’t even cover all of the basic needs.
I am here to unite you, I am here to bring the peace and harmony, I always loved looking at nature, enjoying peace, serenity and balance when I was here on Earth. I was always hoping that one day the world would have that and that it would come to Earth, but it’s taking much longer than I expected too. This is why, I decided to comeback and be channeled, because I want to help by giving you hope and by guiding and supporting you. I am always with you, if you ask for my presence, I will connect with you, you just ask and say my name and I will come and join you. You know what my favorite flower is, so if you see that flower, you can always touch that flower and I will appear by your side.
I don’t need to tell you, you know my favorite flower is Lotus, it always represents me who I am and it always will. The same thing I see in you, I see you as beautiful light beings, who decided to come here to help others to evolve, and it’s time to move to the next level of Ascension. This process already moved more ahead since the last time I spoke with you and it continues to push forward. Many things are taking place behind the scenes and you know that yourselves, you can feel it that something is changing in the world and the world is becoming different.
One thing you probably noticed there were no wars or disagreements during these 2 in a half months, there was no pollution either, there were no planes flying around, which pollute a lot. There were less cars on the road and less people too and nature responded right away, it showed beauty,  grace and start breathing and being beautiful again, because it could finally rest and recover. Nobody was torturing her or constantly cutting her, everyone was at home and nature got revived. The same thing happened with the air, it became fresh and clean, no pollution, the sky became blue and the oceans became cleaner. This is amazing just in 2 in a half months what the nature can do on it’s own.
If nature can do all this on it’s own in just few months, imagine what people can do when they unite and become one consciousness, one love. You can change your world starting with simple things, by helping others to appreciate and enjoy simple pleasures in their life, like having food on the table, a place to sleep and having a job, so please help each other. Don’t look at each like your enemies, you are all the same, your one consciousness, one soul, one big family, one big happy universal family. Remember dear ones, love is universal, it has no boundaries or limits, expressing love should be as natural and beautiful as watching flowers blooming in the spring time.
Please be kind and love each other, protect and respect each other, the same way as I respect all of you. I was very grateful to be here today and I send you my message of love, hope and encouragement to all of you.
Thank you, I am Quan Yin and I will be back again.

Kwan Yin via Adele Arini, March 15th, 2020

Trusting The Universe – Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

Beloved brothers and sisters,

This is, Kwan Yin, your Sister in Love.

Adele is channeling for & communicating with me for the very first time in this particular lifetime and we are in the middle of getting wonderfully reconnected once more.

For those of you here who do not know who I am, I am known by many in the spiritual circle as an Ascended Master who represents the Divine Feminine; a soul who represents the following benevolent, loving, God-virtues of: Mercy and Compassion.

With the last powerful message from Sananda (titled: ‘How to create miracles – Part 1’), there is a need to balance His Divine Masculine energies, with my own – so that Harmony is achieved once more.

Members of Adele’s previous groups had learnt that I am a member of the Karmic Board; in charge of overseeing the evolutionary developments of ALL embodied souls currently on Earth. And as such, there are many things that I would like to share with all of you here today.

Now that Earth has recently crossed the threshold of the 5th Dimension, it is important for all of you to learn, right now, how to operate in the new ‘operating system’ your planet has adopted. Complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws is therefore a must, for chelas who are serious and committed to successfully Ascending in this lifetime.

Much of what is currently happening on planet Earth right now, is caused by a greater movement that we, your higher-dimensional friends, would classify as the ‘Re-balancing of Karma’. The world is in for many big surprises, loved ones.

Shocking revelations will soon be the norm, and, there will be many breakdowns of long-established organizations, groups, beliefs/programmings, power structures, that may potentially create chaos, confusion, fear or unease.

It is time for all of you to ‘hold on to your seats’ and prepare yourselves even more thoroughly, as things are going to get ‘interesting’.

You need to look at these future events, never from the perspective of fear, instead, simply adopt the naturally Harmonious/Calm/Peaceful attitude that is your Higher Self.

There is a magnificent, God-Spark within your Higher Heart chakra, that is (secretly perhaps, *laughed) completely enjoying & loving every single minute of this thrilling journey you are on!

Your I AM Presence perfectly knows, that you are in for a very fun roller-coaster ride!

Is there anyone here who has never been on a real roller-coaster ride before?

When you have chosen to go on this ride (perhaps to tag along with your friends/loved ones) to experience how it feels, how the ride will go, will completely depend on your attitude going into it.

If you go into it filled with excitement and anticipation – fully knowing the course that lies ahead will be full of ups and downs, sometimes you will be veering to the left, sometimes the right; all done in frighteningly high speed – the ride will truly become a very thrilling, amazing ride of your life! You will know without a doubt, although at times it can be a bit scary, it is also a completely safe experience that will be over soon enough, and there is nothing left to do except for you to focus on simply: enjoying the experience!

However loved ones, if you were to go into the ride, filled with overwhelming fear or dread – trust me when I say that every single moment of that ride will feel excruciating to you. Whilst you are riding the roller coaster, the entire journey will feel as though it is never-ending.

Your senses will be giving you all sorts of alarms (physical, mental and emotional), coming from the adrenaline rush secreted by your stress hormones – when you are in the middle of this nerve-racking ride. The people around you who had chosen to go on the same ride will often be screaming loudly; adding to your stress and elevating your blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels.

During the ride, you may even question your sanity, for having chosen to go on this ride in the first place, and you may even come to regret having made this decision.

And when the ride is over, we often observed that this second group of people would usually feel extremely ill from the entire experience. They would usually suffer from adverse physical side effects that no one ever wished to have. These people were not ready to have a roller-coaster life experience, and yet, they had forced themselves to do so, completely ignoring their initial instincts.

You have to realize dear friends, that people do not (normally) choose to ride on roller coasters all the time, every day, 365 days a year. Most adults may go on it, on average, maybe just once in a lifetime (from our observation coming from the entire human collective). They would go on a roller coaster ride just for the thrill; the rush, and once it was experienced, most would choose not to go on it again.

And in much the same way, living on an Ascending planet will soon feel similar to going on this roller coaster ride.

You are already here. That means pre-birth you had chosen to be here, precisely because you wished to go on this amazing ride.

Your attitude and perspective when the ride is about to start, will determine whether or not this adventure will be a thrilling, enjoyable ride that you will always treasure the memory of, or, a scary, completely terrifying ride that will leave you feeling so misaligned with your Higher Self, during the entire experience.

Younger souls now embodied on planet, who are ascending (from lower to higher dimensions) for the very first time, make up approximately 50% of the ascending Human Collective. The other 50% are highly-evolved souls who have gone through the process of descending and ascending for too many times to count, as part of their loving service to Source; to ALL in existence.

However, in general, once a soul has successfully experienced Ascension, this soul will usually proceed to choose higher dimensional existences, more often than not – evolving even higher up the dimensional ladder.

This means loved ones, the majority of members of higher dimensional civilizations out there in this Universe, had gone through the thrill; the rush of Ascension process (from lower to higher dimensions) only once. And once they did, most would not choose to do it again, as once was challenging enough.

All of you here reading this message today, came from the group of souls who had felt highly excited and completely ready about participating in this thrilling Ascension ride.

You came into your physical body, with great anticipation of everything that you are about to experience from this rare opportunity that had been granted to you! You are all here to bring about greater soul expansion and growth for Self, and many came equipped with individual missions to help a great number of embodied souls so they can successfully ascend.

This means beloved friends, whenever things are getting too challenging and the world may even feel like it is going completely out of control, you need to simply tune in to the ever-peaceful, ever-serene, all confident, all powerful God-Self that lives within you to successfully ‘tune out’ all the fears; all the stress and anxiety engulfing the entire planet.

This is a simple matter of energetic frequency, beloved hearts.

Tuning in to the energy of Peace vs. tuning in to the energy of Fear/Chaos, is as simple as grabbing a remote control, and changing the channel on your TV, or on your radio.

Do you wish to tune in to the super-loud, broadcast of Fear on the 3D ‘TV’ channel, or, the super peaceful, amazing, enjoyable, fun, memorable broadcast of Love, Magic, Miracles and Mastery on the 5D ‘TV’ channel?

For when you are watching the Fear-based TV channel, you cannot be simultaneously watching the Love-based TV channel as well, in your ways of Be-ing.

In much the same way, when you choose to adopt a higher consciousness of Love, Light, Harmony, Mastery, Magic & Miracles, you are perfectly blocking out your ‘TV channel ‘to everything that is of the polar opposite energetic frequencies.

All that is lower vibrational will be naturally, automatically repelled off of you as you only attract people, circumstances, events, that mirror your attained, higher vibrational nature.

Adele and many members of her previous groups had done very fun exercises together.

Back then, she was teaching her members how to channel.

Adele provided them with 10 exercises where they needed to access their intuition and open up their communication channels with their Higher Selves/spirit teams. As most of her members were, at that moment, still in the process of mastering their natural channeling abilities, all of them got most of their answers wrong.

However, there was a powerful realization to be had, from this very much successful experience!

The members had personally felt and experienced (remember, that true learning can only come about through firsthand, real-life experiences) how powerful the thoughts, the emotions, and the actions were, coming from the groups’ collective!

Within the small setting of Adele’s groups, everyone observed that most of the time, the answers they got were wrong, however, the key to remember here is: the majority actually got the same wrong answers. This means that everyone in the groups participating in these exercises, was energetically tuning into each other’s vibrations, subconsciously influencing each other’s choices, that then resulted in them choosing mostly the same wrong answers.

Everyone learned through direct experience how powerful the vibrations coming from the Collective truly are, in influencing their own decision-making processes.

If a group of approximately only 10 people could powerfully affect each other that much, imagine how a massive group of approximately 7 bilions people on Planet Earth are constantly influencing your vibrations, every day.

And if the entire Human Collective were to undergo massive, even shocking, life-changing experiences that will change the life of ALL in existence, (such as the current pandemic), how are you going to successfully handle that with grace and ease?

What are your plans, so that you don’t get swept up in the ‘craze’; in the possible chaos, panic or disorder, that the Ascension process may soon bring?

We are not trying to scare you here, loved ones.

We (your higher dimensional friends) will of course be doing our very best to ensure that the future timeline the Human Collective will end up choosing will be the safest, the least rocky, the most peaceful, and the brightest path filled wit ease and grace.

However, our well-meaning and caring intentions alone are definitely not enough.

We need your active collaboration, since we are not the ones in physicality, going through this ascension process right now. We need you to choose this most favorable future timeline, and thus, we need you to actively, and consistently act as our powerful Light-Love, Love-Light agents on the ground.

Thus effectively creating and manifesting this most favorable timeline for yourselves!

We need you, our Light-workers – leaders of the Ascension movement – to powerfully, and continuously broadcast Love, Peace, Light, Miracles, Magic, Mastery & Oneness on your own individual 5D Channel, 24/7!

So that more and more ascending souls, within the Human Collective, can easily tune in to your powerful 5D Channel, instead of the other one!

For there is nothing more powerful than the energies of Love, Peace, Harmony & Oneness combined.

Beloved Adele had just created and manifested her first two miracles today. She had successfully gone over from just thinking and believing with all her heart that she is God, to actually: be-ing the God I AM. This breakthrough came after walking past a certain invisible threshold where all the hard work she had done thus far, had borne a set of two fruits, in her Cornucopia basket! And with this proof of real-life success, her confidence levels in being able to easily create miracles had now shot through the roof!

She had come to a profound realization that everything Sananda had taught all of you here, in that last message about creating miracles, was nothing but the highest Truth – perfect, golden information; Light-coded only for those who are ready to devotedly apply the 5 Fundamental Rules consistently in their lives!

Nothing will hold her back now. Just like nothing will be holding you back after you also arrive at the state of realisation/higher consciousness required, to successfully create and manifest your own miracles!

We have said often recently that the very air you are breathing in right now, is currently magnificently ‘charged’ with the energy of miracles, and, with the overflowing abundance of every good thing physical life on Earth has to offer.

The question now becomes, ‘are you now tuned in to this Abundance Channel, loved ones, or, its polar-opposite Channel?’

Full comprehension, thorough understanding and, easy practical application of the 5 rules Sananda had mentioned, will soon come easily enough for all of you here.

Practice makes perfect.

Adele’s miraculous manifestation experiences, can be likened to the following parable:

There once lived a blind man. He had been blind since birth and had never lived to see the sky, sun, trees, ocean or flowers. He was always surrounded by people who tried their best to describe to him, all the glorious beauty of Mother Earth that he had never gotten to see.

And then, one day, he encountered a wise guru. This guru, with his overflowing love and compassion, decided to grant the blind man’s request and helped to perfectly heal his eyes.

Now that this blind man could finally see for himself all the majestic splendor of Nature, he came to a powerful realization that everything that people had previously told him about Gaia’s bounty was true!

Now that the heavy frustration of not being able to see was permanently gone, he realized that his blindness i.e. his lack of sight, and, his lack of real-life experiences of being able to see the beauty himself, had rendered him completely unable to fully trust, nor fully comprehend, the words and descriptions of Gaia’s splendor those people had kindly shared with him in their stories.

After all, seeing is believing isn’t it?

Or more accurately, personally experiencing such splendor himself, is believing.

Such is the case for all of you here reading this today. You need to personally experience a ‘breakthrough’ in your understanding. You are now fully equipped & ready for such a breakthrough yourself – if you had read Sananda’s last message – to then truly be the God I AM that you already are, experientially.

Ask your Higher Self to guide and help you in understanding what pieces of your jigsaw puzzles are still missing. Sometimes the Truth can be staring right at you, in full view of someone else and you maybe completely missing it, due to any existing blinders still set in place; ultimately blocking you from ever seeing the Truth.

Loved ones, it is time for you to trust your Higher Self – the God I AM within – all the more fully.

Trusting your Higher Self is equivalent to trusting the Universe to always provide you with all that you need.

As the Universe is simply a vast playground, within the Kingdom of Heaven, that your own I AM knows inside out.

Earth has always been in Heaven, and Heaven has always been on Earth, but the majority of Human Collective had been blind to this Higher Truth that has always been staring at them in the face.

The very first step to mastering the Art of Creating Miracles is: to learn how to relax and be constantly at peace, and, in constant harmony with ALL in existence.

You must be able to feel the Cosmic Peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind – the Peace that can only be felt in your heart and in every part of your body. Even, or, most especially when life (i.e. the people/world around you) is very determined to bring you down to a lower-vibrational state of being, on a daily basis.

Isn’t now the perfect, literally Heaven-sent, opportunity for all of you to display your mastery, dear ones?

Only in times of great chaos/adversity, the heroes in many of your fictional/real-life stories, were then ‘forced’ by circumstances to display their great strength, valour and wisdom -> to ‘win the game’ and, come out victorious over all of the limiting conditions they had found themselves in.

When the energies of Cosmic Peace & Harmony are permanently attained within you; when complete trust and acceptance of your Divine Birthright become second nature to you; when Love has become your Way of Life, that is when your Cornucopia will be overflowing with God’s miraculous gifts that are perfect just for you.

Remain calm, loving, joyful, patient, and always be compassionate, beloved Masters.

For most of you here reading this, maintaining this higher-vibrational state of being has now become so easy and effortless; so second-nature.

You, loved ones, are the ones currently holding the space; allowing for humanity’s great Awakening & Purification phase to occur with greater ease and grace.

You are our living & breathing 5D portals – vibrationally guiding ALL ascending souls on Earth so that they can successfully complete their own journeys back Home.

Home to the God-Self, and, the Heaven within.

With all our love & devotion,

Kwan Yin

Channeled by Adele Arini.

Copyright 2020 – Raphael’s Healing Space.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, March 1st, 2020

I am Quan Yin, I am pleased to be here.
Today I want to talk about Ascension, what does Ascension means. We all know that this planet and humanity are going to ascend. The planet will ascend with the human race or without, she is ready to move on to the new dimension 5D. The dimension where she can be free from being abused, tortured and not being appreciated. Humanity needs to catch up with her, she is already ascending and almost there. The people on this planet need to understand what Ascension is. Ascension means that you are not leaving your body like before, where everyone who left this planet, they left their physical body behind. This time for the first time ever in the Galaxy, this planet and the human beings on the planet will be ascending with their physical bodies. This why so many energies are coming to Earth to help humanity raise their consciousness and their vibrations. Still a lot of people are asleep even these energies didn’t wake them up. They need to understand that if they don’t catch up, they will be left behind in this 3D reality.
The new reality the Golden Age of Gaia is coming and nobody can’t stop it. The Negative Ones who have been trying to stop it for a very long time will not be able this time. Ascension will happen no matter what. Humanity needs to understand what Ascension really is. Ascension is leaving behind this illusionary reality that they have been living for many years. The reality that was all based on lies, which was not real and moving to 5D means going to a completely new reality where everything is based on love, respect, abundance and happiness. There is no poverty, no wars, and no disturbances, it’s only peace and harmony. This where the humankind is going.
Meantime, they need try to adjust to new energies and raise their vibration daily by meditation. I mentioned in my previous message, it’s very important to unite and do meditations in groups, it will help to raise vibrations quicker, and it’s much easier than doing by yourself. I am looking forward to the New Age of Mother Gaia and Humanity. The age where will be only blissful happiness and a blissful reality, where everyone will be creating and manifesting love and light to the rest of Galaxy. The Galaxy and the rest of civilizations have been waiting for a long time to see what is happening on this planet now and they are here to help and assist with ascension. They are always here removing any obstacles, which would interfere with humanity and planet Earth Ascension.
I was grateful to be here.
Thank you
I am sending my love to all of you
I am Quan Yin and I will be back again.

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, January 28, 2020

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez | January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020

Greetings, My beloved ones

I am Quan Yin and I am coming through a new channel, who I was waiting for a very long time to be channeled by. I am very pleased to be channeled and I would like to share few things. My preference is not to overwhelm my new channel, she is still in the process of becoming a much stronger channeler, so I would like to say few things today. One of them is that I am pleased to be here and to be able to channel. I would like to express my gratitude and my love to both of you for letting me come through, as I am not channeled a lot, as you know, so I am hoping this will become my permanent channel for now, and I will be able to share some messages.

My first message to humanity is that humanity needs to wake up and start to do their work. First of all, they need to meditate on a daily basis and to enlighten each other by sharing the knowledge and information they have with each other, and to encourage each other to go on the ascension path, because we can’t do the ascension work for them. We can only guide humanity, and humanity needs to understand and be prepared for all the obstacles they will need to overcome during the ascension process.

One of them is to admit and recognize that they need to let go of their ego and start living from the heart. A lot of people who channel during meditation use their heart mind. We call it heart because this one of most important chakras. A lot of people still don’t even feel their heart, they don’t know what that means to them. They always say that they are living from the heart, but most of the time they are not, because their emotions are so numbed that they don’t even know who they are. They are powerful beings who are asleep and need to wake up and start doing their work, because we can only guide them and we are not planning to do the work for them. This is why it’s so important to start doing small steps like getting together in small groups or sending messages to each other and enlighten each other, because it’s time. The year 2020 is going to be an important year, a lot of things will be happening in nature, politics and in galaxy too.

I would like to say that I am very please to be here, but I am starting to feel that my channel is getting tired, so for now I will be leaving, but I will be back with more. This is just my first time trial, trying this new channel and see how she can handle the channeling.

Greetings, my love to all of you and I will be back. I am Quan Yin and I was very happy to be here. Thank you.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Quan Yin via Kathleen, December 4th, 2019

Quan Yin ~ Compassion Versus Pity/Self-Pity

Quan Yin ~ Compassion versus Pity/Self-Pity

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Kathleen [not Willis] from her recent personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Quan Yin: Greetings, I am Quan Yin.

Kathleen: Hi, Quan Yin!

QY: Welcome, for, yes, you have beckoned to me as I have beckoned to you. Understand, sweet one, that we have not halted on this sharing and riding of my beloved dragon!

So climb up here with me so that we may have a very clear perspective, not merely on your City of Light [Denver], not merely on your City of Light circle which is phenomenal and growing at the speed of light and the speed of love, but let us have this cosy conversation about you, about your being, about your life, about the wonder of being alive.

And that is what I wish to congratulate you on. You have made the transition from burden, from a false sense of responsibility, from a sense of enormous soul exhaustion, of feeling that you could never do enough, which was of course incorrect. Yes, I do not mince my words!

And now you have come to the place where you are truly in the joy of being alive – and not merely of being alive but of thriving in this physical vessel, in this beautiful woman that we call Kathleen.

This journey of transformation, both of your sacred self and of the entire planet, cannot be done without this level of transformation – without a level of excitement and exuberance about, quite literally, the joy of being alive.

It is not about carrying the burden basket. Oh, there are times when you will help one another and carry a basket for a while, until you decide that it is really tiresome or cumbersome, and simply place it by the wayside where it belongs.

But it is the joy, it is the excitement, not only of what lies ahead, but what today – what every minute of every hour of every day – is about.

Now I am not suggesting that you are constantly on a high, but I am suggesting a sense of wellbeing, a sense of knowing, of expanded knowing, of compassion and mercy for those who do not know.

And let me be very clear. Compassion and mercy may have a thread of tolerance, but compassion and mercy are not tolerance.

Yes, it is a thread of patience, it is a thread of tolerance, but understand – what you do with compassion is you understand the situation, the compilation of what you, yourself, or another, or the collective is faced with. You do not assume it. You do not reinforce it. You do not give it permission to continue as is.

It is the sending, the holding of the vibratory higher rate that says, “Yes, I understand, I witness,” not I engage, not I participate. “I witness and then we go forth – and I will lend you my arm, my shoulder, my leg, my knee, my energy that we may go forth together in the unity of One, of the knowing of love, of joy, and of creation.”

Compassion does not mean that you are going to go and sit in the mud pot with somebody else – unless it is a choice that is incredibly fun!

K: Right!

QY: So, yes, as the channel has said, there is a collective rejection – and you, beloved one – rejection of what we would call ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Now let us speak of this because this is a core issue of humanity. It is this, yes… I am the Goddess of Mercy, but I am not the goddess of mincing words!


K: I love that about you!

QY: So, too often… and I preface what I say… there is true, horrid, terrible anathema of circumstances that many on your planet face. That is why the Mother and I have asked of thee, for example, to pray for Syria, to pray for Yemen, to pray for those that are literally in such oppressive regimes that they do not have food, they do not have shelter, they do not have any form of medical attention.

These are truly the circumstances that require compassion and upliftment and the sending of healing energy. So I preface what I say by not pretending that there are not many ills still upon this beautiful Gaia planet of such beauty.

But there has been an addiction on the part of many to this sense of what we will call ‘self-pity’ – yes, we have never talked about this, but now is the time – and it is the time because now the humans, the hybrids, the angelics are prepared to deal with this. So I bring this to the attention not only of you, sweet one, but of your circle as well.

Now, in this addiction of self-pity is the underlying result of self-defeat – and you and no one, in an oppressive regime or a luxurious penthouse, none wish for self-defeat, not consciously and even not unconsciously. That does not mean that self-defeating behaviours do not occur. They do, but mostly they will often stem from this, yes, fear, frustration, anger – which are simply other names for fear – and from this sense of self-pity.

Self-pity is also into the old paradigm of lack. It is self-effacement, but it is not in the sense of humility. It is in the sense of diminishing the power, the divine authority, the divine right of oneself. So how it works is: “I feel… I believe myself… that I am impoverished, I am less-than,” and that can take an entire spectrum of opinions or false beliefs about oneself.

Now what happens in that is that then you give yourself excuses: “Well, I feel that I am impoverished,” or “I am ill,” or “I am less-than, and I feel sorry for myself.” And feeling sorry for yourself is very different from having compassion for yourself – or feeling sorry for somebody else is very different from having compassion.

So what this does is give yourself permission to feel, to behave, to act in accordance with that opinion, that false belief, in ways that are less-than – and that is not the new paradigm.

That is not the new paradigm of Nova Earth, of New You, or of this planet and City of Light that you are co-creating.

Now the reason I bring this to the forefront is because, as a group, you are also working on setting the new paradigm. So when you address this, and when you give each other the permission to point it out and to address it individually, collectively, one-on-one or one-on-twenty, it matters not. So it allows you.

Now how do you do this?

You can make it a melodrama, which is indeed extremely boring and extremely ineffective, or you can look at it not in a chiding manner but in a way of humour – when you can look at it and say, “Whoops, there I go again,” as if you literally are sliding down the tail of the dragon and about to bump on the ground!

When you look at it that way, you begin to not only support yourself and each other, you begin to bring to consciousness this unconscious, semi-conscious, and sometimes very conscious reality and you simply begin to re-pattern. No one, in the truth of their own divinity, wants to feel less-than or in the paradigm of self-pity or self-defeat.

So this is something that I would encourage all of you to spend some time looking at. Because what you are saying not only to Denver, not only to Colorado, what you are declaring across Gaia and far beyond to your Star brothers and sisters is that we are not to be defeated. We are up to the task at hand.

And, yes, we do so with deep, profound compassion for what is truly horrendous. And it can be a momentary horrendous or a very large horrendous, but we will take it and we will transform it – and we will do so by altering our behaviours, our belief systems, and how we view and interact with one another.

So is this clear?

K: Yes! I’ll need to listen to it a couple of times as you’ve said so much, but I do understand exactly what you’re saying about there being a difference between compassion and pity. I couldn’t agree more. I was thinking that I’d kind of lost my compassion towards some people, but I think that it’s more… that it just doesn’t feel appropriate any more to be that way….

QY: When you are pitying – and let us take the situation in the Middle East – when you are pitying, you believe that you are putting salve on the wounds… mental/emotional/spiritual and most certainly physical. And there is a moment, of course, when the person receiving the pity wants it because they are crying out in agony, and they want that agony to be acknowledged.

But pity remaining as pity does not help. Because what you do with compassion is you acknowledge the divinity in yourself and in the other being, whether it is an individual or a collective, and you say, “This is awful and we can correct it, we can transmute it, we can elevate it, we can shift it.”

So you move from that moment of conjoining in pity right into compassion. Because to stay in pity is to simply say, “This is hopeless and there is nothing to be done about it,” and that simply is not true. That is not of the creation of Nova Earth.

Many think that I am somewhat of a tyrant Goddess [chuckling] and nothing could be further from the truth. But when I speak with the clarity, what I truly do is to address you, all of you, in the wholeness of your divinity, and I express my wisdom in knowing what you are truly capable of.

Does that mean I will not shield you from harm or danger? Of course I do, continually. But do I know what you are here for and what you are totally capable of? I most certainly do. And I do not only herald that knowing; I support you in every way in this endeavour of upliftment.

Go with my love.

K: Thank you, Quan Yin. This is wonderful and I so appreciate you coming through.

QY: You are welcome, sweet one. I am with you.

K: I’ll meet with you on the dragon!

QY: Yes, you are! And that is your frustration. Sometimes you say, “Can we not move a little quicker?”

K: Yes! [Laughing] I feel that frustration, but I don’t know why…

QY: Because you see the light and the beauty of what lies ahead.

K: Oh good, because I do, yes! I’m ready to move!

QY: Yes, you are! Farewell, my sweet one.

K: Farewell, Quan Yin. I love you.

QY: And I love you, daughter of my heart.

Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak, August 10th, 2019

Consciousness is Shifting for all Beings | Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

Consciousness is Shifting for All Beings

Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

This message is a global service ignition by Quan Yin.

She suggests sitting in consciousness while you read and allowing the energies to move thru you into a support system for the Earth:

“Levels of Consciousness are shifting for all beings right now. There are channels of energy that are moving thru everyone’s bodies. There are channels that are sharing themselves into and thru this message. There are people who want to share these powers in connection to Source. There are many beings that are sharing these energies. Let us transform each other in this power structure. Let us share this transformation together. Let us manage these powers, in connection to Source, and celebrate this transformation in every experience. Let that be what is occurring here.

Let it be simple now. Let your body transform the Earth. Let your transformation easily occur. Let everyone have this transformation completely occurring. Let you be that transformation. Let everyone’s hearts be transformed completely into Source connection. Let that be what is happening in everyone’s bodies.

You are that transformation. You are the enlightened support structure that is enlightening the Earth. You are the management of this power. You are the transformation occurring in everyone’s bodies. That is what is occurring right now. Let that be what is occurring in every heart on this Earth. Share this transformation. Share the powers. Let the support come thru to you. Let your way of being shift. Say yes to all of this; to the many levels of consciousness shifting you. Saying yes to all of this is saying yes to the management of the power.

There is delight in this structure. Say yes to this transformation completely occurring all of the time. Do that today. And notice the shift in your body. Notice the beingness that you are, giving itself into this Earth experience. Notice the shift. That is consciousness. That is enlightened support. That is the beingness that everyone is creating in themselves at this time. Say yes to that.

It is NOW that we create this shift. You are the magnificent support that is occurring in the Earth experience. Notice the shift. Do you see yourself in this power? Thank you! Let it all fill you up…let is share itself thru you. Thank the Gods for this transformation. And let it all continuously occur, in all being’s bodies. Thank you. Give it to yourself. Let it all channel thru you. And allow it to continuously occur. Amma. Good job, dear ones! Thank you for all of this power. And let it all share itself in your body. YES YES YES to all this power…Amma!

And tell everyone this power is occurring in their bodies; that they are magnificent in their powers, that they channel energy continuously, and that every person on this planet in continuously accelerating. Amma. Good job! It is occurring! It is accelerating! It is transformational experience. Amma. Let that be what is happening for everyone at this time. Thank you. You are changing the planet here. It is more powerful than ever to be aware and conscious at this time.

YES to all the transformation! YES to the transformation continuously occurring! YES to each person transforming each other! YES to being this immensely powerful continuously! YES to leveling out consciousness into all beings! YES to all beings sharing this transformation! Yes, indeed. It is all occurring at this time. Thank you for this power, and this support. and thank you for sharing each other’s powers to enlighten all beings. It is time dear ones. It is THE time. Thank you for all the support you created in this planetary experience of enlightening each other. Thank you for witnessing this transformation, and thank you for sharing your Source. Amma. God conscious support is everywhere, and your support is in God Consciousness. Amma.”

Quan Yin channeled thru Laura Lee Lizak
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Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak, May 10th, 2019

Giving Help to Everyone | Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

Quan Yin’s May 2019 Message:

Giving Help to Everyone / Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

“Dear Hearts,

The Life Force is activating into and through all beings at this time, in a manor that is particularly accelerative and transformational for everyone. We are being accelerated continuously into new possibilities that transform the Earth. Everyone is accelerating continuously, in every experience. We enlighten each other in every experience.

Now, every portal is widening to accommodate this power. Each and every experience is an accelerative connection to Source. There is no portal that is not accelerating on this Earth. Every experience is accelerating; every experience is transforming into new creative possibilities. We support each other in these powers, and no one is outside of this. No one is going to be in hardship in these powers.

Locate the part of you that knows how to power up the Earth, and give enlightened support to this planet. Say yes to that. Notice your shifts. Notice your power structures. Notice the planetary experience you are creating if you decide to create magnificence. Notice that your powers are not establishing hardship if you decide to enlighten every person on this planet. Notice the grief that releases in these power structures. Notice your planet is needing your experience of support. And give help continuously, in all experiences. You know the portals, you know the power, you are creators. Celebrate this transformation. Amma.

Yes, celebration is in order at this time. New powers are experiencing themselves in everyone’s bodies; no one outside of this. You are creating your own magnificent support, in every experience. Transformation is accelerating in every experience. CELEBRATE EVERYONE!! Power up each other continuously!! Amma!”

Message from Quan Yin, as channeled by Laura Lee Lizak

Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak, April 17, 2019

Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak | April 2019

Quan Yin’s April 2019 Message:

Channeling Power / Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

“Dear Hearts,

We are in the midst of unprecedented experiences of enlightened support infusing into our reality. Transformation is happening in everyone’s bodies. There are far more powers occurring in our bodies than have ever been available to us before. There are more people jumping for joy in their powers than ever have been in their bodies before.

We are channeling each other’s powers. We are shifting enlightenment into everything in our reality. We are channeling the support into every experience in our world. We are supporting each other continuously in this power structure of consciousness, in connection to Source. We change everyone in this powerful support system. We enlighten in continuous acceleration. We continuously enlighten each other. Amma.

There are magnificent support systems growing in everyone’s bodies. There are powers channeling into everyone’s experience. There are supports in everyone’s experience. There are enlightening possibilities awakening for everyone’s bodies. It is growing for you. It is grounding in you. It is challenging you to transform into new exciting possibilities beyond your greatest capacities to comprehend.

Take the time to enlighten each other by saying yes to this power. Take the time to power up the Earth. Say yes to that! Give help to this planetary experience, and challenge yourself to transform this planet.

It is easier than ever to create transformation here. It is more exciting than ever to be enlivening this Earth.

It is easier to experience enlightened support in your heart than ever. Your planet is enlightening everyone. Your life force is transforming this Earth. Notice the shift. And let yourself be magnificent in this power, in every experience.

Thank the Gods for this Enlightened Support System. And thank the hearts that are enlightening each other, in continuous acceleration. Amma. Thank the Gods for this transformation. And continuously connect to Source.

Let the transformation continuously accelerate. Amma.”

Message from Quan Yin, as channeled by Laura Lee Lizak

Quan Yin via Genoveva Coyle, February 5th, 2019


Pace yourselves, and listen to your hearts when they suggest that you need to just sit for a while and let everything just be. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest ones! I AM Quan Yin, Goddess of love and compassion, your family, your sister in heart and soul.

I come today to remind you to have mercy and compassion for your sweet selves, for the paths that you have taken can be very difficult, heartbreaking, and quite overwhelming at times. Yes, pace yourselves, and listen to your hearts when they suggest that you need to just sit for a while and let everything just be.

You are stalwart and determined to follow your path of light and fulfill your missions of love. And this is beautiful! And I do admire and love you more than you can comprehend at this time. But dear hearts, you are also going very deep into the darkness and bringing back into the light very heavy energies that need to be neutralized and transmuted. You are also recovering parts and aspects of yourselves that need lots of tender and loving care, constant attention, reassurance, healing, and proper integration into your lovely multidimensional beings.

That can’t be done in a rushed and superficial manner, for those parts of thee just need to trust and feel you truly understand what they brought back to you…yes, wisdom, but also some warts. And the warts, the negative and dense parts of them, have to be embraced as they are, without judgment, and healed first. Only then can their true wisdom be released and become fully available to you.

Think of the beautiful pearls that are buried and lie down in the deepest and darkest parts of the oceans, yes, in the immensity of Mother’s ocean. And to recover them you need to dive in, search, find them, and then bring them to the surface. Then they must undergo a process of cleaning and gentle polishing to bring them back so that they disclose the radiance of their unique love and beauty while uncovering their perfection.

You use them as gems of beauty and strength and place them onto your bodies to enhance them, to complete your beauty. But my dear ones, this is not who you are! For you are the magnificent beings wearing these pieces of wisdom that have been gathered through the experiences of suffering while they were withstanding the immense pressure of the water, emotions, and feelings of suffering, pain, and isolation, and you have survived.

Beloved ones, have compassion for yourselves and allow the healing and integration to be gentle and natural. Do not try to force the process, but invite us to assist thee as much as we are allowed to do so. Call on me when you feel that there are parts of thee that need more unconditional love and forgiveness. Allow me to sit with you and to show you the reasons and the entire truth of why you have made the choice to dive into the negative experiences of life in duality. It is and it was all for love.

Love yourselves, love every part of yourselves with the intensity that the Mother and I love you. You are worthy and you are loved!

I will leave you now with my love and with my deepest compassion. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.


Message from Quan Yin via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 5th, 2019

Message from Quan Yin (1/5/19) | Galaxygirl

Quan Yin 1/5/2019


Greetings dearest ones, it is I, Quan Yin. Many of you Westerners may not know of me, but I am perhaps best known in your Eastern cultures as a representative of the feminine principle and embodiment of pure love.

As the last grains of sand pour down the hourglass, the silence begins. You are in the midst of the great silence, this change from dark to light, from hate to love, and you dear, sweet ones – you light warriors of old are holding the light for this space of peace to begin here in this now. You are extremely important. You are holding the breath, the space for all to begin anew. For truly the time of great change, of great awakening is right now, in your now, in this very breath.

We look at you from the ships above, guarding you, protecting you, and offering our services, always in love. We look upon you, dear humanity, in wonderment. Envision if you will please, the lotus flower, simple in its beauty and resplendent in its durability and ability to grow from mud and seemingly limited resources. And yet when it blooms it takes one’s breath away.

Spiritually through the ages of your time the lotus flower has beheld many mystical wonderments for many reasons. Meditate on this if you would please for awhile. You have grown into the resplendent light beings that you are now currently from the 3D mud and you have bloomed in the midst of it, in spite of it. Surrounded by all kinds of swamp creatures, water creatures that may try to nibble at your stem while swimming by and take a piece of you, you grew on, strong, sturdy. You gathered your nourishment from the water (Gaia’s sweet breath) and the sun (Sol, a portal to the greater light realms above) and you grew.

Many lotus blossoms bloom alone. Solitary flowers many a time, seeking companionship from the unseen realms, just as you do and have dear sweet ones. It warms my heart. Did you know that it takes awhile for the lotus to bloom? It is true. But once it does the bloom just keeps going. Layer after beautiful resplendent delicate layer of light the petals keep unfurling such that the next day is even more beautiful than the previous. Such it is what you are doing – becoming. You are becoming more beautiful in the capacity of light that you are able to hold, moment by moment. As you open your heart spaces up more and more to the heavenly light that is bombarding (yet gently unfolding) your planet at this time, you allow in more light, more love to unfold and your blossom deepens. And so, do you see that by now the flower has become so strong, roots so deep that it is at peace with its surroundings, sturdy and strong against the elements and providing radiant joy to the passers by who catch a glimpse of its beauty.

Your light is catching, spreading, as you share it with the others surrounding you, in your communities, in your schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples. But please remember children your true temple is within you. Are you keeping it shiny and bright with the light of 1,000 suns or are you forgetful of this space? If you are seeing these words perhaps you are more motivated than the others who are not, but know that this may be a snare, for pride comes in all forms, and we would agree that it is best to meditate at all times, circumstances, even when you do not think that you need to, for perhaps that is when you need to the most. Open up the lotus blossoms of your sweet heart spaces and allow this 5D energy blast into the innermost heart of your blossom space. Allow my light, my love to drench you in light, in peace, in newness, so that your lotus blossoms of the heart never fade, never wither, constantly renewed by the grace, glory and pure joy of the sun. That is all. I am your Quan Yin. I am ever near should you desire to speak with me. I am your Quan Yin.

~ galaxygirl

Quan Yin via Genoveva Coyle, October 22, 2018


You are getting ready for your next actions, stepping into the leadership of the New You. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings Beloveds! I AM Quan Yin. I AM Goddess of Compassion and Beauty. I AM your sister in love, I AM your family. I come to bring you the energy of gentleness and compassion so you can proceed further on your path in wisdom and sweetness.

Dear ones, there is no need to force and push against resistance. There is no need to struggle or rush anyone out of your way or to really work that hard against your sweet selves. Now that you have matured so much you can see that there is a lot of power in contemplation and patience. You can reflect and contemplate on any given situation and just wait for the deepest truth to come to you. Open all of your senses, open your heart further and let the truth bubble up and activate more of your knowing.

There is never any reason to panic or act in haste. There is no reason to feel that you are falling short of your mission, or that you are not doing enough or as much as others. You know when you are on the right path. You know when you are in the right place and when you are just doing the right thing. You just know because it feels right and light, even if the human mind is lagging behind in understanding and in placing all the pieces of your puzzle together.

We are forever with you to encourage you and to whisper words of love and sweetness in your hearts. But it is really you that is running the show and who is beautifully following all the clues in your divine plan.

Dear light hearts, you are expanding wide and deep, and every moment brings you more and more knowing about who you are, and of how universes and multiverses work. You are gathering and reclaiming pieces of yourselves and of your soul family; you are preparing the golden network with your kindred soul family, brothers and sisters, and getting ready for your next actions, and to stepping into the leadership of the New You.

There is great excitement and anticipation within your hearts because even if you do not know how things will unfold in the near and far future, you just know that the results of your light work are beyond any expectation, greater and more magnificent than you can imagine at this time. This is not just hoping and repeating mantras, or what others might have said to you, or perhaps what you have read somewhere else. This is a certainty that you have because you have seen little and bigger manifestations and miracles in your own reality. And so you know that if you are in complete control of your life, then it is perfectly fine to expand your wishes and to dream big and to include all of humanity and the world.

And so I invite you to join me on your own beautiful dragon and to fly high and travel in every reality and dimension, in every timeline and story or lifetime that needs healing or restoration. Let us release every single core issue and tentacle that holds you back and keeps you hesitating in smallness and doubt. Let us burn every old pathway that can lead you into repeating the old ways of defeat and limitation.

Know that you are extremely powerful and that there is nothing that you cannot reach and uplift with your love, compassion, and grace. Love is the healing balm. Love is the foundation and the fuel of the new world, of the new beautiful relationships, and of the New Yous!

I will leave you now with my love and fortitude! Farewell!

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

Lady Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson, July 6th

The Divine Feminine’s Wave of Union by Lady Quan Yin

6th July 2018

If there is no download button, right click and save.

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 6th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

The most beautiful and delightful pink, white and yellow light is anchoring into the Earth now from the inner planes and the Cosmic Levels. This light wave is appearing to many as a frequency of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union. The light of pink, white and yellow is a surge of energy and consciousness born from the Divine Feminine aspects of the Creator and the Goddess realms of the inner planes. There is a significant and vital purpose to this expression, which I, Lady Quan Yin, wish to share with you.

The frequencies and patterns of light born from the Divine Feminine hold the vibration and intention of union, harmony and togetherness. While all souls can benefit from these high vibrational energies to aid their connection and bond with their inner truth and the Creator, the purpose of the Divine Feminine is to gift energy to the Divine Masculine in manifestation throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and the Earth. The Divine Masculine within each soul and especially on the Earth has become somewhat separated. While separation is an illusion, and unity is a constant presence, the power of the Divine Masculine has somewhat been weakened with illusions cast creating confusion and disempowerment.

You are composed of the energy of the Creator which at some level can be represented by the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine co-creating in unison. When you deny or disempower any aspect of your being whether Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine or other, you create an imbalance, perceiving yourself and reality from a space of illusion and separation with the Creator. Story upon story, perception upon perception and illusion upon illusion creates a reality that appears true and real to you. It is true that the Divine Masculine disempowered the Divine Feminine at an Earthly level. Also, that the Divine Feminine is rising to claim her power within many souls and the collective consciousness of the Earth. However, there is a need to understand that everything happens for a reason and a divine purpose. Each circumstance and experience are chosen by and created by the soul. Whichever way you feel you have experienced the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine, whether within your being, abilities, thought processes, reality or through collective experiences of generations upon the Earth, you have been a source of creation and acceptance of this experience. And for good reason, to strengthen the alignment and bond of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at the highest purest point, to aid evolution and ascension, allowing blessings of unity and truth to cascade upon all. An imbalance in the alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine occurred, this was no one’s fault, it simply was a wound that required healing or an expression of the Creator that required empowerment. There are many explanations for the moment that triggered a vast realignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, each is acceptable. However, it is the journey of returning to truth and unison which is the key.

The Empowerment of the Divine Masculine

With the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine and then the rise of the Divine Feminine, many have forgotten that the Divine Masculine requires healing, forgiveness, empowerment and acceptance. This can be explained by the release of illusions connected to the Divine Masculine and the acceptance of the Divine Masculine as a sacred, holy and worthy aspect of the Creator. In many ways, the Divine Feminine surged ahead to claim her worthiness and sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Now there is a need for the Divine Masculine to surge ahead claiming his worthiness and sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Within many, there is tremendous fear concerning the Divine Masculine regaining and accepting his power. Such an experience feels dangerous and unsafe for many.

In surging into empowerment, the Divine Feminine is opening to heal wounds, now the Divine Masculine requires support, tenderness and love to open up and heal wounds of mistrusting self and power, as well as feeling that danger and chaos were the creation and fault of the Divine Masculine.  The Divine Feminine as she reclaims her power will learn the fine line of trusting and using power to serve love and peace. This is something that every aspect, manifestation and incarnation of the Creator must balance and accept.

The Process of Returning to Union

The Divine Masculine is ready to claim his power and express the truth, constant nature and love of the Creator. To do so the Divine Feminine within all needs to accept the Divine Masculine, seeing, sensing and acknowledging the Divine Masculine in and as its truth and purest vibration. Therefore, being willing to see, sense and acknowledge the Divine Masculine without and beyond illusion. If this does not occur, then the Divine Masculine will continue to experience disempowerment and remain in a state of separation with the Creator within your being. The transition that requires to take place will occur within your being, creating transitions in the reality, the world around you and collective consciousness of humanity. A transition that creates a unity and harmony not only between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within your being but between each and every soul and aspect of the Creator upon the Earth, dissolving the illusion of separation.

The frequencies of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union emanating from the Cosmic Level is to instigate the Divine Feminine embracing and accepting the Divine Masculine. The energies activate something so deep within your Divine Feminine that reaches out to the Divine Masculine, accepting, releasing illusions and creating a harmony that has always been present. A shift is waiting to happen within you, the greater surge and rising of the Divine Masculine within your sacred soul energies will allow you to further accept your power and ground your presence as a sacred expression of the Creator.  Remember that within your being whether you are in a male or female body exists the unison of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. To witness the conversation and communication taking place between these two aspects of your being and aspects of the Creator is a joy and a blessing of realising the truth and essence of your being.

Acknowledging the Divine Feminine’s Activation

The frequencies of light stands from the Divine Feminine promoting union, harmony and togetherness are anchoring into each person upon the Earth to create the necessary shifts, awakening and acceptance. It is valuable to be conscious of this process in order to understand more fully your own spiritual journey and that of your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

‘I call upon Lady Quan Yin and the Goddess Community to be of service to me now. I wish to receive the energy wave delivered by the Goddess community from the Cosmic Level. As I receive frequencies of light strands much like DNA, swirling and twisting, wrapping around each other in a dance of union from the Divine Feminine, may these sacred energies, consciousness and intentions anchor deep within my being, soul and essence. Assist me in experiencing the most appropriate activation of my inner Divine Feminine now to enable my Divine Masculine to be supported, facilitated, empowered, to dissolve illusions and be accepted fully. In the embrace of my Divine Masculine from my Divine Feminine may separation and disempowerment dissolve, as a union so deep of my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is revealed to me, instigating and inspiring me into the next stage of my ascension and spiritual growth. Lady Quan Yin, my activation and pathway of empowering the unison of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine may be unknown to me, please guide and assist me to fulfil my needs and ascension upon the Earth. Thank you.’

Take time to rest in peace, observe any transitions taking place within your being and recognising the rising presence and union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

With eternal love and peace,

Lady Quan Yin

Quan Yin via Linda Li, May 6th, 2018

Quan Yin ~ Current Energies and More Upcoming Disclosures

By Linda Li

Quan Yin says, Dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has been doing extremely well. We have grouped quite a lot of energies, and bringing them to earth to help Gaia and humanity. Apparently, these incoming grouped energies are doing wonders. Not only for Gaia earth, but also for our light workers and humanity. As a result of these intense energies, we are able to come up fast and move the ascension up to speed. So far, we have almost caught up with the speed we have designed for Gaia and humanity, and that is very exciting news. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are extremely happy, and we are going to continue the effort, bringing in more of these group energies. In other words, in order to assure the ascension of the masses and the planet herself, we have to group up different type of rays together so when these rays hit the planet, we have the domino effect, affecting different groups at the same time so that these different soul groups can ascend together. That is the key. So far so good. 

I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In this ascension process, Divine also has made a great deal of effort in terms of keeping our light workers on par with our Divine plan so that no matter what, our light workers are always ahead of the masses. And are always able to serve as the way showers and ascension leaders. That being said, we do have individual plans for different light workers. Some are on par with the Divine plan, other may not be. Some may feel that they are quite ahead of the game. But in reality, there are indeed quite a number of light workers who are still in the 3D mentality, not living in the heart but in the head. They “think” their way up and that is not possible. You cannot think your way up to the 5 dimension. You only can feel your way home by staying in the heart, love every way you choose and love your way up. That is the difference. Thinking can not get you anywhere. It is only mental activity. Thinking is necessary when you run your daily life and get things done. But on the road to enlightenment, mental activities need to be reduced and limited to the bare minimum.

A majority of the time you spend is being. Being in love. Being in the heart. Being with the present moment and being the love and light you came here to be. Eliminating the mental activities are helpful not just for the enlightenment sake, it also is critical in terms of staying in peace and being a peaceful warrior. You cannot be peaceful unless you have love in your heart and be present. And that cannot achieved by thinking. It is achieved by being in the moment, and being the love and light you are. So, thinking does not do much good in terms of ascending. But it does help when you need to run your daily life. So be careful, watch your mental activities. But when you need to just be, watch your mental activities, quite the mind, let Divine love and light to come in so that we can help to eliminate the unnecessary thought patterns. That is the message.

I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, Divine is going to continue the effort of pushing the Divine agenda forward. Divine and the company of heaven, have been doing quite a good job in terms of pushing the Divine disclosures. And so far, we have all sorts of Divine disclosures lined up, waiting to be announced. Our announcers are all ready and cannot wait for their turns. That is the scene, and that is so exciting. We do appreciate our light workers and these disclosure announcers for their efforts and dedication. Great job dear ones. I am Quan Yin. I love you. So it is.


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Quan Yin via Linda Li, February 25th, 2018

Quan Yin ~ Being Part of The Divine Mission, Gaia’s Ascension

By Linda LI, 02/25/2018
Quan Yin says, dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that Gaia’s ascension has been going well lately. Divine wants to keep the momentum going so that the path for ascension only gets better and smoother for every one involved. That is the message. And that is what we will do, make sure Gaia’s journey home smooth and pleasant.


I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In the recent shift, Divine and the company of heaven, noticed some strange behaviors among our light workers, and I want to address that here so you know what to do in the future. What we have noticed is that some of our light workers are noticeably absent in terms of their ascension. In other words, there are some light workers who are not participating in the shift even though they know the shift is happening. In other words, they started to ignore their Divine mission and their own ascension. The reason I say they ignore is that if you know you are on the path, and if you know you are the participant in this Divine mission, and yet, you choose to pretend you are not knowing it, or totally check out and pretend nothing happens. That is actively ignoring your Divine duty, and as a result you may have to leave the post, or give up the light workers duty. So, that is what we saw happening and that is why I bring it up for you to reflect on it, and decide what to do next. 
Divine and the company of heaven, have given you plenty of opportunities. But if you choose to ignore them, or simply give up, then we will have to make decisions and do what is necessary to get the bottom of it and decide what to do. After such a long journey, you may not realize that now is not the time to quit. You have indeed contributed a great deal to this ascension project. You have come and go over eons of time. And now is the time to harvest. Time to harvest from your huge effort, and reap the rewards for your hard work. So, I sincerely advice that you take the time and think about what you want to do. Either give it up all together, or pick up the pieces, continue your good work and bring home the gold. It is up to you dear heart.
I love you dear ones. In the next few days and weeks, Divine is going to start the process of choosing. We are going to select a few hundred souls on the planet to be the leaders. We need leaders dear heart. Not just the leaders for the governments, but the leaders for the societies and ascension leaders in general. What we look for in the leaders is the desire to help Gaia and to serve, serve the Divine, the company of heaven and humanity. We need those leaders to be ready because the next phase is here. We need to start. We need to put those leaders into position so that they can begin to serve. We have roughly one hundred established positions which are available. We also will create a couple of hundred more positions around the world, and we definitely need more souls to fill those positions. So, if you feel you are ready, if you know your mission, please send your desire to us, let us know that you are ready to serve. We will take it under consideration. We know there are some souls who are truly ready, and we can not wait to pick them and give them more responsibilities. Of course, when we do that, we will always make sure that their mission can get completed. In other words, we will make sure they conduct and complete their mission. That is the team work, and we are proud of that kind of partnership, and how Divine and the ground crew work together to get the job done.
Besides choosing leaders, Divine also wants to make sure the newly awakened light workers have our attention. We need to make sure they do their job as well. We are a team. you do your mission, we are here to help. That is the key. The key is that we both have to work together to get the Divine mission done. None of the light workers can accomplish what they set out to accomplish without Divine’s help, because the design is that we work together. You are here on earth, in boots and we are here to support and help. Together, we get the job done. That is the design.
I love you dear ones.
I am Quan Yin. So it is


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Quan Yin via Daniel Scranton, December 26th, 2017

Ascending into 5D ∞Quan Yin

“It is I, Quan Yin.

Because you are ascending into higher frequencies, you are undergoing a process of relinquishing. You cannot bring that which is not vibrating at a high frequency into the fifth dimension. It is simply not possible. So you will relinquish some things, whether you want to or not.

The pain that you feel of letting go is coming to you from that part of you that wants to remain third dimensional, separate, and egoic. These are not bad things, by the way. They are simply different ways of experiencing reality. And as you shift into a new way of experiencing reality, the process of letting go can seem like a death or a mourning process.

The pain itself is a natural experience. What you will find, however, is that you have control over how much pain, how long you feel it, and how intense it is. So from now on, when you feel pain, just remind yourself that it is telling you that you are ascending. With pain comes relief. The two go hand in hand.

The experience of relief allows you the opportunity to appreciate the pain. You cannot get to the relief, however, until you let go. Every day make it your intention to let go of something that no longer serves you. Make it your intention to allow the process of ascension to occur as easily, and with as little pain and suffering, as possible.

And do your best to enjoy the process of letting go, because in your letting go you open yourself up to something new and wonderful.

I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

Quan Yin via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 26th, 2017


Dear Children,

I Guan Yin, have come forth this day to give you great encouragement in these days of great challenge. To bring forth hope, to bring forth peace, to bring forth compassion, to bring forth mercy.

Now is the time for the earth to forgive. For the abundance of Mercy is with you all at this time.

Many timelines have surpassed the great challenges and temptations. We have embraced and we have learnt from the lessons of past.

Now it is time to move forward in love peace and compassion. 

Many conflicts take place in our daily lives and around the world. These are sent to test us to try us. Now is the time to rise above this. These are lessons, this is the learning of the heart. Something you have set into motion when you made your journey to the earth plane. Now is the time for world peace. Send your thoughts and prayers around the world. 

Many changes embrace you all at this time. You are being faced with a tide of great change upon your Earth. We are working with you all at this time as there will be great change facing your Nations.

We embrace the essence this day of what your earth planet needs for it’s next stage in her evolution for you have come forth to the Earth in this now to anchor and to embrace the rays of Compassion, of Mercy, and of Healing, like you have never done so before.

We are now entering into a new Golden Age of Light and Love upon your Earth.

The Earth is now ascending but there are many Souls that have much work to do to embrace these Divine Energies within. 

Dear children, there is right now a great magnetic pull as you are releasing all that is past. All is as intended. Allow yourself to flow with the water going down the stream as you connect with your crystaline self. Allow this vibration to come through and to surround you with love and with light.

Know that you are on a journey and as you embark on this journey of great knowing, this journey of enlightenment, you will connect more with who you really are and what you have come forth to the Earth to do in this now.

For many of you are now on the paths of great expansion. As you connect with me and my many Goddess Names you will connect more with your inner qualities. 

I invite you dear ones to create a Divine Space for yourselves – a Divine Space within your Hearts for it is there that I will connect with you, it is there that you will feel the flow of Compassion and of Mercy in these challenging times. It is there that I will show you the beauty of your Soul. It is there that I will assist you in your expansion, in your growth and in your ascension.

As you connect within you will see the new dawn is at hand, a new creation. And you have come forth to be part of this Divine Plan. Like Eons of past where we have gathered to bring forth the Ages, so be it again. We are here again to bring forth the New Golden Age of Light. 

Now is the time to unite in love and healing and let that flow.

I AM Guan Yin and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Quan Yin via Debbie Dehm, November 25th, 2017

Namaste, I wish give you some information about your new state of consciousness. This new state started to come into your experience during the month of Aug. of last year and now is in full fruition for many of you. However, always remember that you have individual paths and evolve at your own pace. That being said here is the new state of affairs for many of you. You are now manifesting from your heart space instead of your head space most of the time. This is good because the old way will not be working anymore. Mother Earth and all the elementals, animals and the devic kingdom are all on board with this new way of beingness and it will be the only way that is honored in your new reality. Those who refuse to conduct themselves in this way will soon not be with us. However, most people will not have the will to fight the change in frequency as it is being downloaded from the great central sun and the angelic realms to everyone so that you may all ascend in time. It is as I have said often, do you want to paddle your canoe against the current or let it take you easily down the river?

If you choose the easy way you will experience the benefit of more peace of mind and heart. Things will come to you that you are desiring with much less effort. You will find life is no longer a struggle and blessings will flow to you easily. (Hint let go of fear)

If you would like some assistance in connecting with your own heart space and how to manifest from it, ask for my help and that of your angels and the wonderful spiritual leaders in your community. Namaste, Quan Yin

Lady Quan Yin via Ann Dahlberg, November 23d, 2017

Lady Quan Yin

Thursday, November 23d, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Quan Yin and it is an honor for me to speak with you today. You are all God’s children and equally divine all of you. You will be on different journeys and have different levels of awareness of the big picture. However, it is true and you are a part of everything and have thus your own divinity with you wherever you go. When will you wake up to yourselves? Yes, many have woken up, many are on the way and some are dragging their fee. A small number have decided to remain in their current state of existence. This is how it looks dear children on Earth.

Earth is on its way you with it. Some fine tuning is necessary, but we can see that you are doing an excellent job. There are many beautiful visions that are spreading around Earth, and some have already put the shovel in the ground. Some movements are growing up here and there on Earth now. However, you do the most important work within you. Love within yields love on the outside. You understand you are a part of all, so love to yourselves gives love to all that is around you. I love trees and I am a part of the trees. I love animals and I am part of the animals. I love Earth and I am a part of Earth. I love my guides and I am a part of my guides. I love God and I am part of God. Do you understand where I am going? By loving yourself you also love everything else. You are part of everything. How can you judge something you love, without judging yourself? It does not work dear friends. All judgments go back to your selves. All love goes back to your self. You might find that we talk much about loving yourself, but you must have an in-depth understanding of it. It needs to enter all your astral bodies and be included in your daily lives so that it becomes a habit for you – a natural part of your life. Do you understand the ramifications of this simple phrase? I love myself! It encompasses the whole universe. You are a part of the whole and belong to a bigger puzzle than you today have an understanding of. The work with your selves takes place in synchronicity with life. Life gives benchmarks regarding what it is you need to work on in your life. Life has always been a school. It has been tough sometimes, but it has always given you things to work on. Your soul has chosen which path he/she wants to go and which experiences and lessons he/she has wanted to experience. This has changed from lifetime to lifetime. The latest lifetimes have been tough, as a process of awakening has begun. Earth and its inhabitants have decided to return to the light and they then needed to get rid of as much karma as possible. This has accelerated during the last century and it has come with large cleansings on Earth and in your bodies.

You are now on your way back to the light and the light now encompasses Earth and let it shine a little extra in your hearts. The wind has changed dear children on Earth. Milder winds are now blowing, as the people on Earth have chosen peace and love instead of war and hate. They fill their hearts with light and march forward in service to love. Perhaps there are some minor flaws left, but these are easily shed in the large eagerness to once again be able to enter the light regions that are waiting them. Do you now understand our joy over seeing this large mass that so eagerly is marching forward towards the light. The love and the joy that this vision gives in the higher regions of light cannot be replicated here. Tears of joy are flowing down the checks of all our eyes and we do everything we can to assist you now. We are with you and we love you so much. You are part of us and we are a part of you.

I let leaves of love from the lotus flower fall down over you now, so that you may take them to your hearts.

Quan Yin



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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