Love is our new reality

Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson, June 2nd, 2023

Greetings to all beings of light upon the Earth.
I am Lady Quan Yin, I come with love and peace to embrace you. I come to empower your soul, and to support the synthesis of your soul, with your physical body and higher aspects of your being. I am here to aid and assist your mastery, supporting you in delving deep within your being to discover the jewels, the gold, the precious qualities you have accepted as your own from and through the Creator.
Today I wish to speak of allowing the Universe of the Creator to serve you. Within the Universe of the Creator there are numerous levels and dimensions of energy. There are multiple vibrations and frequencies of light. We can imagine that each light vibration and frequency is represented by a colour and that each holds a sacred and precious quality of the Creator. You can call upon one ray, vibration, frequency or light to pour over and through your being, so that you may absorb the quality of that energy or light vibration. It is almost like absorbing the vitamins and minerals of the Creator to support your own ascension upon the Earth.
You can also allow yourself to accept numerous rays, vibrations, and frequencies of light, like a collection of light vibrations, each with its own focus, creating a quality
when these energies come together. They create a certain synthesis, a unique energy, like a character. These vibrations and the synthesis that is created are unique, and every time you connect with the Universe of the Creator and the light vibrations, you will experience a different synthesis of light vibrations. It is like a rainbow and collection of colours that you receive, and each time you connect the collection of colours that you receive will be different, and their synthesis will create a different energy. Each time you connect it is different because there are so many diverse rays of light, and light vibrations within the Universe of the Creator. Another reason is that each time you connect with the Universe of the Creator you show yourself in a different way. Sometimes you allow wounds to show, other times you come forth connected to your essence. Other times, you have a focus or a purpose, a question, or something that you wish to receive or manifest. As you are different and diverse in each and every moment so is the Universe of the Creator. This makes it magical because whatever you need and require is always available to you. The Universe of the Creator can create a synthesis of light that supports you in any and every moment, this means that you have the constant support of the Universe of the Creator. You are able to access whatever you need in any given moment, the Universe of the Creator will not hold energies back. It shares with you, the fullness of the Creator.
I, Lady Quan Yin, invite you to contemplate this over the coming days. It takes much contemplation to realise how you are showing up to the Universe of the Creator. When you connect with the Universe of the Creator, when you ask for something from the Universe of the Creator, it is important to be fully aware of yourself in that moment.
What are your thoughts? What are your emotions? How is your body feeling? Do you feel grounded? Do you feel connected?

There is no need to judge yourself in any way. It is simply an acceptance. A wonderful thing is that you can again become aware of yourself after receiving the energy of the Creator, and notice any shifts or transformations.
The second thing that I encourage you to contemplate, is that the Universe of the Creator is filled with qualities of the Creator, and they are so diverse and different. When you make a request, certain energies and qualities pull together, as if creating a rainbow unique to you, with qualities that are unique to you. It is for you to receive this rainbow, to let it flow over and through your being, to receive it, to absorb it, to recognise its impact upon your being. As you begin to play with this, you will notice your ability to receive, you will notice the energies that you do receive, as well as how the Universe of the Creator supports you. The outcome is that you can allow yourself to feel fully cradled, carried and supported in the Universe of the Creator.
When you work with the Universe of the Creator in this way, you are allowing the Universe of the Creator to serve you.


There is also a need to contemplate the request that you make. How do you make a request to the Universe of the creator? What do you request? In many ways this is for you to decide, to explore and experiment with. To make a request, I Lady Quan-Yin would invite you to feel the ground, the support of Mother Earth beneath you, to recognise the glowing light of your soul and the Creator within you, to breathe deeply.

To state that you are now in direct conversation with the Universe of the Creator. That all requests placed by you are received by the Universe of the Creator and that you are ready to receive the synthesis of Creator qualities from the Universe of the Creator.

Then make your request. What is it that you need, want, or require?


You may notice that when you make a request that serves your ascension, empowers you, you are more able to receive it. If something empowers your ego or a personality trait, you may not receive it in the way that you wished for. It is important to be aware that manifestation comes from embodiment. You have the entire Universe of the Creator with you, supporting you, available to you, you can create multiple rainbows and receive them breathing them into your being and embodying them. There is no limit. There is only the abundance of the Creator for you to receive.

Allow yourself to receive it now, on behalf of yourself and others.

I am Lady Kwan Yin. I thank you.