Love is our new reality

Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, March 3, 2021

Hello Dear Ones,

I am Quan Yin and I am so happy to be here today to send my message of LOVE TO YOU. Your world has been going through it’s ups and downs for over year now. As you learned by now that everything you got used to doesn’t exist or is not real anymore. The 3D Matrix is a hologram that reflects only the reality the Negative Ones set up for you to see.

What you are experiencing and perceiving it’s false and not the truth you deserve to know. What is the real truth? If you want to know what it is, then you need to connect to the essence of your being, and you will receive all the answers to your questions as you will get reconnected to the Universal Truth.

One the main truths that has been hidden from you for a long time is your origins and why you are here on this planet. The first reason all of you are here is to spread Love and Light and raise your consciousness to higher dimensions. The second one is you came here to help bring peace and happiness to Mother Gaia.

You can start now by sharing your Love with everyone. All of you are aware about so many people who are less fortunate than you, who do not always have food on their table, so help them as much as you can. The Dark Side wants you to hate each other and not care about this world at all. Especially, by not preserving your surroundings like Nature and Animal Kingdom. A lot of trees are constantly getting cut down and being destroyed, they give you the oxygen that you are breathing.

Please, practice gratitude by being grateful for all what you have and for all of the blessings you receive from Mother Earth. The list can be long as you learned through your life experiences on this planet, that you are very fortune and blessed no matter what has been happening around you

At this moment humanity is on the way to huge changes in their existence, you are going to ascend with your physical bodies, what you already knew about for awhile now. Please, focus on speeding up this process. Meditation is an essential part in your daily routine, it’s like water and bread.

Remember, I am here to give you my Blessings and Love. Humankind is not alone, millions of beings are sending their Light and Love to Terra Christa. Love is the highest energy and the most positive one you can experience. Let’s practice when you have spare time to express Love to each other, it’s going to help all of you move closer to your Ascension. So much is occurring around your world, now is the best time to be here on Earth as you are going to see a complete change of your reality.

Such wonderful and blissful days are coming to the human consciousness, the complete transformation from oppressive and chaotic 3D reality to the freedom and harmony of 5th dimension. The Light is winning a long and dreadful battle with the Darkness. We are going to celebrate together The Golden Age on Gaia.

I am Quan Yin and I am so joyful to be here and delivery my Love and Light to all of you. Never forget that you are Divine Beings of Light, let your hearts heal humanity and Mother Christa with the Power of Love.

Stay in Gratitude and Light
Quan Yin