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Quan Yin via Kjerstin Sisilla December 7, 2020

Quan Yin via Kjerstin Sisilla December 7, 2020


Hello again beloved Friends on the face of the earth. I’m your Quan Yin.

Even though you often feel lonely Dear Light Warriors and Light Workers, you still know deep in your beautiful heart that we follow you. We are so many old Friends who follow your development. We see how you, through your inner work, constantly raise your energies. You find each other in the ether, communicate telepathically and thus you help each other consciously or unconsciously to increase the Light at an ever faster pace. Each of you in turn spreads your Light to those you “meet in the city”, in your everyday life and events take place in this way even in their interior when they begin their own journey, the search for their own inner Truth.

We all here see how tired you are. But you are strong and you never give up. I want to pep you up by reminding you of the saying:

“It is always darkest before dawn.”

As you have heard many times now, the time really has come for the start of the New World that we have all been waiting for so long. For many of you who live on Earth, the wait has been unreasonably long, because you live in the wheel of time.

The days before this year’s Christmas holiday will be very Holy and very grand, which you will experience already now because the energy increases all over the Earth are faster than expected.

Beloved Friends, enjoy the knowledge that you have each other – you all the Friends of the Light – and that you can communicate with each other. You are constantly helping each other. When one of you is having a bad day, perhaps with moments of negativity, there are others who immediately step in and increase their energies. You could say you “balance” each other. You hold together the Light for all the others who wake up and follow in your footsteps.

The truth that emerges will temporarily frighten many of the newly awakened, but you manage to keep the Light for the collective.

Remember that you have the great support of us who are your Friends, constant followers and great admirers.

Much Love and a lot of Light from all of us through Quan Yin





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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