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Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, December 12th, 2020


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Children of the Heavenly Light –

There is much going on in the inner worlds as you sleep at night. You are travelling inter-dimensionally, sharing insights so lovingly. For as you learn your lessons on this planet of love you translate them into many other worlds dear ones.

What will come to pass in the coming days will amaze and astonish you. Keep your faith, keep the lamp of faith within well lit. For as you journey to these other worlds you will no longer be the teacher, the sage, but also the student in these coming days. For all has been foretold in the ancient books of lore, the turning of the masses toward the heavenly skies and all before you will be revealed the lies. Some may astonish more than most but still your eyes will settle on the heavenly host of angels that appear to you now, surrounding you and uplifting you into their love and light and there you will sit in the midst of it and yet it will feel as if you are separated from it – like watching a movie while surrounded by blessed family and friends knowing it will all come to an end – the drama, the stage, the final chess play. All has been designed for the highest reaction this time.

And yet, so many of you will not react. Almost as if it cannot touch you anymore for you are no longer a part of the 3D reality. And although you stand there, you know you are standing in other worlds as well and this is just the latest imagining come to play show and tell.

So let your spirits soar high, allow the final showdown to show itself to the world, and know just around the corner is the new beginning you have been hoping for. Know that as things get to looking really bad it is just this – a fractional reality at best, and it is all finally coming to an end. Clearing the stage for the brand new play, a life of your wildest imaginings coming into sight – the arrival is just in time. So get out of your own way this time. Allow the heavenly angels to beam their loving light. Allow the earthly sojourn to bask and bathe and absorb the everlasting streams of light weaving brand new patterns into your hearts and minds. And know this, it is about time. A long journey you have weathered and you are still alive. It is time to rejoice dearest children of mine, it is time to put away the swords and allow the Creator’s light to find you this time. Do not fear although you might, stay focused on building a brand new way of life and above all else rise above your fear and hold the light – hold the light as it is your lifeline. Confusion to end and a new age to begin – the Age of Aquarius is coming in.

With love, light, and blessings to all of you dearest Children of the Light – warmest of blessings to all of you my Divine and Heavenly Tribe – for you are all dearest Children of Mine. I AM Your Mother Divine showering you with blessings of heavenly light.


With love – Karen, in union with my higher self

Amen and Blessed Be

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author

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