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Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen, May 24th, 2020


Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen 200524


We have the most attractive news for you at the ground level. The large reserves for contributing to repression and maintaining the lower dimensions are eliminated. This news is of the utmost importance dear crew at Gaia.

Those reservoirs with human children whose suffering due to what they are exposed to keep the basic frequency down. Their perpetrators no longer get their nutrition because it is not possible, at least not to the extent that it has happened before.

The fact that this transformer is no longer available at a lower frequency causes a catalyst effect for the higher energies. The development is accelerated and you almost say that it develops as an implosion, suddenly it is there and that is what is called “the event”.

You should know that as a surface crew you work on so many planes that you are not aware of. You work unconsciously, at night, in meditation and even more.

As the collective shadows pull away, the shadows are also activated at the individual level. When the smallest light in the big picture, the power apparatus is illuminated, shines equally brightly in your own personal quarters. The big drama activates the personal dramas that you have to work with before you can raise the frequency.

We want to convey to you that try to just “float along”. Allow what comes to you to come and embrace it without condemnation or, if possible, martyrdom. If you had the big picture you would see so clearly that it must happen for the highest development.

Remember that you, exactly case you are in for the most outstanding and exceptional time possible to join in. Gaia is currently the “Center of the Universe” and you could just imagine how many gazes and patrons that are watching this fantastic spectacle. We do not say that it is easy or in no way do we detract from your struggle. We just want you, if possible, to lift your eyes and understand that you are in for an outstanding happenings. Nothing will ever be the same and you are in the middle of “the grand Event”. I love you!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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