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Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart, March 15th, 2021

Update March 15, 2021 | Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart

March 15, 2021

Me: Okay, I’ve been following the Storm casually for a while, but on November 3rd, 2020, I was as surprised as anybody else when I saw the election results. So I started paying more attention, following it every day. On January 6th, I anticipated that “something would happen other than what did happen,” and on January 21st, I anticipated that things would be rectified and that Mr T would take office again. He didn’t. He seemed to be walking away, and we now know he isn’t – the military is running the United States and reporting to him. My personal belief is that he’s working in the background, in what way, I’m not sure. I heard he went to Switzerland, and I heard he didn’t go to Switzerland. Nice country though. One of my favourites.

For those of you who are familiar with the concept of “the elephant in the living room,” I just want to point out one big huge oversight that many people are making. I believe that very few of us are actually interpreting this from the correct perspective. Some have a religious perspective: This is God’s war and we are God’s army. Some have a military perspective: the military is going to do this and that. Some are contemplating good versus evil and some are contemplating left versus right.

Do you realize that if you lived somewhere else, like maybe in Myanmar, that you would have a completely different perspective than you do as an American? If you lived in Russia, you’d be hearing different news and everything would have a different focus, or in any other country for example. Yes, we’re all focused on what’s going on in the U.S., but the fact is we’re looking at it from the standpoint of what’s being played out politically and socially.

The elephant in the living room is this: We’re looking at it as an American issue, not a global issue, and not even an exo-political issue. It is actually a universal issue. Nothing less than that. As someone pointed out the other day, there are portals on this planet to what we call Heaven, and they are trying to use them to remove God as the creator of this universe. Nothing less than that level of evil. And of course, there is a fight on to regain or retain the portals for the Light.

Where are the ET’s in all of this? That’s your pink elephant. Ivo said that a galactic court was set up in the white house and people were tried there. There was confirmation to some degree when a draconian ship was sited at the white house within the same time frame. Yes, some have won their freedom, unfortunately. Kicked off the planet, I’m sure, but they are free.

Right now the action is on the ground and the main players are us. All of us are involved. So many have predicted a speedy return of Mr T and resumption of what most consider normal, but is that going to happen?

Did anyone predict a masked actor playing the role of JB? Did anyone predict the roll out of the v’s and people having to or willing to get it, and then now the large numbers of deaths? Everyone thought that it would all be stopped before it created havoc, but that hasn’t been the case at all. What is going on? We’re actually experiencing Agenda 2030 right in front of us. We’re seeing it roll out first hand. Did anyone anticipate the v lasting over a year? I did. I knew it wasn’t going to end at the end of the summer. Did anyone anticipate the return of Dr Anthony Jekyl and Mr Bill Hyde, showing up now and again to push the v agenda and then disappearing into the wind? Did anyone anticipate that they’d pop up now and again instead of being in our faces every day? Where are these two? Where did they go? Then there is the strange focus of persecution of one person only and the rest seems to go quiet. Right now it’s on the NY governor. And to some degree the Texas governor. Did anyone anticipate the resignation of hundreds of corporate CEO’s? Did anyone anticipate the resignation of the pope?

And my personal favourite: Has JFK Jr shown up yet? Oh yes, he missed showing up on March 4th. Bully for him! Gee, he keeps disappointing us. Maybe it’s because he’s actually dead!

We’ve got our focus on whatever news we can obtain here on earth. But ETs are still around, working in the background. Or are they? Now that the negative ETs are being dealt with, what do you think those of the Light are going to do? They’re going to step up. Anonymously, you won’t necessarily know who they are, although I’ve picked off a few of them. They are “boots on the ground” now as well. That’s why their ships are so close. Because they’re here. They’re here with us.

I’ve had a telepathic conversation with an Alliance member who goes by the initial “J”. I don’t have telepathic conversations with earthlings, so he’s not from earth, obviously.

Ashtar, can you please give us some intel on what you are doing, what we can expect in the next few months and where all this is going?

Ashtar: Hello again Sharon. I can indeed.

Yes, we are on the ground. As a matter of fact, there are more embodied Pleiadians walking your streets than you would ever have expected. They are working in your governments, in your agencies, your councils, lobbying for the good and for change. They also work with incoming energies in order to strengthen the changes going on on your planet. They work at a physical level, but always at metaphysical levels.

There are others who are visiting your governments via their ships, and speaking with governmental leaders. Did you know that all countries on earth have signed on to GESARA law? This is our doing as well. We were the ones who sold it, if you will, to your world leaders.

Me: As well as what? A threat that if they didn’t cooperate they’d go to jail?

Ashtar: We would prefer not to have to do so, but in some cases, yes, we had to resort to that. We would never harass or bully, but we simply made clear what the objective of our visits were, and if they didn’t comply, we would find someone else who would and give them authority. We’ve had a lot of clout with your governments. These Illuminati leaders know who we are. We simply came in and said, “We’re here. You know the future of this planet doesn’t include your evil, so now this is what you must do.” It was easy for your president to walk in and show all the evidence he had on these so-called leaders because we paved the way for his doing so.

We are boots on the ground, as you like to call it, Sharon. To exclude our benevolent contributions to your reports is actually foolhardy because you miss the hand of God aspect to our work here. Still so many don’t like to speak of extraterrestrials because they’re afraid of being ridiculed. They focus on what the people of earth are doing. Who do you think they’re working with? We are the representatives that are bringing God back to your planet, we had connected to those few so long ago who wished to do the same on earth. We of the universe are the overseers of what is transpiring on planet earth right now. To dismiss our contribution is missing half the story. You are the ones who pray – we are the ones who make your prayers come true! So many of you still give your power away to the dark ones, so many so that intervention was necessary.

To focus on what is happening at ground level, at the mental level, is the imbalance you have been living by all along. You are not taking into account the entirety of reality. You are only seeing it from a results perspective, but all the work that is put into achieving any result is being ignored. And there is work being done at many universal levels, the physical result that you see is simply the result that earthlings must vote on: how do they choose to respond to what they see? Where do they align their frequency: high or low? How do they choose to view all that is happening? There are many of you who understand pieces of what has gone into making everything on the physical plane happen, and some who have been involved in making it so. Sharon, for example, worked with a small team in order to clear the DUMBs of negative ETs and to help these victims escape captivity. Clearing the DUMBs has gone on for much longer than you realize. It has been decades in the making.

Me: What’s interesting to note is that Hitler’s daughter is coming up for re-election. Apparently she’s not doing well in the polls. Folks, you have to realize that when non-Illuminati candidates step up, and when people wake up, the right people are going to get voted in.

Ashtar: Exactly. You are here to do the work as well. It’s not entirely up to anyone but you on earth have the final say.

Me: Don’t worry, Ashtar, when that TV station goes up, everybody will get on board. They’ll all be reporting from our station because it’ll finally be the whole picture.

Ashtar: I see you’re chomping at the bit, Sharon.

Me: Are you kidding? I’m frustrated at the constant delays. I want to get this truth out there.

Ashtar: And so you shall.

Me: I think you are playing out a protective role as well, because how is it so many of these white hats haven’t been knocked off yet?

Ashtar: Yes, indeed, Sharon.

Me: I know some of them have been threatened but they’re still going. With the number of “suicides” we’re used to seeing apparently having stopped, and the white hats not being affected by this strange phenomenon, why are they able to take on the DS and still stay safe? There has to be something extraterrestrial playing out because this world is extraterrestrial.

What happened to the Men in Black, by the way?

Ashtar: They’re all taken off the planet.

Me: Oh gee, I was missing their 4 a.m. visits.

Ashtar: We are speaking to both sides. And we have arranged to get your world to be GESARA compliant. The Quantum financial system is now up and running along the Fiat system, which is going to implode at some point. Who do you think kept it from going under a couple weeks ago? Your white hats are working alongside us. Some of them, too, are starseeds and lightworkers and are aware of their origins. They work with us because we have been in contact with them for a long time.

You know you are protected, Sharon, by ships and other safety devices we use. We watch you constantly, you are always being monitored. You are always safe. We do the same for these white hats. Nobody is expendable right now. We need all hands on deck. And we have that. They are safe.

The beings of Light that have come to this earth are very involved in what is currently happening. Counseling, protecting, adjudicating agreements, warning on taking the wrong action, we have warned so many of them what will happen to them if they align with the DS any longer. They are turning now. You see this. They are turning to the Light. Why? It is our influence. There are many upon earth who have had extraterrestrial visitations and continue to right now.

In the same way that you are being mind controlled into believing the narrative, we of the Light can remove that mind control to allow you to wake up. We tend to do it locally in order to achieve localized results.

Me: Like by state maybe? Is that why there are blackouts? Because the electricity is turned off in the bases? And then you put forth your energies in order to help people wake up in that area?

Ashtar: For example, yes. Unfortunately, the earthling is basically a disempowered apathetic being who has allowed itself to be controlled. This is due to mind control. The feeling that nothing can be done to help yourselves is so prevalent so there were people we worked with specifically, usually lightworkers, who we groomed to step up and take action. Phil Schneider was one of them, by the way. He paid the ultimate price for his actions but he made his mark on your psyches. He started the P movement. He told people to stand up for themselves, and eventually people came to hear his lectures because they were more awake than the average. This is how we achieve results at the physical level.

Me: Yes, learned helplessness. Ivo and I need to take a shot at that subject one of these days.

Ashtar: We will explain, some day, our role in this in more detail. But know we are here, in large numbers, and we are helping to turn the tide for planet Earth. And yes, this is a universal issue.

As for the timing of events, first of all, all will happen at the best time to create optimal results. As for the events you believe will happen, it will not happen the way you expect. Mr T will resume his presidency but not in the way you expect. The fact that little has happened to date the way you expected gives proof of this. The reason your expectations are not accurate is because you do not have the whole picture, nor can you. To tell the people of earth is to inform the enemy. You are still as much a part of them as they are in control of you.

There has been no food shortages, martial law, internet blackouts, etc. Only in small, localized cases, and this was easier to deal with. Take each day as it comes and give thanks for the marvels you see before you. Your world is changing, for the good.

Me: I had an intuition, Ashtar. It told me that the vote had to be stolen and Mr T had to walk away because without this conflict to strengthen our minds, we would have remained more or less indifferent to those in power and many would have continued to go along with whatever they had decided for them. Mr T walked away so that people would become indignant, angry and even mortified at their treatment of them, is that correct? They had to be shown and they will continue to be shown.

Ashtar: Yes. It was necessary. The whole process will shake many out of their slumber and teach them to take back responsibility for their own lives. They will stop working for the government, and start working with the government. As we’ve told you, your participation is required in this. This is why events don’t transpire the way you anticipate: because you’re not fully responsible yet and you still expect things to be done for you. This is your transition period.

Me: Thank you for that. So that’s probably what Gen F and the Kraken lady mean when they say, “Get involved.” This is what they’re asking of people, because future governments will require the people be more active in decision making. This is about empowering the people again. Halleluah.

This isn’t about rescuing you. This isn’t about victimizing you. This isn’t about doing things for you. This is about re-empowering you. Yes, a Blue Ray would get that and I did. How you choose to stand in your power every day determines a lot right now. God is trying to tell you, “Stand up for yourselves!”

Ashtar: Events will unfold that will require your attention. Choose wisely and do not fear.

Thank you Sharon. We will speak again soon.