Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, August 10th, 2018


August 10th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Let us talk about illusions. You need to see through the veils – and in order to see through the veils in the outer world you need to see through the veils on the inside.

The perceptions are many and rich and the illusions are so many more than you might think. You have early been taught “how things should be” in order for it to be right and correct so that you will be accepted and loved. In your quest to receive love, acceptance and compassion from your fellow humans you get stuck more easily in illusions of different kinds. These are illusions about what it is to be successful, illusions about how you should behave at a certain age, illusions about how a perfect parent acts or how much money you should own at a certain age, illusions of what the spiritual world looks like, illusions about how fast the development should move forward, illusions about your perfect partner and so on. The list can be made endless.

To see through illusions are hard, very hard. In order to do this it is required that you are aware of yourself and you function. In order to do this it is sometimes required that you dare to dive down into your own shadow sometimes and find what the illusion stands for that is hiding in the shadows. The big illusion, which still exists on your dimensional plane and has been ruling for eons of time, is not interested in you seeing through your own illusions. They want at all costs to keep you busy with superficial distractions and lower desires in order to prevent you going forward in your own development. They have different methods for making it hard for you to see your true self and thus your unique possibilities and your fantastic potential. There is nothing they will stay away from in order to reach their own egoistic success and they are most of all afraid of your ability to think freely and independently. Above all they want to see you afraid and powerless.

Try to see what you yourself need in order to see through your illusions without judging or being judgmental of yourself. Surround yourself with love and an understanding that you have needed these illusions in your life, but that it now is time to let go of them and see through them. This work takes some time in your concept of time. To do this inner work, and considering that these illusions have existed during a very long time, so understand that it will not happen, as you might put it, during a coffee break. The illusions appear in layers upon layers and they can be thicker or thinner. The deeper inside you go the more fine tuned and fine stitched the veils might be. The more illusions you can let go of with time the easier it becomes for you to change your thinking – to think new.

Your always present Commander Ashta



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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