Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, November 26, 2018


November 26, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I, Ashtar, is in truth with you with my team and assist you in the most wondrous ways.

You are doing a wonderful job dear lightbeings and we can see that you really are pushing yourselves in order to help and spread the light and love, consciousness and authenticity.

I want to talk to you about your second chakra and the power of sexuality, which is a loaded topic in your world. This power is really meant to be an energy of joy and happiness where you connect with each other in powerful and loving reciprocity. However, it has long been under a strong oppression and this negative influence has become a source of chaos and destruction in your world.

The energy that does not wish you the best works to a large degree catching you in the dark swamps of sexuality. Some of you are easy to catch and once you are stuck in this swamp it can take considerable time to get out of it. We ask you to pay attention. They work now as never before to catch you in this energy field. This is to a large degree because they realize that they are in the process of losing. Notice that the energy is alluring, exciting, but after the activity is completed you feel empty and yet still not satisfied. The flat isolated sexual energy flows to these swamp areas – it is its their nourishment. New enticements and prodding and you are there again and give these areas nourishment.

Know and be sure dear lightworkers that this is destructive and part of their sticky net that wants to catch you, and keep you down in the lower dimensions. It is a strong and charismatic power that can be very hard to resist. It has impregnated the world during a long time and you are so used to it can almost be hard to imagine life without it.

Sexuality and sensuality in humans is in it self very beautiful and a source for deep joy and inspiration. You need it and it increases your creative ability in a most extraordinary way when it is in balance and above all connected to your other chakra. Remember this, dear humans. When you have a sensual and sexual meeting you need to feel the attraction to this fellow human also in your heart chakra. When you have the possibility to meet in this fantastic dance you can reach extraordinary heights.

The deep scars of sexuality within humanity that have left tracks for a long time back are now completely revealed and open on the earthly plane. This abscess is open in order to be healed over time. There is much puss that needs to come out into the light in order to get oxygen and in the struggle there are quite a few new ones that are added.

However, we do want to say that the healing is on the way. The healing is on the way dear ones. It takes time and the pain needs to be felt from inflicting abuse and victimhood – both equally destructive and splintering. In order for you to heal you need to be able to see it the way it is and which scares that have been inflicted, and together unite in not wanting to have it in this way.

Sensuality and sexuality should pleasurable, light filled and mutual to both parties and always respecting the free will.

Each one of you has a great potential to transform this lower energy to become a healing energy in itself. Send light and energy to a wish for humanity’s second chakra to be healed and a source for power, mutuality and possibility for positive creation. The violent and destructive sexuality will then eventually become just a memory as well as the violation of Mother Earth. In that the healing of other chakra now has started in earnest you also assist your tender Mother. She exists for you and carries you, heals and gives ease when the old memories are bleeding the most.

We are happy that you have the courage to see and want you to know that healing is under way.

Your always present Ashtar Command



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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