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Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, September 25th, 2018


September 25th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Everything is going according to plan and you should be proud and pleased over the progress you make, dear humans. This can appear strange in the chaos that your media are announcing every hour, but the truth is that it is precisely the chaos that is the proof for the coming gradual victory for the light.

All the darkness must come up to the surface. Everything must be shaken to the core in order for lasting changing to be put into place. To be incarnated in the interface between two eras and in an upgrading process as you are is no laughing matter. You are enormously grand, strong, old wise souls that have chosen to be here right now and to take the hits, plant the seeds and carry the mantel of light forward and change, change and change.

I will to say a word for the rebel in you. Those who dare to stand their ground that changes are for the better, question old dogma, belief systems and prejudices. You will not be comfortable, but have you ever been? It is not your task. So, you are at ease in being uncomfortable. Maybe it is right now that you dare to say what you think, or to be yourself beyond conventions that other dare to follow. You will knock down doors that then no longer can be closed and a large number of people can pass through it because you have knocked them down, or dared to open the forbidden closed door.

This is your task dear lightworkers and border-crossers. The inner ethics you have and the clear borders for what is naturally right and wrong is also showing the way for others. You are like the white pieces in a game of chess where you move forward and tip over the dark ones one after another. The flow of the light already has the upper hand, but much work remains. The energetic quest of the heartless to hold on has no consciousness and this makes them trample over anything in order to hold on to their now former grand power. You lightworkers have strong hearts and great consciousness, which has the effect that you move forward more carefully. However, now when the real truths start to come to light for more and more it becomes easier for you to discern the dark powers and their finely honed agenda and thereby be able to separate the bad from the good.

They do not want to see this. That is the way it is. Be aware that they do not feel pain the same way we do, but use other energies when they become distraught. What they fear the most is your light, your heart power and your compassion, your strength. When you do not become afraid they no longer have any power over you.

Dear human, if you just could realize how big your potential is you would pale from astonishment over what you together can create. After so many thousands of years pf powerlessness, in the hands of the predators who do not want to see you grow, your memories as a barrier in you. This must be allowed to take its time. If you would grow too fast in the light it would not have time to integrate within you and like a plant that gets too much light and nourishment you would grow tall and slim and not have had time to incorporate the nourishment in your inner core. You would break apart from the smallest of gusts of wind and not be able to withstand a powerful rain without breaking.

You, dear humans, are what is frightening the dark the most and you need to be conscious of the effect you have, when you dare to shine. We strengthen you from our side and during the nights we also meet and together we pull away the dark mantel and let the crust of the Earth regain life, power and light.

Yours, always at your side,

Ashtar Command



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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