Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Camilla Nilsson, April 6th, 2022


A greeting from the Galactic Federation by Camilla Nilsson 220406


We follow you and work hard from our side to help and inspire you on earth. We can not do the work for you, you have to do it yourself. We can only inspire, so seeds among you.

People in positions of power are most difficult to reach because they have the most to lose: power, control, money. Often they are controlled by the brain more than the heart and they also control those who fall under the hierarchy.

That is why it is important, dear light workers, that you focus on what you want humanity to be led to. How you want the world to look like. If your answer is peaceful and loving, this is where you start within yourself.

It all starts within you and your energy can spread like rings on the water and then lift upwards as the tide rises.

Send love to the world and pray for all to receive, especially those who control it are ultimately the ones who have the last word. It is their path that you depend on. See how the loving energy is spread so that it eventually becomes impossible to resist and above all: believe that it is possible.

This is the way to reach higher dimensions for all. So that you do not have to switch between heavy energies and light energies. This is the way to achieve harmony and prosperity.

It all starts in your heart.

Thank you for the work we do together.

Ashtar & Galactic Federation