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Goddess Athena via Camilla Nilsson, August 15th, 2020

Goddess Athena via Camilla Nilsson, August 15th, 2020


I’m here to give you strength – The courage to continue your light work, the courage to continue to spread your word. I give you my power, I give you my clairvoyance, I give you my ability to never give up.

I know these are tough times right now. There are many wars going on around the earth and these battles, energies, affect many light workers. We who work for the light have the upper hand and soon we have victory. The last battle is approaching, but with time measured from an earthly perspective, it may take a while longer.

Big things will happen when the earth’s year 2020 turns into 2021. – Big things, amazing things, a feeling that you will exhale. Maybe you experience life now as if you are holding your breath. Hold your breath as if you are waiting for something. As if you do not dare to breathe. It is the war in the vicinity of the earth that gives you this feeling. A tense anticipation and perhaps anxiety about what is about to happen. But I ask you to have confidence. You do not have to worry but I ask you instead to put an energy protection around you so you do not have to get involved in these wars.

We can call the wars between light and darkness. You know that both light and darkness exist, that there will always be. After day comes night and what would it be like in your world? These wars are, among other things, about ending the political manipulations of your planet. To put an end to the ruling that does not happen for the good of man. It is also about equality between men and women – Masculine and feminine. To promote the woman’s equal right to existence.

Many of your leaders on earth do not only act from their own thoughts but are also influenced from other dimensions like my channel this day. The difference is that together with my channel I work for human freedom while many others work to have man under control.

Have confidence my friend. The last battle is approaching and then the real light work on earth arrives which means helping everyone who is released from their shackles. Who gets their freedom. The confusion that arises when steering changes, grips that loosen. Be prepared my friend. Do not let the wars affect you but remain in your power, in your energy. I support you along the way.

With love, your friend Athena





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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