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Elohim via Kjerstin Sisilla, 10 August, 2020

Elohim via Kjerstin Sisilla 10 August 2020


We are Elohim.

We are Creators – we are God’s messengers.

We are here today to send you the highest healing frequency of the purple flame. Our energies are fast and light. They seek their way into the smallest nook and cranny within your physical temples / bodies of earth.

When you close your eyes and rest, we can work at our best. Receive our liberating healing flame and feel it dance around in the chakras of your heads.

There are so many, many more chakra points / light energy points in your physical bodies than you can imagine. Our light and dancing energy transmission enters and dissolves tensions you have stored in you since the beginning of time. Your souls have carried a lot of debris that can now be easily dissolved / released and set you free forever.

Lie down, close your eyes, relax and breathe calmly. Enjoy the review and liberation of your chakra points. Feel how we work down through your crown chakra with the violet “microflames”. We work inside your forehead, in your sinuses, your palate, your tongue, your ears and ear canals, your eyes and inside your temples. Feel how the “purple dance” pulls down to your tense neck and down your throat and larynx. Feel how the energies continue from your neck chakra down to your heart, which is now dancing and expanding in the violet energies.

Take time for this moment with us – preferably several times a day. If you do not get that far in the healing the first time, do not give up, but continue every opportunity you can be in solitude and rest, in peace and quiet. Soon you will notice how the energies work further where your individual needs are greatest. Maybe you have an acute injury or pain in some body part, maybe you still have blockages of old trauma in the Solar Plexus? We work where it is needed best for you.

Receive us and give us your time and you will see Miracle. Miracles that happen when the Love of God / Creator is spread to all small, small energy points in your body that then remember their original energy – pure Crystalline energy from the Creator’s Source.

We are Elohim and we are the bearers of God’s Light which we now bring down to Humanity so that you can thereby remember your Origin – remember that you are ONE with God’s Light and Love.

Remember that you are never alone – We are You and You are We. We are all a unit that works in symbiosis with each other.

Beloved, please open your crown chakra for our contribution to your path to an earthly life with a thoroughly healthy body and a soul that remembers its Divine origin – a life of complete Freedom, Love and Happiness.

The heavens open before your eyes, which now begin to see again what you had forgotten temporarily.

Your happiness when you find Yourself will be greater than you could ever imagine in your heavy earthly life.

We are Elohim and we are with you in every moment, in every breath.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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