Love is our new reality

The Master of the Crystal Kingdom via Carina Davidsson, August 15th, 2020

The Master of the Crystal Kingdom via Carina Davidsson


Dear Light Beings, dear people on earth,

The old carbon-based energy network that existed on earth has collapsed and it has long been replaced by a crystal-based network that allows you to communicate with each other at a whole new frequency. To begin communicating through the crystalline network, you need to open your hearts to yourself and find the self-love that exists naturally within each of you.

You have all experienced that you have been questioned by yourself and by others around you. In truth, you have only been questioned by yourself and this in turn has been reflected in the fact that other people have said or done things that have made your lower Self believe that it is they who make you feel failed or unloved. As you probably already remember, you should not take it badly at all when someone around you makes you feel bad or wrong. You should thank that person for the enlightenment and immediately go home to your house and take a closer look at yourself to find out what it is in yourself that questions or takes away your self-love. Remember that you always have the power in your own hands. Remember that it is you who question yourself when you experience that someone else is doing it. Take these situations as a guide from yourself, a valuable enlightenment, so that you can get closer to yourself with love.

The world is now divided into different parallels. You can easily choose to step away from the low-vibrating parallel, where the world built on the carbon-based network right now crashes and causes physical chaos, to the high-vibrating parallel, where the crystalline network now radiates strongly and clearly. You have previously called these parallels the old time and the new time when you lived with a strong perception that the linear time moves you towards the new and that you leave the old behind you. You are now mature to see and understand that you have these timelines parallel to each other and that whenever you wish you can change up or go back and experience some old low-vibrating memory again and then go back to the crystalline parallel and grow further as a person.

The society that is now opening up to all those who wish to vibrate on a crystalline level will emerge as the old coal-based networks collapse. In the high-vibrating energy of the new age, there is no pandemic, no famine and no poverty. And the entrance ticket here is completely free. In order to live fully in the crystalline energies, everyone must deal with their own shortcomings that prevent them from loving themselves. It’s the only thing you need to focus on, go to the bottom with your deepest wounds and heal yourself so you can feel the love for yourself.

Living in perfect love for yourselves makes you completely independent of the actions of others and the perceptions of others about you and about life on earth. When you heal all your old wounds, which you have drawn on through a number of lives in the lower energies, you will be able to love yourself fully without questioning or demanding that you be able to be in a certain way. Go within yourself every day and search for yourself in your heart. Be aware that the most amazing love for yourself is your natural self and that you only forgot it when you landed in the lower parts of yourself here on earth. Take every opportunity to go to the bottom with what you feel that makes you sad, angry or scared. These feelings are just low energy that needs to be loved away from you. Everything is in order. Your life on earth has been difficult, hard and very tough. There is nothing wrong with you, you are just naturally exhausted and scarred by what you have been through.

We are many guides from the crystalline worlds who have taken up new positions on earth now. Reach out to us and we will be happy to help you. We love you and know what wonderful creatures you are. You forgot it but we remember. We remember!

Thank you brave souls for having the strength to continue this tough journey. Thank you for allowing us to help you love yourself. We love you all deeply and know how to get further into the crystalline realm of the earth.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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