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Ashtar via Camilla Nilsson, November 23, 2020

Ashtar via Camilla Nilsson, November 23, 2020

Focus your attention inward, inward, and inward. Do not let external factors distract you. The external factors that make you humans have entered into a collective fear. You have become afraid of each other. O dear earthlings. How could you let this happen?

Look beyond all this and see how it is cunning energies that distract you and see how easy it was to fall into this trap. A whole world that hits the big drum to scare, create anxiety and hysteria. All this is a fake maneuver because the light had become so strong – So many people on earth who had woken up.

Continue to focus inward. In the inner light. Stand in the power of the inner light. In this way you can help the souls who have lost their way in life. Which due to external distractions has stopped living. Afraid to live because they are afraid to die. It is played on your fears. But do you see how the fear of death created the fear of living? Do you really think that’s why you came to this earth at this time? To be afraid to live?

Live, live, live. Be alive. Be in your life in your body.

Enjoy what is enjoyable.

Rejoice in what can be rejoiced in.

Love and let yourself be loved.

Be in your power and in the confidence that you are divinely cared for, divinely protected.

Do not go into the agendas of others, those who do not benefit you. Find your equals and live together. In true joy and love that you have seldom done before. See all the new things that are born out of this and see how you stand firm when it’s all over. When this ongoing war on earth is over. When the burnt is lying and burning. When you can see the effects of the war. They are dark advocates who fall into their own hands. Then the war is over and it’s close now.

Hold on. Look inward, see your light and feel your power.


With love and reverence.

Your friend Ashtar Command.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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