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Water goddesses via Angel Skog, November 22, 2020

Water goddesses via Angel Skog, November 22, 2020


Beautiful souls.

Remember to honor yourself and the magnificent and unique beings that you are.

Take care of your beautiful earth ships – your bodies.

Bathe in rose water, oils and love.

Eat what makes your stomach and heart sing for joy.

Dress in the most beautiful colors and attributes that make you dance through life.

And express your full sexuality by honoring YOUR GENUINE expression of the divinely masculine and feminine within yourself.

Remember your beauty.

Live in beauty.

And ALWAYS walk in beauty.

Of course you are another beautiful expression of the source.

A unique and unique expression just like every cell of the creator.

Honor yourself.

Honor yourself like a beautiful flower on a summer meadow.

Or like the wind that makes the autumn leaves swirl around in a beautiful dance.

Honor yourself like the eagle that flies between the mountain tops.

Or like the water rushing into the canals.

You are and remain a magician while wandering the earth.

A magnificent, wonderfully beautiful creature.

A creation of the infinite beauty of the source.

Honor yourself.

And all that you are.

With love // ​​The water goddesses




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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