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Ashtar via Camilla Nilsson, February 26th, 2021


Ashtar via Camilla Nilsson, February 26th, 2021


I’m Ashtar and today I have come to express and send a few words along this way.

Your path, the path you have chosen to walk in this your earthly life.

You have been through a lot and much is difficult to understand at the moment, but it is completely natural, nothing to worry about. Just rejoice in everything you have learned, all the tokens that have fallen down when your insights have done the same.

Let these tokens be like a door you can close – A door to the past and a door that means you do not have to look back on the difficult.

Now imagine that you have two corridors behind you. In one of the corridors, what I just described has happened – The hard part, your challenges.

In the second corridor, the pleasures of life are gathered – All joy and happiness. These are ll the positive things that have happened and not to forget the positive that the tokens that have fallen into place have created, that which symbolizes inner growth and maturity.

Look into the corridor that symbolizes the hardships of life and hear how doors close along the road – One at a time. For every door that closes, a feeling is created in you by being lifted.

Oh so nice.

So liberating.

I no longer have to carry.

Then the last door closes and everything becomes quiet.

Quiet and peaceful.


Now turn your attention to the joyous corridor and see how it radiates.

Confetti and dancing stars.

Enter the corridor and feel optimistic.

Feel joy, elation.

Life that plays.

You can choose to move forward in life through this corridor.

Know that it is there for you even when life sometimes lets you end up in the other corridor.

Know that you have a choice.

Choose joy.

I walk with you in the corridors of life.



Sincerely, Ashtar Command.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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