Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Elizabeth Trutwin, December 18

These Retrogressives Cannot Exist in
the New Earth Which Is Being Created
A new message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin
December 18, 2015


Greetings! This is Ashtar reporting from the New Jerusalem. Untold changes have been taking place in rapid succession. You are about to enter the great reformation of Earth and some Guidance is called for. Know that this is the Divine Plan and it is required Earth move deftly through massive changes over the next couple of weeks. There is an echo of the alignments which happened December 21, 2012. In that time there was much discussion and doubt. Many woke on the 22nd and said “nothing happened.” I do not know what you were expecting? The changes which took place then were manifest in the causal realm and these current changes will very much be on the physical realm on Earth.

Something else to know is that many channels speak of 3D, 4D and 5D. Earth has been solidly in 5D many years now and has moved beyond 5D. Earth is progressing nicely into the 6-7and 8th Dimensional frequencies and will very soon return to 12D. This is required for Earth to hold its place on the New Timelines. This is not shared often and is an idea to begin to get used to. 3D and 4D as you have perceived them are long gone. Understand that these Dimensional changes are not fully understood in your current scientific theories. Where a sacred site may be vibrating in the 8th Dimension and above, atop a sacred mountain in the Himalayas, let us say, the 6th Dimension is already being integrated in large busy Cities. It is a collective Consciousness and varies over the Planet. It is not necessary at this moment to grasp the finer details. Be open to the shifting reality happening just under your feet. Often it is said Humanity is not yet ready for Big Change. I am here to explain the changes which will make it possible to Be Ready.

Extraterrestrial Technology of which you may only imagine as fit for movie screens has been in place on Earth and is being incorporated into everyday life slowly as you have all seen, such as replicators also called 3D copiers. The technologies we have available to us is very sophisticated. We use this technology within the limits of the Prime Directive to give a hand up to our Sisters and Brothers on Earth and move Earth back to its rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy. That is a very Big story better suited for another time.
This Technology is sentient and in Oneness with the Cosmic Forces of Light.

Over the next few days, constellation movements in cooperation with Earth make it possible for our Technology, with the incoming Galactic Codes, to affect the DNA of every woman, child and man in a way that more intelligence and more love is possible inside each soul on Earth. This is only happening for those with 12 strands of DNA. Those known as the cabal carry as few as 2 strands of DNA. They will not be able to withstand the changes required for Earth now and at the right timing will leave Earth. It is reported a Planet they call Wolf was discovered by scientists. This is one place they will be brought; there are others, each according to their requirement and each exquisitely individual for their own soul growth. There will be no more war on Earth. There will be no more corrupt politicians. There will be no more false flags. All of those things long controlling Earth end now. Just as it is required to end war and remove the elements causing such things, it is also required that those living on Earth learn the truth about Extraterrestrials. You have noticed there have been many more decloakings now than before. Anticipate, in the not too far future, landings will be possible on an Earth existing in Peace. Those negative Extraterrestrials which caused trouble and pain to Humanity will be removed from this vicinity and no longer allowed in this Sector, never again. Healing will be integrated and memories mitigated.

Now imagine two tracks running at once. Consider how many times a day you are reactive to news you see, especially on social media, liking, commenting, sharing those things which are important to you. In order to endure the massive changes coming over the next few days, consider that your egoic opinions do not matter. They will not change things. As this force of energy runs through your body, you will be questioning everything. Look for balance in all things. It’s intelligent to be concerned about GMOs or Chemtrails, but those things are tiny in comparison to what you are missing. To take an entire race from Earth, or an entire religious group and pronounce them terrorists. Worse yet, to actually pay attention to or believe to be real anything the cabal Presidential Candidates say, much less debate between your egos, not your minds, is a scandalous waste of energy. I am here asking you to come Higher. Stop and think. Important changes require your High Heart be focused on LOVE right now. Let me explain further the Cosmic changes you can expect.

In the hours of December 19 and 20th, the perfect alignment of Galactic Center and the Sun with the constellation 26 degrees Sagittarius, the Archer, embody a Gateway for the Galactic Codes to affect the DNA imbuing rarified intelligence and the capacity to love thy neighbor in quantities you are not yet carrying. You will notice the change. You will not be so willing to cuss and discuss trivial little nothings anymore. Your attention and focus will shift to a harmonic aware and awakened state of pure love. Just following this ecstatic energy, the Solstice of 21 and 22 December will flip seasons around the Equator. In the north it will be the blackest night and every morning there after, in the United States where the focus is most needed now, more and more light will be added each new day. In this period you may feel challenged. Be aware beforehand and avoid conflicts you may later regret. These changes may be a challenge to endure. It depends on how much baggage and anger you are still allowing to be a part of your being. Balance. Drop it. Let it go. It is no longer useful.

The energies from the Galactic Council at Galactic Center, headed up by Salvington and his Etheric legions of Extraterrestrial helpers brought across the Solar Winds by Extraterrestrial Technology from Source Energy, also known as the Central Sun at Pleiades, Alcyone, through your Sun, Sol and birthed through Mother’s Yoni, (the milky way) into and through Earth’s electro-magnetic Grid and eventually from the 20th of December through the 25th of December will erupt into an orgasmic Full Moon on the celebration of the birthing of Christ Consciousness. Thus balancing in that period the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects within All as well as within the Planet. The effulgence of the Christmas Full Moon will be like none you have ever experienced. No matter if you have religion or not, this energy will reach the most cynical. Happiness will be the order of the day. Peace, Good Will and Joy to the Planet Earth. The controlled will be liberated by this energy. Humanity will be prepared for the immense changes to follow. Be mindful and meditative as these days and stellar movements dance through Space bringing the changes which tip the scales for the last time. Connect with your Galactic families and feel your limitations fall away. Members of the Galactic Federation include Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedans, as well as those from Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, inner planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; outer planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies, Great Central Sun; this is a planetary ascension that involves all these and many more for which you do not remember or know the names. You are never alone. You are receiving help on unseen levels from your near neighbors. Millions of you remember already your origins. Be strong. Know you are loved beyond measure by that one who never gave up on Earth, Admiral Sananda. Celebrate and be truly happy. Magic is afoot. There is much more coming to tell you about. Let’s prepare for what is next and I will visit you again before we herald 2016 in this same space for more Guidance. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 18, 2015. © All rights reserved.

Greetings Everybody! For about the last month I was suddenly struck with illness. I feel it was a body response to much clearing I had worked on. It required I find a surgeon and I was bed ridden and unable to provide for my family of 3 beside me. My surgical procedure of one week ago was described as going exceedingly well by the team. I am undergoing MRIs today and close monitoring that more surgery will not be needed. I am recovered and able to do readings. I would like to offer reading bookings from Sananda as well as Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet. I may do a limited number each week and my time is very flexible. I can call overseas as well. These are one hour and half hour bookings. I am in dire need now so I would also like to offer a free PDF copy of my book Lord Ashtar and The Galactic Federation (2011) which is 416 pp to anyone who sends me a donation of any amount at this time. Please see full details of the book on Please send me an email if you have an interest in a reading or sending a donation. I will look into my email once a day over the next several days and send replies. My website is being rebuilt because I have decided to do more frequent messages again from Sananda as well as other Ascended Masters and Archangels. I am pleased to provide this love exchange because we need more direct information more often. I do all my own website work and the new format will allow for quicker posting. Check there for it to propagate in the next day or two with all my messages. Please feel free to email me any questions and be patient in the reply as I gain my strength and get rare down time with my 3 children. Have the Most Wonderful and Magical Celebrations as we herald a Planet of Peace. Merry Christmas to All! ~Elizabeth Trutwin