Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Erena Velazquez, May 13th, 2021


I am Ashtar, the Commander of Galactic Federation of Light, I am here today with new information about our progress on encounters with the Dark Side.

Recently, Reptilians with their allies occupied Mars by setting up their base on the planet. In the last message, I mentioned that we had 3 big battles on 3 different planets including Mars. We send our warning to the corrupted souls, if they continue to stay on the planet, we are going to be forced to attack them in order to completely remove them from Mars.

Well, they are collecting forces again and called for Satanic entities to help them in the fight against the Light. When these Dark entities appear, they usually completely destroy the planets and kill entire civilizations. Also, the Satanic beings can invade human bodies by using their etheric bodies and get attached to human hearts.

We were able to catch their leader who has been moving from one body to the next one and creating chaos in the human body. People who get attacked by the Satanic entities usually don’t act like themselves anymore, and they express extreme emotions like anger, rage and etc. These entities have been traveling back and forth to this Universe for millenniums attacking, torturing and making sacrifices using children, women and etc.

The Satanic Luciferian entities have implanted themselves into the bodies of politicians, celebrities, church officials and others. How can you protect yourself from them? All you need to do is to meditate daily and put Light protection around your body. Staying in low vibrations gives them the perfect opportunity to attack your body and destroy your Light in you.

In these transitional times for humankind it‘s very important to stay in high frequencies. The Negative Forces keep loosing their ground with each day on Mother Gaia as their allies keep abandoning them and running away with only concern about their own survival. They are aware what kind of punishment is waiting for them by being repurposed or send to planets to experience the same thing, what humanity went through during these long years by being here on Earth.

There is something else, I would like to bring to your attention, please always use your own discernment in any decision making. At this moment, the Darkness is using a lot of scare tactics through the News media to confuse the Light Community. Nothing can harm you, if you stay above the 3D Matrix.

Please, remember and never forget that you volunteered to come to Earth to help to transform this reality into 5D. I am Ashtar and I am sending to my Brothers and Sisters my Love and Courage. Thank you.

Victory is Coming. Never Give Up!