Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via James McConnell, August 13th, 2017


I AM Ashtar. I did not announce myself to James but here I Am.

And I Am here to continue this process, to continue to let you know that all is in motion. All is in

preparation. We are all prepared, we of the Ashtar Command and all of the other various commands within

the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Confederation of planets, we are all here ready, willing, and

able to assist in any way that is needed as these times continue on.

As you have heard many times there are changes in the wind, major changes. And we know that you’ve

become impatient just as many of us, if you can believe it, we also sometimes become impatient. Not to the

point that you are but we are just willing and ready now to bring this all to conclusion. But always

understand that even though you are waiting and expecting, always be in the now. We cannot tell you that

enough. You have to learn to always be in the now. Not to live in the past.

Your programming has kept you living in the past in very many ways holding onto the past, holding on to

the hurts, holding onto the grievances, holding onto the grudges, all of this. But it is time now to let go of

all of this. Whether it is those memories within this lifetime or memories from other lifetimes it is time to

let it all go. Remember those things that happened in past lives are but memories. That’s all they are. And

since they are only memories, they can be erased at any time. You only need to let it go.

Use the Surrender Protocol that you have been given to also do this. If it is something that is holding you

back, holding you to the three-dimensional illusion, holding you to the programming, it is time to let it go.

It is time to move on. It is time to be in the NOW.

Look toward the future but do not live in the future yet. You do not need to be … you can be expectant but

do not be down fallen when that future does not develop quite as you are expecting it to. Because it is

coming, these changes are coming.

You are a part of these changes. As a matter of fact you are the changes. And that’s what you have to come

to understand more and more. We are all here ready. We are all here backing you. Here to guide you, to

move you along in any way that is needed at the time, but you’re the ones that have to do it first. We can

only nudge and guide.

We know the One Who Serves has said many times we are only here to guide and nudge you but we cannot

do it for you. So let go my dear friends, let go and let God. Let your Source within you take over in any way

that is needed here.

As you have heard our ships remain out here. Many of us are parked now. We are ready in the atmosphere;

many of us have come into the atmosphere and we are cloaked, yes. Many of us are so large we cannot be

in your atmosphere for we would block out the sun’s rays and that, of course, cannot happen.

You will find yourselves when the times and the frequencies come, you will find yourselves here on our

ships. You will be on the great motherships if you wish. You will be down in Inner Earth if you wish. All of

this will come down to what it is that you want, not what it is that someone else wants for you. That is

going to be the difference. That is going to be the New Golden Age.

I AM Ashtar. It is wonderful to be with you and I will be seeing many of you in the times coming. Because

many of you have been with me before.

Peace and love be with all of you as you continue on in this endeavor in this program to bring about the

many shifts and changes here on this planet.


Channeled by James McConnell