Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Pallas Athena, February 29th


February 29 2016

10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time


Ashtar/Pallas Athena

Greetings, this is Lord Ashtar, who serves the Radiant One, The Christ, in His Mission of Love.

Greetings, my Beloved Family,

Isn’t this the most beautiful time of all times? The most beautiful moment of all moments is Now. Since the beginning of all time we have been waiting and planning for the Divine Plan to be in the Now.

Beloved Ones, WE ARE HERE!  There is no time on your planet at this moment.  We are all up here celebrating in joy and  laughter, and dancing with our hearts full of excitement and holding on to our hats… watching you precious, precious brothers and sisters, with your faithfulness and your patience and never ever giving up.

Beloved Ones, you should be congratulated, which we are doing at this moment.  You did wake up!  And you kept your promise to help Mother Gaia with her Ascension.  Your brother, Sananda, never gave up with his promise to be with you again.  He’s the one that you must be thankful and grateful for…  his steadfastness and his faith and love for all of you, his brothers and sisters.

You all have come a long ways … should I say, so to speak… “baby?”  And we on the ship are now in your atmosphere.  It isn’t that we came to you… YOU have come to us!

We are looking and longing for our reunion. And all of my crew and all the other ships are watching, and there is so much beaming going on with your lights so shining bright, that Gaia is sparkling through the whole Universe!

Beloved Ones, as you all know, and I shall repeat, “The time is No Time NOW.”  For you have reached the end of your journey.  So dear Ones, you shall NOW, at any, any… at a twinkling of an eye … shall receive your abundance.  The abundance that you shall receive is a dowry that came from Atlantis, that your brother, St Germain, has, over many incarnations, gathered this gold and these metals and gems for you, dear Ones, for it is yours.  It is owed to you because of the fall of Atlantis – you all were there when it happened.

So Beloved Ones you can now see how much you are loved and never forgotten.  You are not alone and you never have been alone, dear Ones.  Please, be lifted up in your thoughts. They are very powerful.  And be aware of your thoughts and be positive and be God in Action. For now you shall see who you really have become.  All things have their season – a time to live and a time to die – a time to be sad and a time to be joyful –  but, all things shall come Now in this Season of only Love, Love, Love.  No more fear.  No more darkness.  Only the Light shall guide you on to your Ascension with Mother Gaia.

Dear Ones, we here on the ships, are also excited about joining you… all of our Twin Flames… as you all have a Twin Flame – mostly here on the ships.  We ask you to focus on merging with your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame, will, or has, gotten in  touch with you and you will know your Twin Flame and who they are.

When Mother Gaia has reached her glory and is completely cleansed – pristine clean – then we all, AS TWIN FLAMES will join her, clean as a Garden of Eden. And it will be all of us, as Twin Flames, that shall inherit her and build the new civilization of love and peace.

We shall leave you now, with so much love and so much gratitude, for you are the ones who have made this happen!  We have only been there to support and help guide you so you know you are loved.

Please now, loved ones, just sit back and watch the show! It’s got the best actors and actresses and beautiful scenery, so to speak.

Believing is Seeing!

Your brother,