Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, August 8th, 2017

Ashtar: “There Is NO Separation Between Us!!!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – August 8, 2017
“Greetings, Most Beloved Family!  And this is indeed a most special day on all levels of being.  Do not think that just because you are in a human body that the rest of you, that part of you that is – let’s just say outside and above your body – is not in sync with it.   And as a matter of fact, this is where some wondrous openings, changes, shiftings, and so on, are taking place! 
“And so it is to greet the Lion.  And, of course, the Lion will be here – the main Lion representative that we have, and are blessed to have in our company.*  But for now, I will simply say, hang on for the ride, because it’s huge.  You just heard – unprecedented events opening, shifting – revelations are occurring even now.**  How high can that Schumann resonance go?  Use your imaginations!  It is to come together in the consciousness, and the raising of it, that it’s all about anyway.  So take off whatever limitations you may have on your own individual selves, and join in the fun, because this is the greatest party ever seen on Planet Earth – and ever attended! 
“Have you ever wondered why you are here NOW?  Well, unless you’ve been asleep until this very moment, you have the answer.  It’s to be a participant!  And have you ever wondered why you’re here in this Gathering?  Well, it’s because you have connection!  You might be a commander, or an ambassador, or a member of our healing units, or an educator – or whatever your particular role is – but you are members of the Ashtar Command.  Make no mistake on that!
“Ambassadors are most welcomed on our ships.  Ambassadors come from all over the Universe – most of them are from this galaxy, but some do come from other places in the Universe to share.  Ambassadors are teachers and they are learners.  Well, you’ve heard that before from Sananda.  He calls them ‘disciples’ but that’s an old Earth term – word, I shall say – whose meaning is to teach and to learn at the same time, or simultaneously.  And that is precisely the role of our ambassadors.  And we do have some of these wondrous ones in our Gathering in this moment!  And there will be more who will listen to the recording of this event.
“Why do I say this at this moment?  It’s because these openings, these shiftings, are giving you all an opportunity to look at whatever you might want to bring on to your own personal timelines.  And so if you don’t have resonance or feeling that you are actually a member of the Ashtar Command crew – you know, like a Star Trek type of situation or whatever – although we’re not Star Trek, but Star Trek does give some visuals.  And we are most appreciative of the fact that the Beloved Gene Roddenberry paid attention!  Well, he got a lot of his inspiration before he came into his body.  But then he stayed in touch, if you know what we mean.
“Anyway, if you are feeling though that you might want to take a position as an ambassador, I can tell you, you are welcome!  And why now?  Because you, Beloved Ones, are the record keepers of this transformation of Planet Earth, this upliftment, this going up into Higher Dimensionality.  You can enlighten other civilizations with your own experiences.  How about that?
“So it is to encourage you to open to that possibility, among others.  We’re really very unlimited, you know.  And it may be that you want to take an assignment – or let’s just say, a journey with us to someplace else, where you can be in assistance to the civilizations who are watching right now, but really have a lot of questions on how exactly to accomplish this. 
“It’s very simple, you know.  You can teach the same things I’ve been teaching all this time through this Voice.  You can teach Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – and start with yourselves!!!  How many third dimensional civilizations do you suppose there are out there anyway?  And we are willing to go beyond this galaxy, of course, but there are many here in the galaxy and they don’t understand Love.  You know, I’ve mentioned before that the grays got themselves off the planet without accomplishing their goal, which was to get up into Higher dimensions, because they couldn’t get it about LOVE!  They tried, but they just couldn’t do it.
“So, it’s very important that the information – not just the technology, not just the – let’s just say – looking at what is low vibe in a particular world or community, or whatever.  We’re talking about raising the vibes here, and really the way to do that is with Love! You all know that.  Use Love, use the Light and, of course, whatever other tools  – the Violet Ray is a great one and so is the Sword Excalibur, waving the blue wave of Truth, because the first thing anybody has to do – be it one individual or a whole civilization – is recognizewhere they are, and where they want to go!  And then aim to do that with a heavy measure of Forgiveness and Gratitude for themselves for being here, and then for opening to be in understanding of the fact that they are not doomed to stay there!
“And so, the Love, the energy of Love is what does the uplifting.  So as Beloved Fran was saying, ‘Get some inspiration and get out of the dumpies, if you’re there!’  And I’m saying that to everyone here because perfection IS NOT the goal!  The goal is to enjoy the ride; the goal is to recognize when you’re not feeling that High Vibe; the goal is then to do something about it to lift yourselves up!!!
“Now, that’s the perfect way to do it; however, nobody in a human body has to be perfect all the time.  You are already perfectly Divine in that Higher aspect of yourselves, but you are here on Planet Earth to experience, to enjoy and to participate in the upliftment.  And if that means you have to drop down to a lower vibe sometimes so that you can recognize the difference – well, create that for yourselves and then lift yourselves up! 
“That’s the lesson; that’s the perfect solution to wherever you are, if you would like to come up Higher, or if you are not satisfied with where you are – and forget about castigating yourselves and blaming yourselves and getting down in the dumpies, just because you don’t feel like you are as perfect as you ought to be!  There isn’t any ‘ought’ or ‘should,’ or any of that stuff.  It’s about you living your lives; it’s about you knowingthat just by the fact that you recognize who you are, you have this spark in you, the spark of your own Divinity!  And it is to recognize that and say, ‘Hey, I can get up and out of the dumpies, and I’m going to do that, and then I might tell my neighbor, or my child, or somebody else how to do it!’  That’s sharing!  That, Beloved Ones, raises the consciousness level that much more!!!
“Now, you’ve got a glorious Path ahead of you, and you know that.  All of you who want to ascend can do that.  All of you who want to move into the Golden Age, preparatory to your Ascensions, can do that.  You’ve got possibilities, that’s true, but your main timeline is to proceed individually and together in this Ashtar On The Road Family, and join with all of the beings of LoveLight everywhere in the Universe – and with all Lightworkers of Planet Earth – and move up!  Together?  Well, yes!  That’s where the consciousness raising comes in, but also as individuals, that is to take responsibility each of you for yourselves.  Lift yourselves up and let’s party, because the Golden Age is going to be one big celebration!
“Now, you’ve all had descriptions, and I and the other messengers here have encouraged you to form your visualizations of the Golden Age and go for it!  How will you look?  How will you feel?  Where will you be?  What will you be doing in unlimitedness?  Because the Golden Age removes all these limitations!  You know, we get these reports; you hear them from Tara and Rama** and others, and it is that those limitations, including the ones who have caused them and are trying to perpetuate them – they’re going to be gone!
“So in the meanwhile, it is to send Love and not to allow yourselves to get into the downward spiral of the limitations that others would put upon you.  And that is a very good point because it is very easy to feel as though you are trapped.  The Golden Age lifts all restrictions – there are no restrictions.  There is only you creating whatever it is you want to create!!! 
“So practice now.  Get ready because it’s a ‘done deal.’  It’s happening!  You’re moving into it even now.  And that will only increase in intensity, in energy and in empowerment for each of you and for all of us together.  And I say ‘all of us’ – I’m included!  I’m with you for the ride, you know.  We’re all with you!  Don’t see us just because – yes, of course, I am on my ship – but don’t see us as being separate from you.  Realize there is an energetic connection of Love between us, and there is NO SEPARATION!
“As a matter of fact, I have done this before – I shall do it again because I know we have some people who may not have received their boarding passes yet, so here they are!  Just each of you take a boarding pass, yes, it’s very light.  And keep it with you and then you can come up to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem at any time that you choose.  You are always welcome here.  Why?  Because you’re Family!  So keep that in mind as well.  We have so much Love for you -it’s almost more than the Universe can contain, and it keeps growing and growing and growing.  So take this Love.  Feel it in all of your beings, move it into your own Hearts and expand with it, and know that we are One in this Family of Ashtar On The Road!!!
“And so we thank you for your presence here, for the attention that you are giving to this message – and we assure you that we are with you and that you are empowered to call upon us for any kind of assistance that you might choose to receive.  And so it is.  Salut!”
*    Sekhmet – (Link to her 8-8 mp3 Meditation):
**   Tara and Rama: See report below.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 8, 2017.
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