Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland – December 27, 2016

Ashtar: “Clear Out the Old and Make Way for the New in 2017!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – December 27, 2016 

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are exuberant!  We are excited! We are in ecstatic Joy because we see what’s coming.  Well, I have to tell you again – I will repeat it – I know you’ve been hearing this, but how about looking at this for the first time from that Higher Perspective!  You all know how to get there.  But I’m just going to take the lead in discussing it a wee bit.

“We are at the end of an era, or you might say we are standing at the beginning of the bridge.  That’s a good analogy because the people who don’t want to cross the bridge might even take a little dip down into the valley underneath it, and they have a little different destination.  It is called the ‘Old Earth’ or ‘Herculobus’ – or whatever you want to say – and it’s in a different place, but it’s basically 3D.  We’re here to give ourselves the last glimpse of this old era and start across the bridge to the destination that you’ve been headed for all this time, ever since you took the veil!

“So, that’s a long time as you measure it and yet your progress – from the Perspective which I offer – has been steady.  You’ve been moving toward that bridge all along, even if you’ve had a very short lifetime. You know they have this thing called – what is it?  It’s an acronym – SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Sometimes newborn babies just pass over because they’ve done what they came to do, which is provide service to others in their families.

“And  in some lives you’ve lived to – what you call- the ripe old age. The Truth be known, when you first came here, you really didn’t have too much of a limitation in terms of years, but that came with the veil, you know.  And you decided, ‘Well, we’d better not live too long; we’re going to have to exit, to go somewhere else in the Lighted Realms and then come back.’  Why?  Because you’re in service, and you’re here to help Planet Earth evolve back to where it was, a planet of Light, a planet where only Love exists!!!

“Now I understand that you’ve seen some brutality in this lifetime, and there’s more for you to see as it comes out. We ask that you place yourselves in the mode, or the energy of Forgiveness.  Access your own Divine natures and forgive, and above all else give up whatever guilt you might be feeling for whatever has transpired in this lifetime, whatever has transpired in all of your previous lives – as you measure them – and for whatever might be ahead, because you really don’t have to have anything ahead that is not High Vibe!

“So, if there’s anything there, let’s get it erased right now on this call!  And the collective responsibility – St. Germain will discuss more about that, but I wish to say you’ve all played exactly the role in all of the traumatic dramas and in all of the Joy-full dramas that you came here to play, as part of your service – and you have all done absolutely perfect jobs!  You couldn’t have done it any better!

“Of course, you scripted some of them, and some of them were just opportunities to take a little different path, or take a detour, or to jump a few timelines – as the case was.  In all of your history/herstory collectively, as members of the Humanity of Planet Earth, you have done outstandingly well!!!  That we know!

“We know that some of you are saying, ‘Well Ashtar, you know, in this so-called modern age, we started thinking about these things way back in the 1960’s.  We were young and fresh then, and look at us now.  And you know, the hippies are still here but we’re slightly modified as to our physical selves and our energies and so on.’  It doesn’t matter! The Golden Age offers Rejuvenation for all of you!!!  Just reach out and grab it – more about that later.

“What I’m here to say is cast off – in some manner cleanse, clear, release, be done with whatever you have been feeling held back by, even if you can’t define it.  It doesn’t matter. Put it all in a bag or a red balloon, or whatever, and end it – be done with it!

“When you look in the mirror, look into your eyes first.  I know a lot of you still are not in the fullness of the opening of all of your gifts, where you can see your auras shine like I do, and like those of us do from the Heavenly Realms – or we call them the ‘Lighted Realms.’  You can say ‘Heaven’ if you want, because that’s such a loving word, and it has so much good feeling with it.  The way we see you is that you are Radiant Beings, and you shine so – even if you’re not seeing how shining, sparkling, radiant you are, look into your eyes!

“And if you will, just greet the Divine Master You Are, and then you can state whatever it is.  And just say, ‘I freely release all in me that has held me back or kept me from claiming my Divinity!!!’  You know, that’s good!  You can do as long a ceremony and celebration and meditation as you choose to do. It’s an individual kind of thing.  But even that simple statement lifts you up and it’s a way of you performing your services, starting, of course, with your own Sacred Self and then going out to the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond!

“You’re adding to the sparkle.  You’re turning up the Lights even more!  It is to finalize, to complete in this year of completion whatever there is that you see within yourselves that you choose to work on as a Mission project of the utmost importance.  And you can just have a little collective kind of a catch-all phrase for anything that you are not consciously aware of, anything that that might be anywhere in your energy fields that has not made itself known to you – however you want to put it. It is a beautiful way to close out this calendar year of 2-0-1-6.  Its’s a ‘9’ year, and it is most appropriate.  Now, St. Germain has quite a bit to say about the next year on your calendar which is 2-0-1-7.*

“So, I want to shift a little bit into greetings. Greetings of the, let’s say, interdimensional kind, because, as you know, you are very busy, very much engaged in shifting and moving through various levels of dimensionality and some of you are even taking your consciousness with you for an interval of time – however long it might be!

“And then when you come back to where the rest of your being is – your body, let’s say, your physical body, your mind and so on – you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know quite how you got someplace else to do whatever you did, and you really can’t account for it.

“Be not alarmed.  That just indicates that you are moving, so invite yourselves to be aware in the moment, consciously aware, and you will find yourselves being aware that you are moving through timelines and through levels of dimensionality without the big gap in your knowing.  It’s just a little helpful tip!

“Now, on that same topic, we are suggesting that you devote some of your moments each day to getting in touch – we’ve talked about getting in touch with yourselves and clearing out the last remnants of whatever you might have, whether you know specifics or not.  And the next part of it is getting in touch with, I’ll say, Higher Dimensional Beings – those of us who come in ships and those of us who come in our merkabas – because we’re all here!

“Close your eyes for a moment. I want you to picture Planet Earth and I want you to picture so many ships, large and small Light bodies and ships radiating Light of various colors, and if you will look you will see them – picture them, you know – above Planet Earth and completely surrounding Planet Earth!  You know those multi-level parking lots and you drive up and around and around until you find a place where you can actually park your vehicle?  Well, we’ve got congestion just like that in your atmosphere – there are so many who are here!

“Now we have two main functions here.  We have observation and we have support.  We support you with our energies of Love and Light.  No, we can’t get in the driver’s seat for you, as far as your own paths are concerned.  You have to take the responsibility for charting your course and staying with it!!!  But we can partner with you and that’s very important.  We’re here to partner with you!

“We can help you to energize, so if you look at Phase One, which is synonymous – if you want to call it so – with the end of 2-0-1-6, yes, we can help you with your clean out, your clearing, your cleansing and so on.  And you can even specifically call upon your guidance group or the doctors, the healers, the physicians among those of us who are here.  You can invite yourselves aboard the healing ships. The Arcturians are here with an especially large number of ships that you can invite yourselves to for this Phase One of your mission!

“So, I am wanting to tell you, you’re not alone.  You can chat, you can – I like to say ‘require,’ because that says that you know that you are as Divine as I or any of us here from the Realms of Light – and so you can give your requirements for assistance, for support, for loving energy.  You don’t have to do it all by yourselves.  You just need to initiate it and remember that you’re in charge of whatever it is that you do to observe and participate in the end of this year of ‘9’!!!

“Take advantage of it.  Avail yourselves of it, and if some of it carries over into the next year, that’s perfectly fine!!!  We are not telling you to get it done, ‘or else.’  We’re telling you that this is a grand time to work on it, because there is so much ahead and so much excitement for everyone here.  We’re just suggesting that you take full advantage of your being here with Joy, and with an optimistic anticipation of all that lies ahead on your paths!

“So, I shall – as they** are so fond of saying – pass the talking stick. I just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ on behalf of the Ashtar Command and all who are here from the Realms of Light! Remember you’re of the Light, too, and the ultimate way of saying this is that WE ARE ONE!!!  And so it is.  Salut!”

*  St Germain’s 12-27-16 Message:
** Tara and Rama – 12-27-16 Report:
Transcription by Virginia.
Given through Susan Leland, December 27, 2016.
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