Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 24th, 2017

Ashtar: “Stay High in Your Hearts and Light the Way!!!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – January 24, 2017
“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are here with numbers so vast that it is an incredible – and yet credible because it is REAL -an accompaniment to what you have called forth here on Planet Earth, below, on and above.  And I shall say this – Love is not only the Answer, Love is defining the direction which the Planet is moving in even now!!!
“And yes, there is still a lot of activity, because there are those who simply are so programmed – so deeply programmed – that they will not be convinced that they no longer have the ability, or the self-given authority, if you will, to rule over the Planet.  They have proven time and again, not only to those of you who are awake and watching – but also to those who are among them -that they are much given to disagreements amongst themselves.  They have proven that they really do not have anything more to offer than more for themselves.  Greed is a part of their programming.  And they simply do not know how to get up and out of their fear-based reality.  But you do!!!  We do!!!  And I am happy to report that their – let’s call it ‘reign of terror’ shall we, that’s an appropriate name – their reign of terror is coming to an end!
“Now you may have some leadership members – and these are Worldwide, not just in the United States of America – you may have some among your leaderships who are still wanting to beat the drums of war.  Well, first of all, there is not going to be any nuclear war!  And secondly, any kind of war that is started is going to somewhat self-implode!!!
“We are not going to give you exact details in aerial locations, numbers, and any of that. That is for two reasons: One, the security of those who are working so diligently to bring Peace to all of the Earth, and secondly, because there are still opportunities for individual timelines to change and come into Higher Alignment with where you are or where you want to go.
“So for those reasons, as I am telling you, we are not going to give details.  We only want to remind you once more that WE HAVE EVRYTHING WELL IN HAND!!!  There is nothing that is going unseen.  There is nothing that any of these dark hats are going to be able to impose upon the rest of the World, when the rest of the World so clearly wants to go in different directions – the directions of Peace, for instance, and Freedom for all; the end of separation and inequality and all of those kinds of situations that have been the program which has prevailed for eons of time, millennia of time.  They’re not going to be the way of the World anymore!
“Now we know you’ve heard this and we know there are many different interpretations.  We know that you, for instance, are Fabulous Creators, and that if you take a bit of this concept of how Love is going to prevail and expand upon it, you will each come up with a different method or means of achieving this!
“Well, we’re going to tell you the best, or we shall say, the most effective way to do this, is simply to stay in the High energies!!!Now we know you’re human.  We know that you still have the three lower chakras, and even though Sananda is currently teaching how to bring those up into a Higher level* – rather than to just toss them out, because that’s not how you make your Ascensions – we can understand that many of you are still allowing them to speak louder to you than your Higher Dimensional chakras, or Higher level chakras, beginning with your own Hearts.
“So a piece of advice that I can give you in this moment and in all to follow is FOCUS ON AND FROM YOUR HEARTS!!!  Now that seems simple. Sekhmet is going to go into more detail on that.  You’re going to love this one!**  But what you need to do is love yourselves as you are.  Don’t feel guilty.  Don’t condemn yourselves, even if you are, oh, sitting in a prison somewhere listening to this – you are forgiven. Even if you have taken the life of someone else, you are forgiven!
“If you have been a soldier on a battlefield, and have marched into a village and been a participant in taking the lives of innocents – children, for instance – you are forgiven!  This is not any kind of a judgment at all.  It is simply that what you need to do is bring yourself into a Higher level of self-concept.  See yourselves as you have been seen ever since you were born, and as you are seen now.  You played your roles.  You did what you came here to do!  And it is for YOU to determine that it is to forgive yourselves, no matter what you’ve done.  I have used a murderer just as an example.
“Most of you, in this lifetime – in fact I will say all of you – have not murdered anyone in this lifetime, but you may have done so in others.  Whatever you’re holding within yourselves in the way of self-judgment, self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-worth – those are creations and messages given to you because they are programmed in these – I’m talking about your three lower chakras, and in particular your solar plexus area.
“There is no one – no one on this Earth or beyond – who can lift the burdens that you are carrying from you – your innermost emotional and mental burdens – EXCEPT YOU!!!  And that is how to get up and out of the programs and that is how to assist, not only yourselves, but the World!
“Now we know there are still many of those ‘d’s’ floating around, and we’re talking about things like depression, distrust, and disillusionments.  Well, yes, the 3D programs are all those and more – if you buy into them, if you continue to allow them to run within your beings.  So what I am saying to you, Beloved Ones, each and every one of you – you do not have to wait for someone else to lift you up.  I and your guides are here to assist you, but it is up to you to say, ‘Okay, I’m ready!  I want to live in my Higher chakras where there is only Love, Peace, Abundance, and Joy’ – and all of the things that you desire as individuals and as the collective consciousness of the Humanity of Planet Earth!
“If you will just apply this, each of you, to yourselves, it’s not so daunting, it’s not so difficult.  It’s certainly much more possible than waiting and hoping that the entire World will accomplish this.  And every one of you who lifts up – even though you might not stay there permanently – every one of you who lifts up into the Higher levels of being – you, in turn, are showing the way for others!!!
“So, we’re here to partner with you.  We are doing so many actions behind the scenes that even I couldn’t count them.  It is only for you to know that your time to shine is now!!!  And in that, Beloved Ones, we are with you all the way!  So turn up your Lights of Love, shine them forth, and be the bright ones, the radiant ones, the Divine Beings that you came here to be, in all of your lifestyles and expressions, while you are here in your human bodies!
“You have never had an opportunity such as this, and I assure you that the changes that you’ve been waiting for are here.  Pull them in!  Create High Vibe visions, and share those with the World as well. And BE IN JOY!!!  No matter what the picture may look like, no matter how you might feel about your government or any of your institutions, THANK EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!  Begin with yourselves and go from there and thank everyone involved for showing you what there is to change.  Give it your Heartfelt assistance in creating your visions, and know that you are a part of those who are here to make these changes for all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!
“You couldn’t have chosen a better time!  Makes no difference your age, makes no difference what country you live in, the color of your skin, or your spiritual beliefs – so long as you know that Love, True Love, Unconditional, High Vibrational, High Chakra Love is the answer!  Bring it into yourselves, open your Hearts to it, and share it.  That, Beloved Ones, is how you work with us to accomplish our Mission!  And we thank and honor you for being here to be in partnership with all of us, your Brothers and Sisters who come to you from the Stars and the Universe, beyond Planet Earth!  And so it is.  Salut!”
** (Stay tuned for Sekhmet’s Meditation mp3.  Meanwhile here’s the link to the recording of the entire call):
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, January 24, 2017.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2017. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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