Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 26th

Ashtar: “Be A Beamer
of LoveLight to All!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
January 26, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are in High Vibration, to be sure! And we so appreciate your being here.  This is whether you are here in this moment, or in what you call subsequent moments by way of the recording.  It’s all in the now.  And so we greet you all in this now moment of Oneness, togetherness in this Ashtar On The Road family.  And I will start by saying that I will be perhaps a bit more brief than usual, but I am asking that the words that were spoken on behalf of ourselves, The Mentors* and all of the beings who are working to bring you into the Golden Age – the words that came through the one we call ‘The Voice’ – I will ask that they be incorporated into the transcript of my remarks. [see box below] Because it was, after all, I who asked her to make those statements so that they would be quite easily distinguished from the body of the remarks that I make, so that they will be perhaps able to make more of an impression!

“Now this whole thing about Divine Governance has been brought about because it is a vehicle – if you will, this NESARA Law bringing Divine Governance – a vehicle for uplifting Planet Earth into the very Golden Age we are speaking of! And from that place, all of these things that you are hearing about will unfold and evolve and come into being – transportation in the shuttles, for instance.  Many of you listening here are drawn to this Gathering because you know in some part of you – you may not even know it in your consciousness but there is part of you who knows – that you are indeed members of the Ashtar Command!!!

“Many of you know that you have spent other lifetimes with the ones we identify – ourselves as The Mentors,* or with other beings known to have ascended, or who might even be embodied upon Planet Earth at this time – having chosen to come from the Higher realms into human embodiment in order to assist in this grand upliftment!  And so it is for you to remember Who You Are, each and every one of you, Ashtar Commander or not. The Greatest Truth of all is that you are Light – Beings of Light coming into the bodies that you now occupy in order to accomplish this Grand Mission, together with all of those of us who are not embodied in human bodies, but nevertheless are Beings of Light. There is no difference between us, and we are endeavoring to connect with you so that you feelthe Oneness with the LoveLight We All Are!!!

“Now there are ways to do this and we indeed engage in some of them here on this call,** and there are others that Ashtar On The Road presents to you.  It is for you to be in resonance with your own beings and with all Love in the Universe and to extend it -beam it!  Be a Beamer of LoveLight to all!!!  I have been saying this since I began speaking through this Voice and I say it now, loud and clear.  Thank you for being the Radiant Ones You Are! Step it up just a bit and beam it deliberately and consciously and you will benefit, not only yourselves, but all of the World, below, on and above Planet Earth – and beyond to the entirety of the Universe!!!

“This is no small thing.  It is not easy if you have a thought form that is initiated from within yourselves – particularly from your ego that always seems to want to have some kind of a voice, and there are ways that you can reprogram your ego so that the voice comes from Love instead of fear, but that is not what I am primarily here to discuss.  It is to raise yourselves, raise your own vibrational frequencies so that you are constantly beaming that LoveLight more and more and more!  When you get a message of fear, or have a bit of fear ripple through your energy fields, what happens?  You’re not as radiant.  Oh, you’re still radiating, but it is to require yourselves to be Constant Beamers that, shall we say, exponentially increases the influence that you have!!!

“This is non-judgmental.  This is absolutely forgiving and grateful.  In other words, you’re not being in judgment of yourselves or anyone.  You’re just saying: ‘So be it, so it is, I bless all involved. I bless the whole of Planet Earth and beyond. I share my LoveLights with all. And, by the way, I bring an infinite amount more because it’s all there for you, me and everyone else!  All you have to do is just bring it in!’

“Sometimes it can be a little bit shaking if there are things for it to, let’s just say, clear.  Well, you’ll get through it.  Everyone is getting through it!  Some are still feeling like they’re being turned upside down and shaken quite thoroughly.  The Voice has had that experience.  So has Beloved Fran and many, many others Worldwide.  But we’re here and we’re here with you. And it isn’t that you have to go it alone, not at all!  It is simply to join in the Light, be One in the Love and feel the upliftment that comes from the One We All Are. Remember to look in the mirror and greet the Divine Being you are.  The more you recognize your own Divinity, the more you empower yourselves to live your Divinity!!!

“Now I have a fairly comprehensive seat on the New Jerusalem, and so I have the Perspective of being in the High Vibrations and looking out, all in the same moment, at what’s going on everywhere in your World. And the really fantastic, fabulous, great news I have for you is that more and more are resonating with the Light!!!  More and more are opening their Hearts.  More and more are understanding all of these interesting revelations of Truth which are coming forth fast and faster and fastest!

“That’s right!  There’s a momentum here.  That program*** on the FOXY channel never would have been allowed, had not the momentum been moving toward the Light!  So join in!  And if you feel yourself dropping a bit – because this or that is needing to be cleared out and you’re getting some messages on it, or perhaps you’re getting some messages from outside of yourselves that are making you feel some form of disappointment – MONITOR YOURSELVES!  Bring yourselves up!  You can do it!  The Ho’oponopono is a very quick way to acknowledge that you need to do some clearing and then do it!!!

“This is preparation, and I will not tell you it’s the eleventh hour because it’s all in the same moment from my Perspective.  But I will tell you that things are happening, and if you feel that you have any more preparing to do, my best advice to all of you – and this comes from loving you infinitely and always – is to get on with it!  GET ON WITH IT!!!   Get yourselves ready, because the times as you know them, your Lifestyles, – the times of your Lifestyles are changing so fast, multiple timeline changes too numerous to even count – are happening in every moment!

“And what this means, Beloved Ones, is that the promises you made long ago are being kept by yourselves and, with your permission, with us partnering with you!  So know that we are with you!!!  And be an active partner in bringing in the Golden Age and all that it brings to Planet Earth. And as Planet Earth goes, so goes the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe. In other words, if you think Planet Earth is beaming now, just wait, because as the number of individual beamers increases, the glow that is given off for the entire Universe to witness is more magnificent than ever before!!!  And it will continue to shine forth and be an example and an inspiration to all others in the Universe!

“So you are all leaders in this.  You are all partners in this.  And most of all, you are all Divine Beings, each in your own right, in your own Lights of Love that You Are!  So thank you, Beloved Ones, for stepping up, for answering the call and for being with us, in this most Grand Mission ever in the whole Universe!  And so it is. Salut!”

*   Ashtar, Sananda, St Germain, Sekhmet, Merlin, Kuan Yin and a group of Arcturians
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, January 26, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.