Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, May 10th

“NESARA Is Our Mission
for the Entire World!”
Ashtar On The Road
Teleconference May 10, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  These are exciting times, are they not?  Can you feel the pace quickening in your own Hearts and, indeed, throughout all of your beings?  And no matter what appears to be going on out there in the World beyond your own Divine Selves, remember – it is all an illusionbeing deliberately created as a last gasp, so to speak, of those who know deep inside that their day is over!  Nevertheless, they have these programs running.  And it is to help them to transmute those programs that you can be so active!

“It is to let them know on all levels that their day is over, and to do it with Love and Forgiveness and, yes, some Compassion! After all, they have been the ‘lords of all’ for how many eons of time on Planet Earth?  They came and, yes, they saw, and they liked what they saw – and so they stayed as conquerors.  And so it is that this has been going on for so long we understand it is difficult for people to look up and see the great Light that is shining, when they feel as though they are under such darkness, such hopelessness, so to speak.

“NESARA is Hope encoded into laws, and it is the answer to all of the prayers and the questions.  And it creates a whole new atmosphere for Freedom and Peace and Love to flourish, to thrive on Earth and to quickly, very quickly take hold!  Imagine, if you will, when NESARA is announced – imagine someone sitting in front of their television set or their computer and listening to the words.  And perhaps there will be a little something on the screen to highlight, something in the nature of the flyer* to highlight the points of NESARA.  You know the NESARA Law is 200 and some pages long, but let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty of it, shall we?  That’s in the flyers!*

“Anyway, to continue, imagine when a person hears the mortgage on their house is no more.  The bills – sitting unpaid from the credit card companies – are no more.  Their money will be worth something now.  The worthless money on paper, that has been leveraged so many times as to be worthless, is no more.  People are free from the student loans that they took out 10 or 20 or more years ago – they no longer have to pay them back!

“And does that mean that those that they owe that money to will be left holding the bag, as it were?  No, it does not!  It means that there is enough money coming for everyone to be satisfied, to be happy.  And it is not that anyone will be left penniless.  Well, there may be some exceptions to that.  There will be!  We are in the process even now of confiscating the funds that have been stolen from you by those who have been in control.  You need not be concerned.  Their future is assured no matter what choices they make.

“So it is to celebrate even now in your Hearts and in your minds, the Announcement of NESARA, and to help as many as you can possibly reach to, in the 3D practices of distributing the flyers,* of utilizing the various NESARA energy tools that are available on my website, if you are able so to do – to pass them out, to have their energy permeate your entire household where you are, and beyond, and so on and so on.

“It is to expand the energy of NESARA so that it goes Worldwide!!! Why?  So that instead of saying, ‘I don’t believe it; this can’t be happening,’ people will sit with Joy – or stand with Joy – when it is announced, because they will already be in recognition of it, not just on their Higher levels, but in the very first level where it will be addressing, and that is 3D, and that is the ending of the 3D enslavement programs.  EVERYONE WILL BE FREE!  EVERYONE WILL BE SECURE!  EVERYONE WILL SHARE IN THE BENEFITS OF THE REFORMATION!

“And it isn’t just about money!  It’s about Divine Governance!  It’s about Divine Lifestyle!  It’s about assisting everyone on their Ascension paths and bringing in the Golden Age, so that it is firmly grounded on Planet Earth.  And this is a way to get into the next phase for Mother Gaia herself, and all of her Kingdoms! Because with the help of the Ashtar Command and other members of our Galactic groups who are coming – and who are here just waiting – just waiting for this Announcement, so that they can come forth with the technologies to join in partnership with all of Humanity and with the welcome of all of the other Kingdoms of Mother Gaia – to get the Planet cleaned up once and for all, to bring everything into balance and harmony!  And to move fully, fully into the Higher Dimensions where it’s balanced, where there is enough water – where no part of the Earth is parched and arid because it does not have enough water; where the water itself is clean and pure; where there are soils that are rich with the nutrients that all, even humans, need, from that which is grown in the soil; where the air itself seems to be alive with the fragrances and the sounds of the Higher Dimensional Paradise; where the, shall we say, polluters are literally put out of business!

“No more corporations!  Instead, the flourishing of all of the clean and green technologies for everything – for the food that you eat, for the energies that you consume in your homes, in your vehicles; for the absolute enjoyment and thriving of all life on Earth without what you might call ‘the downsides’ – the poisons, the toxins; where the healing of anything that you could imagine within your beings, within all of the Kingdoms, is accomplished without pain, suffering, poisoning and so on and so on!

“This is the future.  NESARA is now, and NESARA is the absolute opening of this future!  NESARA is like your magical credit card, if you want to see it that way, that makes this all available to you -and you won’t ever get a bill for it!  It is the passageway into all of these things that we have been talking about.  Yes, it was to occur on 9/11.  But those who were in control – and you know who they are – just simply could not let go just yet, despite the fact that they themselves had signed agreements, signed NESARA into law, and so on and so on.**  And so here it is finally, FINALLY!!!

“And if you think that those who have suffered in any way in the meantime have suffered in vain, think again!  It had to come to this point of awakening for the entirety of the Planet; an awakening not just to the trials and tribulations of Humanity, but of all of the Earth!  There are very few who honestly, in their Hearts – you know, their new place of thought – don’t believe that climate change is for real.  And yet, you know, it was highly doubted at the turn of the century, even.  And now it is all too real.

“Those wonderful people in Canada who are living – and have left, in fact – where the wildfires have burned; the people who have fled all kinds of what you call natural disasters Worldwide – they know.  They’re not in any doubt any more!  And those who are watching with their Hearts, sending Compassionate Love to all, and even stepping forward to help where they can, beyond their prayers and meditations – they know.  And even those who are still trying to spread the propaganda – think of Mr. Trump, ‘Oh, climate change is not real!’  They know, just as they know their day is done!

“And so it is Worldwide.  And so it is that NESARA is the answer to all of this, and anything that you could possibly conceive as being an enslavement or a problem of a third dimensional nature!!! NESARA uplifts everyone, gives everyone the opportunity to come up and out of this era.  And as I have said, for those who choose not to step up, rise up and uplift, there are places for them to continue without dragging down, if you will, the energies of the rest of us!  And I say ‘us’ because we are here with you and we are as excited as you are to have this begin!

“And so, we will assure you, as we have been doing, that all of this and more – of Joy, of Peace, and of the en-Joyment of the Oneness We Are – is waiting for you!  We see it in the Ashtar Command and among the Ascended Masters and Teachers and the Angels, and so on.  Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms see it.And it is for you, Beloved Ones, to bring yourselves into the very Heart, the very center of the Golden Age, in all of your visions, and in all that you speak of!

“Speak it to yourselves and send it out in any way that you find so to do!!!  It is to help all of our Brothers and Sisters to be prepared so that they have the welcome mat, the what you call the ‘red carpet’ spread out from their Hearts – just as much as you do, for the glorious, wondrous and almost magical-seeming days that lie just ahead on the other side of the grand doorway into the Golden Age.

“And what opens that door?  NESARA, of course!  And the coming announcements and disclosures that NESARA paves the way for.So let us stay together, Beloved Ones, on this Mission, because you came here to live your lives, to learn your lessons through your experiences, and to arrive together at this grand moment of Truth-telling and Freedom – to enter into the Golden Age not just for yourselves, but for all of Planet Earth, below, on and above – and together we are causing this to happen!

“So I thank you, Beloved Ones, for joining us in this Mission.  We are the miracle makers, the creators of all the wondrous happenings and events and changes of Lifestyle that NESARA, and all that NESARA brings are creating upon Planet Earth, in this moment and in all to come!  And so we thank you and we love you beyond all expressions of any words of any language! Just feel it – feel our Oneness, feel our thanks and, most of all, feel our Love!  And so it is.  Namaste and Salut!”
*  NESARA Flyer:
** History of NESARA: 
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 10, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.