Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, May 24

Ashtar:  “We Are Here Because You Called!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – May 24, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road!  We are growing in numbers; we are growing in our expressions of help -first of all to our Family Members, and then spreading it throughout the entirety of Planet Earth, below, on and above -and beyond.  And it is with such great Joy that we come before you in this Gathering to be with you!

“And make no mistake – whether you are here in this audience at this moment or whether you join the audience by means of the electronics at a time that is later, as you measure it – it’s all happening in the ‘now.’  So give it your intention to literally be sponges and soak up these energies!  It’s Love we’re talking about, the LoveLight which The Voice* was referring to.  It’s all the same energy and it is all-powerful!

“And that, Beloved Ones, is how we are partnering together to bring Planet Earth up, up and out of the third dimension and all of the traps and ensnarements, the enslavements that you have experienced.  No matter how it looks in the news media of the United States of America, and to a lesser extent in the news media of its most prominent allies worldwide, we assure you that the Truth is shining forth more and more!!!

“And you, Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road, in partnership with us, are assisting mightily in bringing that Truth forward! And so I encourage you to tune into it, and let not yourselves be distracted – or certainly not discouraged, or depressed, or getting down in the dumpies because of some False Evidence Appearing Real that you may read about in what remains of the dark hat news media.  Seek out the Truth from each other and in council with your guides and your own Higher Dimensional selves.  And indeed, invite all of us to commune with you on those levels if you have questions about what is Truth!

“This is a time for independence, and it starts with each one of you.  Where?  In your Hearts!  You have rooms in your Hearts, you know, treasure rooms.  Enter into your room of Courage and empower yourselves with that!  Empower yourselves with the Truth that you find there and then broadcast it throughout the entirety of your beings – and then go beyond.  Send it out!  It happens automatically to a certain extent, but you can empower it even more with the LoveLight.  You’re all invited to participate in utilizing the LoveLight in the same way that I – and all of the ones of us who dwell in the Higher Dimensions – utilize it!

“Now we understand that it may be challenging at first, but stay with it!  Let that Truth ring out from you.  And it is not to dwell upon the dark doings – you know, the black ops, the false flag events, even upon the immediate past history/herstory, which goes way back, as you measure time.  You have legacies still from Atlantis, for instance, and from before.  It is not so much to immerse yourselves in that history/herstory, as to call forth the learnings from it.  So the best way to do this is, as I have said, go into your Hearts or into what would be called High Dimensional space within yourselves, of course, and get into that Higher Perspective so that you can sort things out, and so that you can view it all from the Higher Perspective.

From the very first I have taught the wisdoms in the most simple of terms that I can give to you – four words, not four-letter words, although LOVE, of course, is the most powerful four-letter word in the Universe, but the other words in addition to Love are Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  And I understand that from the perspective of third dimensional Humanity, Gratitude is tough!

“There are times when even your Hearts say, ‘How can I be grateful for all of these things that are happening in the World? How can I be grateful for this diseasement, or for this loved one leaving suddenly, or for losing my home or my finances?’  Well, let me put it this way – these are situations which are occurring Worldwide and some of them are even still situations of war, persecution, genocide, unjust imprisonment, enslavement, and so on and so on and so on.

“The lesson here is – NEVER AGAIN!!!  Rise up and out of it.  You know that.  So what can you do?  Again, you can look at it from a High Dimensional Perspective and say, ‘Thank you for showing me that this is going on.  I will do whatever I can do to rectify it, to reform Planet Earth so that it can become the pristine Planet of Love, only Love, where Integrity shines forth from all beings, where there is Compassionate Understanding, even if there are language barriers – so-called barriers, or language communication gaps because of different languages.  It is to be rising above that into telepathic Oneness and Understanding!’

“Now we are here to help you in many, many ways!  As they say, ‘Let me count the ways,’ except that I shall be brief.  First of all, as you know, we have disabled your nukes.  No more nukes will ever be used – no more nuclear weapons for warlike purposes! And as the progression into the Golden Age continues, the nuclear plants themselves will be shut down!  Because, as you know, whether the nuclear plant accidents are really accidents or not, the devastation that they have the capacity to inflict upon the entirety of the World could indeed be the ending of the era.

“Well, it is the ending of the era of the nuclear plants!  That is something that will simply not be accompanying Planet Earth into Hgher Dimensional Lifestyle, not even into the Golden Age!  Dr. Keshe is multiplying his teachers and his places where you can learn.  Listen up you people who live in Washington State or anywhere close.  He’s coming to Yelm very soon,** that is, his teachers – unraveling, unveiling the mysteries of free energy. And, by the way, his plasma energy which is, of course, the Highest Energy in the Universe – it’s another way of saying the scalar energy, the LoveLight, and so on and so on.  You can be scientific or not.  You can be spiritual or not.  But this is a blending of the two!  It’s all about healing as well.  There are many applications for this energy!

This is getting out around the World.  And it is that he will do more and more and more.  He’s got the green light!!!  And why not?  We’re with him!  He is messenger to the World and he invites all who are interested to join in, to understand, and even to manufacture – and then to add to the technologies that he is presenting!  He is a man without borders.  You know, he was born as a member of the Jewish tradition and he is Iranian.  Now doesn’t that speak well for the coming together of Humanity?

“Separation is ending!  Now, we can’t tell you to join together. There is no power that we have that can join you all together in one grand, global community of Love.  That must come from your Hearts, Beloved Ones!  But if you lead the way, you become ‘contagious’ to the World and we can assist you!!!

“Call upon us, acknowledge your partnership with us.  We’re here because you called us!  Did you know that?  If you’re listening to this, you were among those members of Humanity who said, ‘Okay, Ashtar! This time we want to make it! Come and help! And many, many, many civilizations from among all of the civilizations in the Universe have come in Love, in service and in empowerment.  WE KNOW that we are Divine!  WE KNOW that we are empowered by the LoveLight!  WE KNOW that we create miracles by our will, our intention – our intentional requirements.  DO YOU KNOW THE SAME AS WE?

“Now, we honor you and treasure you because you have come into human bodies and accepted the limitations that that means – third dimensional programs, road blocks, impediments, challenges, dogmas and so on and so on.  So when we say to you, you are as Divine as we, we understand.  We understand that it is a matter of changing your own inner programming in order to fully ‘get it!’

“And that’s why we’re here, to hold out our hands to you and to assist you. That’s why Sananda teaches as he does, right now.* That’s why we are assisting to keep the most grave and grievous of the impediments, challenges, toxicities, and so on, from having any hold over you any more!  That’s why we tell you there will be no more nuclear wars, there will be no more armageddons, there will be no more global catastrophes!!!  That’s why we are helping even now – playing a large part indeed – but working with certain of your scientists and, yes, some elements of your military organizations, to clean up a lot of the radioactivity.  That is why when you see chemtrails in the air, some of them may still have toxic materials because people have to learn what’s in them.  But more and more people are getting wise, getting the wisdom about what they are and their purposes and so on – they don’t want to see themselves as guinea pigs or test subjects, even if they can’t quite believe that anybody would deliberately do this to cause them illness and diseasements and disorientation and all of the things that the substances in the chemtrails can do – we are cleaning those up, too.

“Our ships are everywhere.  There isn’t a plane that flies through your sky that we’re not right with!  Sometimes, when the pilots of the plane are not going to become so frightened that they will lose control and so on, and so on – sometimes we do reveal ourselves.  Hmmm!!  We know an ex-pilot or two who have seen us and have said that they have seen us.  Of course, they couldn’t say it too loud!  Even astronauts and so on – they know we’re here!  Many of you have seen us and if you haven’t been outside on a clear night to say ‘hello’ to us, please do so.  We will be more than happy to have you greet us and we will greet you!  Let’s get these connections amplified even more!

“And if you have a particular project, a concern, a place where you would ask us to partner with you in shining the LoveLight so bright that it clears up, cleans up, resolves, or even heals, let us know!  That’s what we’re here for!

“The Arcturians among us are leaders in our science, but they are leaders also in our spiritual Oneness with science.  In other words, you don’t separate them.  And we’re here to teach that. And we know that you know that.  So let it work for you! Call upon the Ashtar Command and all of those who travel with us!!! Ascended Masters, Sananda and Saint Germain travel with me on the New Jerusalem and we have many, many, many meetings.

“And, yes, there are certain beings in Earth bodies who regularly attend meetings with us. I shall say, the Beloved Obamas who are themselves, yes, in human bodies, but they have the starseed heritage.  And Bernie, most honored Bernie Sanders.  And I will say that Bernie is the only current candidate with Integrity – the NESARA Integrity, the Perspective of the starseed and the Grace and the Love for all, all members of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, below, on and above Planet Earth!  He is the only one whose Heart is Love, pure Love, along with Courage and some of those other treasures that you will find in your own Hearts, in your own treasure rooms, if you will visit there!  Bernie is the one. And we know that you know that.  So see what there is that you can do. It is not so much about sending him dollars, although that is much appreciated.  It is about sending him the LoveLight – him and all of those who are helping to support him on all dimensional levels!

“Oh, yes! We love it when you send us your LoveLight!  We send you ours in return. It is a joyful exchange, a circulation, if you will, that has no beginning and no end.  It just is.  And we are doing this all the time anyway, broadcasting it to all of Planet Earth.  But if you would like to especially commune with us, and I say ‘commune’  – this is what Sananda calls ‘true communion’ – and be in the Oneness of the Light with us, just call us forth.  And let our Love shine through you, even as you shine your Light through us.  That is true Family, Beloved Ones!  That is Love that knows no limits. That is Love which is the Highest Power in the Universe and together, together we are coming along the Ascension Path into the Golden Age, where only Love will light the way!!!

“Now, as it begins, of course, there are changes in transition. That is why we tell you your Mission is just beginning.  Yes, all right, twelve of your calendar years and one day have passed, as you measure time, since I first spoke on Forgiveness and Gratitude from the very beginning through this Voice, andI still teach it!!!  I have taught Love and Compassion – the Wisdom of the Universe.  It’s NOT MY WISDOM!  It’s not ego!  I don’t have ego in the same manner that you have.  I have drive, I have missions,  I have passions to do things, but I do not have a negative voice speaking at me.

“And all I can tell you is that I am here to teach you from my Heart to yours, and it’s wondrous indeed that you are using your physical ears to listen, as well as your other physical senses, but I ask you to feel the Love circulating among us!  Perhaps you feel a bit of a buzz or a tingle because we know each other.  You called us forth.  We’re here!  We are your brothers and sisters from the stars.  You came from the stars into the human uniforms you now occupy.

“And I tell you, Beloved Ones, we honor you, we appreciate you, and we thank you for volunteering to be in these uniforms for this particular moment!  But you have Higher Levels of yourselves – in other words, you exist in other dimensions and you also visit the ships of the Ashtar Command.  And if you think or have the feeling somewhere in your being that you may have been to the Bridge itself, the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem, you are entirely correct!  You are all valued and esteemed members of this Family of Ashtar On The Road which, of course, represents the Ashtar Command in the third dimension – and Higher!   So, I shall simply say that together in the Oneness of our Mission Partnership, the road ahead is bright with Love.  And this is so because you are here with us!  Thank you, Beloved Ones.  Salut!”

*  Susan, in her opening remarks about Sananda’s class on bringing in the LoveLight:
** This presentation took place on May 28, 2016.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 24, 2016.
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