Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, November 8th

Ashtar: “Let Go of Elections Results and Shine Your LoveLights!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – November 8, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, things are getting very interesting, are they not?  And I am not talking about the so-called winner of the election today. There are no winners, truthfully, in the sense of being able to carry out the agendas that they have.  And this is true not only in the national presidential elections and congressional elections and senate elections.  This is true even on more local levels – state levels and so on!

“So, what is there more for you to do except send Love and Light to everyone in every event, every occurrence, and know that the tide has turned and will not, will not turn back this grand exposure, this grand Truth coming forth!  There are already millions of people in the United States of America – and millions more around the World – supporting them in their own ways with their own thoughts and their expressions and their meditations.  These millions are so disenchanted with the illusions that the third dimensional protocols for voting have allowed to be instituted, that they either did not cast a ballot for the top offices or they wrote in Beloved Bernie’s name – or another name – or they voted for one of the so-called minority party candidates.  Who made these rules up anyway?  And why in some states was there some kind of a law passed that you couldn’t even write in your preferred candidate’s name?!

“Well!  Who do you think?  Who’s been controlling this?  And it isn’t just this election.  And this is a realization that the people are starting to get!!!  Look back to the year 2000 – ‘hanging chads!’  Hah!  What other ridiculous stories are they making up? And it’s not just about your elections.  It’s about all of your institutions that you have acquiesced to, that you have followed the rules of, that you have let yourselves be herded like so many cattle – to be very blunt – into the corrals that these dark hats have made for you.  Why would you do that?  To learn the Truth, first of all!!!

“When these experiences start to touch every aspect of your lives, when these programs, these enslavements start to make that corral or that box you’ve been herded into, start to close in on you – you’ve all seen depictions of that where the walls start to move and all of a sudden there you are and you risk getting squished.  Well, what’s going to stop those walls from closing in -except YOU?  That’s right!

“You have the key.  It’s an energetic key.  It’s a High Dimensional key.  It’s your wisdom coming forth and shining throughout all of your being, and beyond, such that you join with the others in the millions category who are saying, ‘Wait a minute!  This is not right!  This is not the way this should be going.  We should be expanding our Freedom, our Love, our Peace On Earth, our Communions with each other, our Oneness and our honoring and nurturing of Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms!’  So what do you do? You just fly up and out of that ever-getting-smaller box or corral. That’s what you do.  You move up.  Literally you soar!  And that is what is happening!!!

“But – and this is a big BUT – you have the ability to bring this Higher Dimensional energy, this Truth, these revelations even more into the third dimension!  Maybe you’re not Mr. Julian Assange, or Dr. Keshe, or one of the white hat leaders in government or business or in your own communities, reaching out to others.  You don’t have to be!!!

“You are a Lightworker.  That’s all the credentials you need! Nobody has any tests for you to take to apply to be one.  Nobody cares about what numbers have been attached to you.  Nobody cares whether you have some kind of degrees or certificates that say you’ve been to this and that school and so on and so on – because everyone cares about everyone in the Higher Levels!!!

“If you’re a Lightworker, your Mission is to bring in that Light and shine it throughout all that remains of 3D.  Because the more you shine your Light, the more your neighbors, your families, your friends are going to see the Truth that you’re shining that Light on!  And the call for change has already gone out.  There’s no turning back, as I have said.  So why not just shine your Lights as bright as you can???

“There are those who are in charge of the great round-ups. There are those who are in charge of determining the consequences that the dark hats have ahead of them. You be in charge of being a Lightworker, a Lover, if you will!!!   That’s your Mission. That’s our Mission to partner in with you, and we’re doing that!  We have always – you know, this Ashtar – I, Ashtar – and this presentation that I make through this Voice – has ALWAYS discussed the components, the four major components of what I am here to teach.  And they are Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – and when you are beaming those, you don’t need to do anything else!!!

“Stay away from the tracks!  Don’t let them herd you into the corrals anymore, or the boxes.  Soar above any that you find yourselves trapped into, and give your visions from Higher Dimensional locations, if you will, or Perspectives, and let that be your message unto the World!

“As you do this, you will find that you yourselves are less and less caught up in the traumas and dramas that the dark hats are constantly trying to create and trap you into, and you will find that you will be much more in the Higher energies, which is where you want to be anyway.  And just let it go. That’s right! Let it all go!!!

“If you can be without any kind of negativity, if you can stay up and out of the dumpies about this election – my advice to you is turn it off and turn on some music that you enjoy. or have some friends over to do a meditation together, or do something other than giving your attention to – at least the presidential results and depending upon where you live and who the contenders are – and so on.  Support the Light, support the white hats in every way you can, and let the rest go!!!

“If you’ve already voted, just know that the true winner is you!That’s right – YOU, a Lightworker and a being of so much LoveLight that you have the ability to lift Planet Earth up and out of whatever low places, low programs, and low agendas might be planned.  And just let the dark hats trip and stumble over themselves.  They’re getting in each others’ way and – as is typical when they are so afraid – they are, in some cases, clearing others who are not quite on the same page as them – clearing them out of their way.

“You don’t need to do anything regarding them.  You don’t need to write a letter to the editor, and complain or condemn someone who has won one of these elections, that you feel is going to do nothing except try to dim the Light.  You do not need to go into that venue!  Simply keep your energies High and know that this dance that the dark hats are doing with each other is going to be over very soon!

“Right now, they are exposing themselves in every aspect of their lifestyles, and people are finding out more and more!  And yes, there are those who are going to be somewhat disgusted, dismayed, down-in-the-dumpies, disturbed, distressed and all of those ‘d’ words if they find out that the somebody that they voted for is less than who they thought they were.

“Well, everybody has to wake up. so support those who are about to wake up with your Love.  Do not classify them as dark hats. They are simply more in a state of slumber or innocence or however you want to call it – even ignorance.  And as they wake up, they are going to join with you on the High Road.  They’re going to soar up and out of those boxes themselves!

“So reach down and offer them a Love Beam to empower them to rise up and join with you!  Move ahead, each of you on your own individual Paths, and stay on the High Road with all of the true Lightworkers – with those who come to join with you at this time!!!  You are in a most Joy-full Company!  And simply turn off the news if it is low vibration to you.  And by the way, tomorrow (11-9)* will be a wondrous day indeed!

“So, Beloved Family, I thank you for being here with us and listening to my words.  Take them into your Hearts and let them flow throughout the entirety of your energy fields, and allow yourselves to break loose from whatever chains may have been binding you to 3D.  Fly up into the LoveLight and join with the majority of those who are, let us just say, perfect in some form or other here on Planet Earth.  And remember, we are here with you and we are in Joy beyond measure that you are with us!  And so it is.  Salut!”
*Further explained by St Germain on the call.  The transcript of his Message will be published; click here for the call audio:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, USA Election Day, November 8, 2016.
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