Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, September 8

Ashtar on Clearing 9-11 and its Aftermath

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – September 8, 2015

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, this has been an interesting situation, has it not?*  And I will tell you this – it is a preview, not necessarily with this Family of Ashtar On The Road, but it is a preview of the kinds of things that are going to be interesting in the days to come.  You see, there are what you might call opposing forces of Love, and while it is true that the Love and the Light are prevailing, and we shall be moving more and more into the Golden Age and the Realms beyond, it is that there are going to be some disruptions in all aspects of lifestyle. Now, we don’t say what kind of disruptions because they will vary from place to place. It is simply to hold on, to stay tuned.


“And what is that about?  That is about staying tuned in to Love! When you have Love in your Hearts, radiating and pulsing and dancing throughout the entirety of your beings, these kinds of things will enable you to see how well you maintain your High Vibrations with this loving energy, despite whatever might be going on in the World around you, and whatever might be seeming to be knocking upon your very doors.


“There is a vying, if you will, for attention by those who are not really wanting to be removed from the stage.  I shall digress a bit and remind you of my early days, for those of you who may remember or may have gone back and accessed some of our earliest transcripts, and I was very fond of giving the visual picture of actors upon the stage. 


“You may recall in the old time dramas the villain – with the, you know, curly mustache and his villainous looks and all of that – on the stage and about to pounce upon some innocent being or other and all of a sudden, from the wings behind the curtains, comes this long hook and he and all of his cronies – or minions if you want to call him that, or his gang -would be gathered into the crook of that hook – no pun intended – the crook gathering the crooks and off the stage they would be swept! And, of course, the innocent ones would cheer and the clapping from the audience would begin and the lights would go on and everybody would be happily ever after in the enjoyment of the ending of the drama. I used to do that quite often and some of you have probably seen the very depiction of which I am speaking, either in cartoons or in some kind of old film.


“Well, that’s what’s happening now, but as you can imagine, the ones being removed from the stage are having all kinds of – let’s just say – outbursts.  And sometimes, in the midst of things, communications can get disrupted or some kind of services can be disrupted or stores might close down, or whatever there is -even your internet can be!  And that lends itself very well to disruption, does it not, and interference and things can pop up on your screens that you didn’t ask for but there they are, and all of these kinds of things are going on.

“Now, we assure you, we did not do this disruption on purpose and we moved very quickly when The Voice called us in to clear the lines, as it were.  So we did not do this on purpose, but it does give me an opportunity to remind you that as smooth as you feel your life is in any given moment, it is to be, shall we say, in constant vigilance within your own beings to keep yourselves High!  The kind of High I’m speaking of, of course, is in the energy of Love. And there is plenty of that coming in for you to avail yourselves of!!!


“Now, one of the places, or shall we say, a focal point where this incoming Love is really, really appropriate and needed in its direction is about 9-11, which as you know, is an event which changed the World.  It was not just about what happened to those tower buildings in the United States of America in the city of New York.  Yes, they were very powerful symbols of, shall we say, the power – or what the people like to call ‘the greatness’ if they wish – of the power of the United States of America.  It shows a vulnerability that no one had experienced. This was seeming to be a war brought right into the Heart of America!


“But, as you know, there is a Truth that underlies this entire event.  And the Truth is that it was staged and manipulated by the dark hats in order to gain several advantages.  We’re not here to focus upon the dramas.  We honor all, all who participated in this event!  And yes, we honor those who among the dark hats planned and organized and carried out this event, because it led to other events which have finally culminated in the Truth coming out and in the readiness of the World to move ahead, or I should say, upward into Higher Levels of Dimensionality!!!


“And how can this be?  How can this be achieved except through absolute, total forgiveness of all involved and total honoring of all involved?  It wasn’t easy for those 70,000 to give up their lives. Now some of them, we were able to bring into our ships and they will come back when the moment is exactly right, but there need to be a lot of clearings done before that.  And we’re going to do one tonight to help remove the grief.**

“And what is it that we can do to clear, remove, heal the grief except put Love on it?  Shine the Light of Love upon it from a Higher place of overall Perspective!  When you bring yourself up into Higher Vibrations, you have that Perspective.  It’s fueled by Love, because fear doesn’t exist there, and neither do all of the fear-based emotions – everything from grief to anger, trauma, and thoughts of being not safe.  And we know where that one went right away, because the feeling of not being safe or secure was capitalized.  It was one of the main purposes of 9-11, so that you have Homeland Security and invasive spying and so on and so on.  And this has become routine and people all over the World have been subjected to these kinds of control measures.


“And so it is that we are wanting to go back to the very Heart of all of this, to 9-11 itself.  And in clearing that, we clear everything that has evolved since then as a direct result of its occurrence.  It’s all, in the greater sense, it’s all 3-D stuff and it really happened in 3-D.  But in the Higher Perspective, it’s a made-up drama which has many truths within 3-D, but in the Higher Levels, the Truth of it is that it was an event which led to Higher Understanding.  And for that, we can be thankful! And it is for that, that we can carry forward the learning that has taken place from it and say, ‘Thank you for the wisdom!  We were finally jolted, so shocked, so jolted that it may have taken several more years, but we now know that there is this overriding desire and need and Requirement to heal it all, and to go Beyond, where these kinds of events will not happen any more!!!’  Not in the Higher Levels of Dimensionality, where you all are headed, and where more and more of Humanity is awakening to its opportunity to ascend and enjoy the Lifestyles of Peace and Plenty for all – with Love and all that Love engenders being the energies of these new places of Residence for these ones of you – all of you – who are in the process of ascending!


“These things must be cleared.  And no matter what rhetoric and what ceremonies and what remembrances are brought up on that day – and they will do more to bring this fresh, because they want to impress upon you the need to keep up all this security more and more and so on and so on.  It is for you to begin with our Meditation and carry it forward so that on that day you are overlaying whatever sadness, whatever grief, whatever fear may still be present in New York City, and around the World and turning the consciousness into that High Vibrational Love!!!

“And yes, let’s celebrate that High, High Frequency, that resonance with Love that went around the World on that day and the days immediately before and the days immediately after. The consciousness peaked so high and the World came together in such Love!!!  And that, Beloved Ones, that Frequency, that High, as it was measured, is what is being achieved even now during this time of all of these incoming waves.


“That’s the point of it.  These are Love waves coming to every member of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, below, on and above Planet Earth, so that everyone who is open to receiving them will join together and make that High a constant place to be in their lives, because that must happen in order to move into Ascension!  And it is, in fact, a necessary component of the preparations for Ascension and the Golden Age Lifestyle which, of course, is a part of the preparation!!!

“Things may not be smooth-seeming in the World in the coming days, but I assure you, Beloved Ones, we will set the tone by coming together in that High Consciousness, specifically focusing upon bringing that energy right into the Hearts of all everywhere in the World as a way of bringing about the much needed healing if 9-11 and all that came from it.  And the healing is non-judgmental.  The healing is for all involved and all who were affected by it, because if you really look at it in the greater sense, there is not anyone in the Universe who was not knowing about it and there is not anyone on Earth who was not affected by it, whether consciously or not!!!

“And so, from the Higher Perspective, we shall offer the services of this Family joined together in mission to contribute mightily to the final clearing and healing!  I don’t say that we will do it all but we shall initiate this in our Gathering together.  And there are others who will be joining in with us, both during our live call here, and in subsequent moments,** and together we shall raise the vibrations and enable the consciousness to rise that much more in furtherance of our preparation to move together!  For we are here to support you and to literally move with you into the reality of Higher Dimensional Lifestyles!!!  So thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for being here with us, to join in with us, and to share the Love with each other and indeed with all on Planet Earth and beyond!  And so it is. Salut!”

* Referring to the connection disruptions at the beginning of the conference call. 
**Scroll down for link to complete recording of the call, which includes this Clearing Meditation led by Sekhmet:
Link to download mp3 of just Sekhmet’s Meditation ($5) HERE
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 8, 2015.
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