Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Sammarco, December 13th

December 13 2015

Channel:  Susan Sammarco – Ancient Awakenings

I am “Ashtar.”  I am pleased to be with you again. I have been visiting many channels across the world recently. Some of that which has been written of me has been filtered through those that share my words. What I want to share with you is happiness this day.

All of this in your world can bring you down, we know. And yet, the Conference in France is complete. That had so many things that were happening behind closed doors. Things that did not make it into mainstream news. Things that did not bring about what the world thought was happening. We are pleased with its existence. We are pleased with the outcome.

So many things that we see, as you know in this group, are not the truth. We have spoken before of how the light is popping on around the planet. The light of individuals in the light of heart and mind are all here. They have continued to increase.

We know and we know that you are told that you need to release and let go. This group has been very careful in its planning in what has happened in your Advances and what has happened on the ground and in the air above you. All of you are part of this wondrous activity.

We also share today that the time for excitement and glee are here! You are in the midst of everything that is becoming the NOW. It is not soon, or imminent, it is NOW! We have shared this with the group before and all of you have come to see the importance of thinking about the NOW.

You can, if you desire, become engulfed in what is being written in various ways. We would say, “release and let go;”– “release and let go” of all of that which you were looking for. All will come to you one morning when the bulletins will be all across the airways, in the papers and in the videos. In all of those things you search through. It will be right in front of you, NOW.

This is the time that the world is celebrating. It is the time when those on the planet turn inward and outward to share and praise. The time is perfect for the gifting of all. For all of humanity.

We are all One. We are all in the NOW.

Susan Sammarco, Channel