Athena via Sharon Stewart, September 27th, 2019

Athena via Sharon Stewart | September 27, 2019

I am Athena, Goddess of War and of Wisdom.

Many of you are being guided to do your inner work in this ascension and there is a large issue that affects many of you at this time.

You are surviving – not thriving.

You have developed a survival mentality upon your earth that tells you that you are less than you are. That you are worth less than your share. That you are not provided for by the One who loves all. This is of course, incorrect. You were conditioned and this conditioning must be changed.

We in the higher realms watch as you struggle day in and day out just to live. Many of you of the Light are in the worst positions in your societies because you are there to make the most change for the collective. You are there to change the fortunes of many that will follow in your footsteps.

Sharon is dealing with her own survival issues and this comes down to money.

The problem is how you see money. Simply put, you have learned to see it as a false god, the bringer of all you have and the creator of all you want.

It is not. Money is simply paper and coinage, now computed numbers created in virtual transactions.

Do not idolize false gods. Do not respect anything or anyone above yourself. That is the problem with money. You have put it above yourself. See it as a tool to use, not the bringer of your abundance. The money god must go.

You are an energetic being of Light, one of the Creator race. You create all you have.

See what you have when you don’t have money or when you have not had to purchase something. Look at all the moments in your day when you are not spending or making money. Are these moments valueless? We think not!

Value what comes to you through the higher realms, value the food you grow, the birds in the garden, the sunshine and the air. They all bring you life, beauty and energy, food to eat. It can all be done without money.

Money is a false idol. You have grown up to revere idols. Your Hollywood and your rock stars, your politicians and your kings and queens – all false idols that you have learned to put before yourself and they have money. So you have made the connection.

Put no one before yourself. Today, revere the earth for all she yields to you, revere yourself as a god or goddess for that is what you are. Put no man before you. Put no thing before you.

You live in a false world with false values. This must be put aside in order to see the truth of who you are.

You are paid, be it once twice or more times per month. And this is important to you as you can put the roof over your head and feed yourself and your children. Take every day that does not pay you and revere that day. Put energy into the days when no money is to be earned. Value your work, be it paid or not, as self expression, as your creation, not as a means to an end.

Learn to see everything you own as your creation, not something you purchased. Put money back in its place: it is a vehicle of exchange to purchase items. For many of you, money has consumed your lives and it must now be given the merit it deserves, but no more.

Take steps to value this planet. Involve yourself in clean-ups, mass meditations (there is one on several times every day), and in your use of chemicals, detergents. Give Gaia your energy and she will bless you with an abundant garden. Learn to love nature because that is the home of the physical human – the one that god provided to you, not the one you have miscreated.

I am Athena. I came to love your world once and I have returned.

Cry, my sweetheart, cry. I hold you with tender arms of love.

YouTube: SharonandIvoStewart