Love is our new reality

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Aura the Pleiadian via Ann Marie, August 15th, 2018

The Undeniable Truth 8/15/18

There are areas of expertise within each individual. Some are apparent, others are not. Through introspection these non-apparent aspects will begin to emerge. Because they have been seemingly hidden, it may be difficult to accept these abilities or characteristics as being a part of you. Yet the truth of the matter will be felt. You will feel it in every ounce of your being.

The truth is undeniable. Your feelings are the proof.


Soul Healing 8/13/18

Soul healing is necessary and integral for forward progression. It is impossible to see and feel your soul completely without it. Introspection is required. Courage is required—the courage to face and release parts of yourself. For indeed these blockages have become a part of you—BUT THEY ARE NOT YOU. You must release what you are not.


Now 8/9/18

The world keeps turning. In spite of everything, the world keeps turning. Your opportunity to grow is never later. It is only now. There is only now—this moment. It is your platform for you to act. NOW.

Unity 8/9/18

The idea of competition has taught you to judge yourselves. “You must be the best.” And if you are not, you fall short. You are not good enough. It is separation.

However, the truth is together we are stronger. Unity of energy, a combination of the gifts of all individuals creating a powerful love and light will bring transformation. It is the way forward. Unity is the way forward.