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Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, August 13th, 2018

Sananda Jesus

August 13th, 2018

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My dear friends,

It is I Jesus, Sananda, who has come to you through one of my channels – Camilla.

I have come to talk about self love and also about your doubts connected with this – doubts that question your abilities and your worth. All too often you look around and think everybody else is better. Your doubts diminish you and can make you invisible, not only to others but also to yourselves. In your periods of doubts you see “all others” and their successes at different planes. Maybe sometimes there is born a feeling of envy within you. Remember that envy is a way to not grant somebody else some success. It is a destructive feeling that needs to be looked at very time it shows up. It is a feeling that really is based on something in your self. It is not anybody else – only yourself. When a feeling of envy appears you need to ask the question what it is all about and what it is in yourself that is reacting. Maybe you have forgotten to see the whole. You might have something that the one you are envious of is lacking. Is there anything that you could do in order to obtain what you think you also should have? Can you direct your attention inwards and see where in your self the envy strikes a cord. Can it be that you have not come as far in life as you have hoped for? Is it possible that your built in rewards system does not work – the system that is supposed to give you a lovely feeling when you have done something good. It is a feeling that you confirm you when you are secure in yourself. When you can see your own worth and love yourself is when life starts for real. You can then enjoy the successes of others as much as your own. Life is rolling on. Life gets easier, frankly. Call on me next time that you have a feeling of envy and I will help you understand what it is all about and help you let go and move on. See yourself in order to see others. Focus on yourself and the rest will loose importance. You will flower and a wonderful inner feeling of peace settles in.

I thank you for having listened to my words and pray that you will be able to continue on your path with easy steps.

Light, love in unison with all that is.

Your friend, Jesus




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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