Aura the Pleiadian via Ann Marie, July 13th, 2018


Who You Are 7/13/18

We shall speak to you gently in friendship.

The world has a way of tearing the seams of the fabric of your soul so it can become almost unrecognizable. However, you are never lost. For what appears to be is not what is and underneath it all, within your most profound depths, lie who you truly are—always and forever.

Continue your search. All will be revealed. This is truth.

Sounds of Nature 7/12/18

There are beautiful sounds. The words of nature, the songs of nature. It is a vibration of the highest sort—pure, untainted, nonjudgmental. It is a level to strive for. It is the perfect balance.

Become awash in the sounds of nature. Absorb its vibrations into your cells. Use this energy in your own way. It is at your disposal.

Seeds of Change 7/11/18

There is a movement toward greater understanding of the importance of the self. A shifting of the foundation has begun. This is due in part to the contribution of like thought processes banding together as one force of momentum. This shift will continue as more and more of you realign your belief systems to match with this new framework.

It is the beginning of change for the betterment of all. Every tiny thought that is altered is a success. There is never failure. It does not exist. Each grain of intention matters—it all matters. Each of you is significant. You are all planting seeds of change.


The Power of Your Mind 7/9/18

Life is full of challenges. It is your viewpoint of the challenges which is significant. Focusing on the solution rather than the problem is the key. This may sound elementary, however, you will be most likely surprised at how often you DO NOT actually do this.

Awareness of your thoughts is critical. It directs the flow of your life. Believe in the resolution of your challenges. See yourself light, free, happy. That is all you need to do. As you know, you do not need to know HOW it is resolved. Just SEE, FEEL and give thanks for the resolution.

You have access to all your solutions. Appreciate and acknowledge the power of your mind.